Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


175. Owen Grady 1

~“Alright, she seems fine, but if she gets a bit droopy again, feel free to call me.” You close your medical bag, patting the restrained raptor on the head; her amber eyes focused on you warily.
“She’s not sick?” Owen’s eyes travelled from you to the raptor.
“Nah,” you smile, touched by his concern, “I gave her a shot, though, just in case.”
He breathes a sigh of relief. You try to hide your smile; you’ve had a crush on Owen since you started working here, and recently, you’ve been exchanging flirtatious looks and comments.
“You want to go get a drink? I’m done for the day.” You put your bag in the box on your bike.
“Sure,” he secures the raptor enclosure and follows you out, “Want to go to my place? It’s closer, and I have decent coffee.”
You smile slightly. You can’t help but make less-than-platonic connotations from his words.
“Sounds fun.”
You end up racing each other on your bikes back to Owen’s house, which you love; it’s a caravan and a hut built together in a mishmash sort of way. The whole atmosphere of the place is just so like him, though.
“Sorry about the mess,” he says with a grin as he leads you into the house. The place is sort of messy, with books stacked up against one side of the couch, spilling onto the floor. There’s a couple of dirty mugs and plates in the sink, but other than that, it’s not too bad.
“Have a seat,” he gestures to the couch as he busies himself making coffee.
You sit.
On closer inspection, you notice the vast majority of the books are dinosaur-based.
“You should write a book,” you say.
“Yeah? And call it what?” Owen brings you a cup of coffee and sits next to you.
“How To Train Your Raptor?” you offer with a slight smile.
He chokes on his coffee, laughing.
“That,” he says, “is a good idea.”
He gets a sort of distracted look in his eyes, the sort he gets when he’s thinking about his raptors.
“Hey,” you say softly, “Charlie’s gonna be fine. It was just a little scratch from them all roughhousing. It didn’t have any sign of infection or anything.”
He nods. “Yeah, I’m real glad you came to look at her. I was just freaking out. Which is dumb, ‘cause, y’know, they’re dinosaurs, not pets.”
You smile.
“Shows you care.”
“Yeah, well,” he shrugs.
“So you’re like, the alpha of the squad?” you ask, curiously.
He grins. “Yeah. Blue’s the beta.”
“So that’s why they listen to you?”
“Pretty much.” His gorgeous eyes sparkle at the thought.
“Would your alpha commands work on a person?” the words are out of your mouth before you can stop yourself.
His grin morphs into a smirk, the sort of smirk you refer to – privately – as a ‘bedroom smirk’.
“Maybe we should find out?”
“I bet you say that to all the girls,” you mumble, seconds before his lips meet yours.
His kiss is hungry, urgent. You loop your arms around his neck as he pulls you into his lap.
Owen’s lips leave yours, brush along your jaw, then he kisses down your neck, his hands roaming to the hem of your scrub shirt. Moments later, both your shirt and bra are on the floor, and his hands cup your breasts. You can’t help but look down, at the scarred, rough hands of the man you adore, touching you in a way you never thought possible.
“Eyes on me,” he says softly.
Reluctantly, you look up into his eyes.
“That’s it,” his fingers gently massage your breasts, thumbs ghosting across your nipples, “see? This is what happens when you listen.”
His hands leave you, briefly, so he can strip off his own shirt.
“Stand up,” there’s still authority in his voice, but it’s still definitely a request, not an order.
You obey, and as if reading his mind, you return to his lap entirely naked.
“Good girl,” he murmurs, carefully slipping a finger inside you. You whimper.
“Oh, god… Owen!” you moan as he adds a second finger and slowly pumps them in and out of you.
“You want more, darling?”
His fingers withdraw from you and he stands, lifting you effortlessly, carrying you into the next room. He deposits you onto the bed.
There is a distinct sound of a belt hitting the floor, a creak of bedsprings, then he’s hovering over you. You take in the muscles of his arms, his chest, then your eyes travel down – you really can’t help it – so it’s almost embarrassing to be caught staring.
“Eyes on me.”
You obey.
You can feel the tip of him rubbing against you, teasingly deliberate.
“You want this?” his tone is low, eyes dark with desire.
His hand slaps your ass, not hard enough to really hurt, but hard enough. Your core tightens with desire.
“Yes what?”
“Yes, Owen,” you try, but the moment the last syllable of his name leaves your lips, you know you’re wrong again.
“Almost, but not quite. Get it right, baby girl.”
You’re practically squirming with frustration, but you try again anyway.
“Yes, sir.”
“Much better.” His lips leave bruising kisses up your neck.
“Owen, please,” you beg, as he slowly – too slowly – begins to enter you.
Amusement flickers across his face as he pushes inside you fully with one thrust. You cry out.
“See, darling? This is what happens when you do as you’re told.”
Obediently, you don’t let your eyes leave his as he thrusts into you, slowly at first, then harder and deeper with each stroke.
Because he’s so dominant, it surprises you when he rolls, pulling you on top of him.
Tentatively, you roll your hips, unsure of exactly what he wants.
“That’s it, keep going,” he encourages.
So you ride him, slowly, letting the tension between you build.
“Mm, just like that,” he groans, “that’s absolutely perfect…”
With no warning again, he rolls so you’re beneath him. He’s rougher this time, more animalistic as he thrusts into you over and over.
You moan and whimper as each of his strokes hits the sweet spot inside you, one hand raking up his back, the other in his hair.
“Oh god, Owen, don’t stop… ohh… right there…” you moan as your climax hits you, rolling over you in waves of pleasure.
He comes soon after, groaning loudly, collapsing on top of you.
Still breathless, you stroke his hair.
“I’d say those alpha commands work just fine on people,” he smirks, rolling off you and pulling you into his arms.
“I’d say so too,” you say, snuggling against him, already half asleep.

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