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Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


166. Mycroft

~You've been working your way up to the top of the British government for years, you started at the bottom: fetching lunch and drinks for secretaries and bosses who were constantly looking down on you. But now, you were finally getting somewhere.
Sitting in the rectangular reception, you crossed your right leg over your left. You wore a smart white blouse tucked into a black pencil skirt, tied together with black low heeled sandals you'd found in a Topshop sale last week. You wanted to give the impression that yes, you meant business, but also weren't a complete bore.
It was just gone 9AM, your interview was supposed to start 9 sharp and you silently tutted to yourself, the British government are slacking you thought.
"If you'd like to follow the corridor and take the second left, Mr Holmes' office is through the single grey door." You didn't realise the gentleman at reception was speaking to you, until you noticed you were in fact the only other person in the room.
"Ah, right, okay. Thank you." You cleared your throat and nodded.
"Second left? Grey door?"
"That's correct, Miss. Go right in. Good luck." He smiled, this man actually had manners - perhaps not everyone in this profession was a stuck up snob.
As you followed his directions and knocked once before entering, you sucked in your breath and mentally prepared yourself for the hour long session with the man before you.
Come on, don't judge a book by it's cover.
'Mr Holmes' was a tall, seemingly middle aged man. He looked stern and slightly scary, like the typical strict teacher everyone hated in secondary school.
"Well don't just sit there, do sit down. My name is Mycroft Holmes, pleasure to meet you." He spoke as he placed his cup of tea on the desk.
Bless, he drinks milky tea, mustn't be that scary.
"If you do get this placement, those shoes will not be allowed. You're in the heart of the British government, not a Kensington night club."
"Of course, sir. Sorry, I wasn't aware of the dress code." Your cheeks flushed and you bit your lip, a bad habit you had when you were in an awkward situation.
"Well, you do now." Mr Holmes cleared his throat, and was he... staring at your lips?
His eyes soon diverted and the interview begun, it started off slow and ordinary but it seemed as if he was slightly warming to you. He even smiled once or twice towards the end.
"You do seem very promising, I must say. And I do not say that often - at all." He chuckled as you both stood up to conclude the interview.
"Thank you for your time sir, and I appreciate it." You returned a small laugh.
In an odd way, Mycroft was extremely attractive. Maybe it was his sense of authority, or his stern demeanour, he was just so... hot, to put it bluntly.
He lead you to the door, and before opening it to let you leave he held out his hand with a smile. You politely took it, as you did he leaned a little bit closer.
"You are going to have to do something about those shoes." He breathed in your ear, a slight chuckle escaped your lips.
"Or what?" You looked him dead in the eye as you spoke, leaving your lips parted slightly.
"Bad girl." He growled in your ear, pushing you against the door.
His lips met yours and you were tangled in a passionate and fiery kiss. He had slight stubble coming through, and the feel of it scratching against your face made the whole thing even more sexier.
Mycroft's right hand gripped the back of your neck and he trailed rough kisses from your chin to your exposed chest. The top button of your blouse was already undone, so Mycroft ripped the rest of the buttons open and carried on with his hungry kisses.
You let out a small moan as he got down to your nipple. Deciding you wanted to take a bit of charge, you pushed him backwards towards his desk until he was seated on the wooden table. You straddled Mycroft's lap and he continued to explore your breasts, gently grinding onto him, feeling his erection growing under you.
Without warning, he pulled you off his lap and pushed your front hard against the desk.
"You're going to get punished for teasing me like that." He murmured in your ear, sliding a hand up the inside of your bare leg.
He fingered the hem of your black lace thong, brushing in between your legs with his thumb. Roughly, he pulled your thong down to your ankles and pushed you further back on the desk so you were laying down. He took off his tie and secured your hands above your head.
"I'm in charge." He growled in your ear on his way back down towards your legs.
Starting at the inner skin on your knee, he placed small kisses up to your thigh. He got tortuously close to you, but purely resumed the kisses on the other thigh, leaving you gasping for him to touch you there.
"Please, Mycroft." You moan as his kisses reach below your knee.
"This is what you get for trying to be in control." You whimper slightly as his stubble brushes the inside of your thigh.
"I'm going to leave you on edge until you can't take it any more. I want you dripping and pulsing for me. I do wonder how you taste..." He speaks in a low voice, he's driving you insane and he knows it.
You close your legs in attempt to get at least some pressure to relieve yourself, but Mycroft clocks it and pulls your legs further apart leaving you fully exposed.
"You're just making things worse for yourself. Keep your legs apart."
Mycroft rummages through his bottom desk draw and pulls out a roll of duct tape. He pulls your ankles apart to reach the top of the legs of the desk and tapes you in place.
"Much better." He admires the sight for a second, before dropping the tape and focusing his attention on making you a writhing mess.
He places one hand on each leg and slowly strokes upwards, making you whimper.
"Mycroft, please! I'm sorry for being bad, just please fuck me, I beg you." Just as you can't take it any more, he unzips his trousers and pulls down his boxers, releasing himself.
He pushes into you, slow and deep.
"That's more like it." He grunts whilst circling his hips.
The sound of skin slapping skin fills the room, joined by moans from the both of you.
Mycroft is so big, you don't realise until he speeds up and hits every inch of your walls with no struggle. His hands are gripping your waist and his nails dig into your skirt with every thrust.
"I'm close." You stutter, you can feel yourself reaching your climax and Mycroft is pulsing inside of you.
He brings a hand down to your clit, rubbing in a circular motion and that's enough to send you over the edge. You scream Mycroft's name and he joins you, orgasming only a few seconds after yourself. You stay still, panting and catching your breath for a minute or two before Mycroft straightens himself up and unties you.
You both sort yourself out in the mirror of Mycroft's office en-suite bathroom before entering the corridor.
"Thank you for your time, Mr Holmes. I hope to hear from you soon." You nod devilishly at him.
"I can see that being very likely. Have a safe journey home."
You turn on your heel and start walking towards the waiting room you were sat in over an hour ago.
"Don't forget, those shoes will not be permitted next time you step foot in this building." Mycroft called before going back into his office.
Stuck up snob.

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