Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


15. Merrick Voorhees

~The locals say that living near Camp Crystal Lake is a bad thing. I've heard the rumors that a man named Jason Voorhees kills anyone who comes to the old camp. They even started calling it Camp Blood. I've asked about this Jason Voorhees killer and many say that he use to be a little boy that drowned in the lake. His mother had gone crazy and attacked anyone who decided to open the camp back up. Her head was chopped off so everyone thought the killings would stop. But they continued and sometimes would get worse. This made everyone believe that Jason came back from the dead to avenge his mother. Some people who've seen him warn everyone to watch out for a man in rags, a hocky mask, and sometimes carrying a machete. I'm Sarah Mare and I live pretty close to Camp Crystal Lake but not enough to where we have to move. I've heard every legend they've told us in town. My parents are concerned but we haven't had any problems yet. I'm a very kind and shy person but I must warn you. If you provoke me, I'll go berserk. My ghostly grey eyes will turn scarlet and become ten times faster and stronger than I normally am. It comes in pretty good handy sometimes. My hair is long and black with some bangs going over my right eye. I tend to put temporay colors in my hair a lot (You know, that hair dye you spray in your hair and it washes out imediately). I also like to listen to music, dance, and sing when I think I'm alone. I know how to fight and I can take down any drunk bastard that lays a hand on me. So, today, before going to town to get some food, I decided to wear one of my favorite outfit: A black shirt with a fanged skull on it with torn sleeves, jeans, and some good running shos (Just in case I go in berserk mode). I decided on putting blue streaks in my hair today. Not too light but not too dark. In town, I go to the only grocery store and listen in on some people talking about the stories of Camp Blood again. Nothing new until I heard them say something new.
"You can't say there weren't any survivors there. One of those kids from that field trip came back here after awhile."
"You mean that girl? Why would Jason spare her?"
"Remember how the camp closed down that day? The only people that cried that day when Jason died was Mrs. Voorhees and a little girl."
"I thought that was a boy."
"Nope, it was a girl. Apparently they were friends."
"So, you think that he kept her alive because of their friendship?"
"It could be. I keep seeing that woman around at times." Whoa! Jason kept someone alive! I guess he's not as cold hearted as people say. I start to move away when I heard some more shocking things about the story.
"But that's not all. Sixteen years ago, I saw her buying really small clothes. Baby clothes." What the fuck?! Jason has a kid?!
"What color were they? What style were they in?"
"Usually dark or neutral colors. Mainly jeans and t-shirts and little boots."
"So, that means-"
"Yes, Jason had a little boy."
"And she still comes down here?"
"Yes. Sometimes, I see a boy here. He kind of looks like her but I'm not sure if it's Jason's little boy. No one ever sees the man's face." I was really shocked at this piece of news that I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. Suddenly, I ran into someone and we both fell to the ground. It was a boy around 16, wearing black clothing, dark brown hair, and fair skin.
"I-I'm sorry," he said shyly, "I wasn't watching where I was going."
"No, that was my fault. I was too distracted to see you, umm?"
"Merrick Alkins."
"I'm Sarah Mare. Doing grocery shopping for your parents too?"
"Sort of. My mom's a little busy with something and my dad prefers hunting over buying food."
"My mom's too sick and my dad's at work. Where do you live?"
"Kind of near the lake."
"I do too! We should hang out sometime."
"I don't know about that."
"My parents are...kind of picky about certain kids."
"Oh, can I meet them sometime?"
"Maybe. I have to go now. Bye, Sarah."
"Bye, Merrick." He walked off and I could've sworn that he was blushing a little bit. He must be really shy as well. As I pay for the food, I notice something out of place. There was a box of pencils and I know I didn't need any right now. I guess Merrick needed to have some for writting or something. Going home, I realized that I should probably return these to Merrick before he has to get any more. After putting all the food away and telling Mother where I'm going, I headed out to look for Merrick's house. I knew the land by heart and I tried looking for where Merrick could possibly live. I went to each house and I couldn't find anyone who had a son named Merrick. The only other place that is close to the lake is the camp. I wondered, though, if it could be possible that he was Jason Voorhees' son. The name Alkins was probably just a coverup in case people asked. I gathered all my courage and walked onto the grounds of Camp Crystal Lake. They was nothing in sight that seemed suspicious so I tried to calm down. Then, I came a bit too close to the lake and started running into a trail in the woods. I'm very scared of water because I can't swim and I don't want to end up like Jason, having to go through so much pain for so long. The trail was quite long but I noticed a house and ran towards it. It looked pretty normal dispite that it was on the land of an infamous killer's playground. I heard some laughing like as if someone was having fun. I knocked on the door and the laughing ceased. Some footsteps came and I saw a woman appear. She had the similiar dark brown hair as Merrick and sort of had identical features as him.
"Yes? What is it?"
"Ummm, is Merrick Alkins home?" She looked kind of shocked but remained calm.
"Why do you want to know?"
"Because I met him at the store and I accidently took a box of his pencils." I bring out the box and she smiles.
"Those were mine. I'm an artist so I need pencils to draw and paper for a canvas. Would you like to come in?"
"Umm, sure." I gave her the pencils and saw Merrick on the couch staring at me shyly. Then, I saw a man that went up the stairs rather quickly.
"Is this your pretty friend, Merrick?" He looked at her as if to say "Don't say that!" I blushed and started to laugh.
"I'm not pretty."
"What are you talking about? Merrick talks about you all the time. I can see what he's talking about too." Merrick and I started blushing like crazy the more Mrs. Alkins went on about what Merrick thinks of me.
"Mom, can she see Dad?"
"I don't know about that."
"Isn't Jason your husband, Mrs. Alkins?"
"Why would you say that?"
"I was listening to the stories in town today."
"Do you think they're true?"
"I'm a believer."
"Can you keep a secret, Sarah?"
"Jason!" I heard some heavy footsteps and down came the man in the hocky mask that everyone talks about. He looked at me then looked at Mrs. Alkins.
"Sarah, this is my husband, Jason Voorhees. I'm Nicole Voorhees and our son is Merrick Voorhees. You won't tell, will you?" I shook my head. I was completely shocked to actually see Jason Voorhees and his family.
"You know," Jason says to me and his son, "Sometimes, it starts out with being friends and then it progresses to being love." Merrick and I knew what he was talking about but we were still blushing like crazy. Through the afternoon, we all got to know each other and Merrick walked my home before it got too dark.When we were at the driveway, I felt like I didn't want to leave.
"Will I see you again?"
"You can come over tomorrow if you'd like."
"That would be nice." He pulled me to him and we kissed. It was a really soft but passionate kiss that I wish wouldn't stop. We said our good-byes and I noticed my mom in the kitchen.
"Who was that nice young man?"
"Oh, just a 'friend.'"

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