Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


55. Martin Freeman 8

~One morning there's suddenly a knock at your door. You're only dressed in a t-shirt and pants, but you go to answer it anyway. You open the door and there he is: a man, standing on the other side with a sly smile on his lips. He says he's your neighbour and he's heard that you've just moved in. It's true, you think and politely ask him in. He says he wanted to give you something as a welcoming gift. You notice he's not holding anything that could be one but you don't mind what it actually is because he's quite good looking. Actually he's really hot. There's something mesmerising about the way he looks at you with his deep blue eyes.
The man introduces himself simply as Martin and you reply with your name and a shy smile. He leans close to you and says how lovely your name is. Shivers run down your spine as you feel his hot breath against your cheek. You then ask in a stutter what it is he wanted to give you.
He replies "me."
Martin then grabs your wrists and roughly shoves you against a wall, closing the door behind him. You slide down the wall, your knees too weak to hold you upright. You're on your back as he leans over you, kissing your neck. You love it. This stranger is so passionate. He's rough, but it's turning you on.
You tell yourself that you normally wouldn't let this kind of thing happen, but for some reason you can't let your voice out to say "stop" or "no".
Suddenly Martin parts his lips and bites you. It's not a soft one, it's a deep one. He's sinking his teeth into you. So deep that he almost draws blood. He sucks on your neck to make a hickie where there's most likely to be a bruise later. His hands travel down your waist and between your legs. He starts rubbing you through your pants, letting out soft, muffled moans as he buried his lips into your neck, planting kisses on every millimetre of your skin. You whimper under his touch and buck your hips against his rough hand. You breathe out his name over and over as he kisses harder and harder. You can feels his teeth scraping your neck every now and then when he parts his lips to take a deep breath.
You come first shortly after he starts rubbing you and you bet he can feel your pants become damp.
He straightens himself and forces you to your stomach. He then repositions himself on top of you, rubbing his cock against your arse, grabbing it with both hands, digging his fingers into your soft skin.
"You know," he pants into your ear. "I've been watching you roam around here half-naked for the past couple of days. You've got to get your curtains up soon... or I'll just have to come back and do this again."
He pulls down your pants along with his own. As he starts licking your tight hole you just moan with pleasure, thinking this is the best outcome you could have ever hoped for when moving.
You're just starting to really enjoy the feeling of his tongue pushing inside you, his hot breath against your equally hot skin, his fingers bruising your arse when he stops. He slips out his tongue and licks his lips. He mentions how great you taste and tells you to lift your arse. You obey, completely lost in a trance-like state. He starts fingering you, rubbing your over-sensitive clit again. You arch your back and open your mouth in a noiseless gasp. Martin digs around in his jeans pocket and produces a single condom package. He rips it open and slides the think latex onto his thick cock. He then presses the smooth head of it against your wet pussy. He thrusts in, deep and hard, in one movement. You try to grab anything close to you to keep yourself from scratching Martin's hands which now are holding your torso up by your breasts. You're leaning against your elbows, your forehead against the cool wooden floor while you pant. Martin's thrusting into you slowly, his cock is forcing you open wider than you've been before. It feels so good that your mind's going blank. You've lost the ability to think clear and Martin just keeps pounding into you. As he slides out he goes agonisingly slow, and when he thrusts back in he give is a little extra roughness with a hard jerk forward. He keeps going back and forth until you come again, your muscles twitching hard around his erection. You moan loud and scream out his name.
Martin swears, panting hard, breathing shallow. He's almost at the point of orgasm as well. You've really made an impact on him in the short time you've met.
He suddenly squeezes your breasts and you can feel his hot sperm shooting into the condom as he comes deep inside you. He leans down over you, his energy drained, saying how fucking lovely you are and how much he can't wait until next time.
"I'll fuck you senseless into the mattress and bang the bedpost against the wall so everyone knows how great you are."
You just know it's going to be great living here.

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