Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


53. Martin Freeman 6

~You're lying in bed one night. You’re comfortable in just you knickers like usual; warm but not sweating; on the edge of falling asleep.
Suddenly you feel the mattress shift behind you. You're suddenly wide awake, as you look over your shoulder at the intruder. Martin's smiling at you through the dim, warm light of the street lamp outside the bedroom window at the foot of the bed. You can smell the fresh air surrounding your lover. He’s just returned from a late night shooting.
“Hi, how’s work?” you ask him and stretch.
You notice something is gleaming in Martin’s right hand, which he's got propped up against the headboard. You glance up and see it's a pair of silver handcuffs.
"How ‘bout it?" Martin sniggers, leaning down to kiss your cheek. His cool skin makes you shudder as you touch each other. You huff a faint chuckle against his ear and whisper, as seductively as you possibly could.
"Fuck yeah..."
Any time Martin brings out the handcuffs it means something very nice is going to happen. And how could you refuse that?
Martin wraps his arms around your shoulders and lifts you into a sitting position. He tosses the thin cotton sheet you’ve used as a blanket aside. The cuffs rattle as he fastens one around you left wrist and the other to the wrought iron bed frame. He kisses your neck passionately as he pushes you back down onto your back, your head resting comfortably against a pillow. His tongue leaves a moist trail on your skin as he moves it over your bare collarbone and down one of your breasts. You shiver at the warmth of his mouth on you and dig your free hand into his sandy hair. Martin lets out a deep breath and looks up into your eyes. Your chest heaves as you inhale and you can feel and see how it just grazes Martin’s somewhat scruffy chin.
Your mouth falls open when he shifts closer to your face, ready to take on those thin lips, knowing what’s hiding behind them. He leans closer and closer, but not yet touching. You squirm, but don’t lean in. The anticipation makes you want it more; it’s going to make the kiss even better.
You wet your lips by running your tongue between them from corner to corner. Martin sees this and quickly but gently traps it between his teeth. You gasp. He sucks on it and finally crushes his mouth against yours, burying his tongue deep in your mouth. It’s a sloppy kiss, wet and uncoordinated: your noses bump; you forget to breathe; your eyes are closed; his are half-open; you can feel your saliva run down your chin. Martin’s hands cup your breasts firmly and you arch your back, pressing them further into his grip. You’re starting to feel light-headed and need to break the kiss to take a deep breath. As you recover, Martin starts to unbuckle his belt, tossing it to the floor. He snakes out of his shoes and straddles your hips. You feel the mattress sink around you as he leans on his heels whilst unbuttoning his shirt. You only watch, feeling the heat in your body spread more for each button that comes undone.
Martin smiles; he can see the lust in your dilated pupils. He knows how bad you want it and you know how good it’s going to get when he leans down over you to reach into the bedside drawer. He picks up various things and scatters them over the bed around you. Among them is a small rubber plug, a tube of lubricant and the handkerchief you gave him last Christmas.
You shudder as you let your imagination run wild. What was he going to do with those? Was he going to use them all at once or for different purposes? Was there something else hiding on the bed which you could not yet see? Or were they a distraction from what was really going to happen?
Martin shifts a little on top of you and you immediately snap back to the present, your mind alert. You feels our cheeks burn, your breath’s heavy. You’re expectant and it couldn’t be showing less on your face or the way your body unconsciously writhes under Martin’s every touch.
“Hmm,” Martin hums and slides a hand down the side of your torso. “Where should we begin? I know…”
He leans down and kisses your navel, placing both hands on your hips. He roughly pushes you into the mattress as his tongue starts sliding down your abdomen, right to the edge of your snug pair of midnight-blue knickers. The silky lace shows off your curves perfectly and Martin knows that if he turns your back to him he’ll see some even nicer curves. The lace is see-through in the back and you know the knickers are one of Martin’s favourite pairs.
You giggle as you see the change of expression in his face go from calm to aroused. Not only does his face go red but his breath hitches and his hands loosen their grip on your hips. You take the opportunity to buck them upwards into his hard crotch. He lets out a small gasp. His trousers look very snug around the huge bulge barely hiding beneath the fabric. You make a move to touch it, but Martin swats your hand away. So instead you place it on his thigh, rubbing your fingers up and down. Martin reaches to your right to pick up one of the things he picked from the drawer and presents the handkerchief. He folds it neatly into a ball. With his free hand he then grabs your chin and goes “ah”, gesturing for you to open your mouth. Obediently you open it and he stuffs the ball of fabric inside. You relax your jaw around it and try to adjust to its size. You find it’s not a problem since you’re used to giving Martin a few occasional blowjobs, and his cock is certainly bigger.
Suddenly Martin’s off the bed again, this time taking the rest of his clothes off. He then gets on his knees between your legs and lifts one onto his shoulder. Reaching for another item you catch something gleaming in his hand before he puts in down between you, out of your sight.
The feeling of not knowing what he’s going to do with these items make you squirm around him. Then you feel Martin’s fingers sliding down the inside of your thigh. The hand slowly snakes down and caresses your soft, trimmed rug. You shiver and close your eyes. You feel Martin move away yet again and look down to see him reach for the lube. He squirts some of it into his hand with a low squish. You wait, surprisingly patient as Martin then gently pushes the tip of his index finger to you arsehole. It slides in without effort, soon followed by another – this one not so easily thrust in. Martin lets you adjust to the sudden intrusion and watches you as you try not to move. A smile spreads across his face as you unwillingly let out a muffled moan. He’s just hooked his fingers inside you. Automatically you tense your entire body, you muscles tremble and you breath does too.
“Oh, you like that, don’t you?” Martin croons, leaning down to kiss your stomach.
You nod, swallowing around the ball of cloth restraining your tongue.
“Good, then you won’t mind if I do this…”
Martin grabs whatever he’s hidden between your legs and presses it against your clit. In the shadow cast by his silhouette you can’t see what it is, but you know immediately as he flicks it on and it begins to vibrate. The cool metal of the slim vibrator slides effortlessly over your most sensitive nerve and your legs begin to really shake. Martin lets out a huff of breath as if to say “I knew it”. He continues to slowly rub the vibrator against you as he pushes a third finger inside your arse.
After having prepared you for some time, Martin slowly pulls his fingers out. Your muscles clench around the sudden emptiness. Martin also turns off the vibrator and puts it aside, leaving you wanting his touch more than anything. That fucker, you think and thrust your hips into the air. Martin only chuckles darkly before presenting you with two new toys.
“Which one do you like the most?” he asks whilst holding up a string of anal beads and a rather thick dildo – your favourite.
The dildo brings back memories as you glance at it. It’s one of your best purchases since having started to date Martin. You’d bought it just after the first time you’d had sex. You remember wanting more, never wanting to forget the feeling you’d experienced that night. It had without doubt been the most amazing thing you’ve been part of. You had wanted to make sure you’d have Martin at your side at all times. But since you two had started going steady, you hadn’t had much use of it unless Martin wanted to get really rough and play double on you always being sure he was the one inside your pussy while the dildo was either up your arse of shoved down your throat.
You shudder at the memories rapidly playing in your head. And without letting Martin wait too long and make him impatient you point a trembling finger towards the dildo.
“Good choice,” Martin whispers approvingly and strokes the thick, tan rubber toy with his hand which still holds some lube.
You crane your neck as he settles it between your legs, pressing the head against your moist arsehole. You hold your breath as he thrusts it in. It’s a tight fit; you’re barely loose enough to let in its girth, but in it goes, sliding ever so slowly. You whimper as the head gets sucked in by your greedy muscles which twitch as Martin playfully gives the dildo small twists. He proceeds to thrust it in. Soon the whole length is inside you, filling you up like nothing ever could. You squirm against the feeling, trying so hard not to let your brain go blank, but it does. It’s simply too much; the pleasure of Martin’s every touch, the pain of the strain and the disability to use your mouth to tell him how much you want more.
Martin leans over you to kiss your red cheeks, only then do you realise that tears are softly running down them. You’re not in that much pain and you’re certainly not sad. You wonder what Martin thinks, licking them up. You get your answer when he takes out the handkerchief from your mouth.
“Are you alright?” he asks, plain worry on his face.
“Yes, yes,” you breathe and nod just to make sure he registers your reply.
The reason behind the tears is just that you are so filled with lust, with need – you’re aching. You’re embarrassing yourself by thinking about it, but you know it’s true.
You open you mouth to whisper: “Please… fuck me.”
Martin’s reaction to your words was at first relief but as you beg for his cock he simply smiles and kisses you again, this time on the lips. You open your mouth to let him in and he swiftly slides his tongue over and around yours. He nips at your bottom lip. You stifle another whimper as he shifts a hand down to the dildo inserted in your arse. He starts pulling it out and thrusts it back in several times as you continue kissing passionately. You move your hips in the same rhythm making the dildo slide smoothly, rubbing you generously.
Martin leans back and looks down at you. His dark smile has been replaced with a gentler one. He leans on his heels and shifts between your legs, still moving the dildo in that perfect, slow pace. He grabs his rock hard, leaking cock and presses it against your dripping pussy. Tenderly he thrusts in. If you think you were full before, that was nothing compared to how you are feeling now. You groan loudly as he thrusts to the hilt. You try to grab something, anything, from keeping you digging your fingernails into your palm.
You mouth opens in a soundless scream as Martin begins thrusting in rhythm with the dildo.
Oh my God!
You feel like your brain is going to explode when both heads dig deep inside you. You feel like you’re going to rip in half. You blindly grab the wrist of Martin’s free hand which is leaning against the mattress next to you. You moan. You writhe with pleasure. You arch your back. It’s too much: Martin knows exactly where to find your g-spot and is now rubbing against it as he thrusts back inside you, faster than before. You throw your head back and close your eyes, playing the image of Martin’s face from seconds ago over and over in your head: his mouth hangs slack; his eyebrows are creased in concentration; small beads of sweat are forming on his forehead; his cheeks are flushed. You listen and hear his panting, you hear the wet sound of him ramming into you, and he faint squeaking of the bed beneath you. All of this mash in your brain into a fine cocktail of arousal. You’re dangerously close to the edge, but you don’t mind. You want Martin to keep fucking you senseless while you come. You want him to feel the contractions of your body tight around him.
“M-Martin,” you choke out, trying to speak through the fog in your head. “I’m going to--- come!”
You whimper as your body like on command jerks. Your muscles tighten around Martin’s cock and the dildo, pulsing through one of the most powerful orgasms you’ve had. You can feel every muscle in your torso work through the release, making your entire figure shake.
Martin moans as you relax back against the pillow, exhausted. He stops abruptly and pulls both dick and dildo out of you. You moan at the loss, but don’t complain when you watch him adjust himself on top of you. He repositions himself over your torso, closer to your face and starts stroking his throbbing cock. He looks down at you but you can’t keep your eyes on his. You’re too busy looking at the slit of his cock which is slick with precome. You’re awaiting the white fluid to shoot out and cover your breasts, your neck and even your face.
The only sound in the dark bedroom now is that of Martin’s hand, quickly jerking for release, stroking his cock firmly.
“Shit,” Martin groans and leans heavy on his hand still propped against the mattress as he stiffens. Warm, thick tendrils of come shoot out over your breasts, some of it on your chin and lips.
Unconsciously you let you tongue slide over the bottom one and taste the bittersweet stickiness. You hum in approval and run your fingers through the rest of his come to lick it up as well.
Martin, still trying to catch his breath, slumps down over you and you love the feeling of his weight on top of you, securing you to the bed.
Your breaths slowly synch and as you lie there listening to them you can also feel your heartbeats do the same. It’s an odd feeling, but it’s the best kind of feeling. You’re simply happy, satisfied and know that you are loved in more than one way.

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