Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


60. Martin Freeman 12

~It was a stormy night on October the 31st and I was sitting alone in my small flat having some time for myself, knowing Martin was working, when the lights suddenly went out. Not a second later the thunder rumbled outside my windows while lightning flashed bright on the black sky. I cursed under my breath at my misfortune. I had just started watching the second of my favourite porn flicks when the power had gone. I was sitting on the sofa in only a dressing gown, my fingers up my wet pussy. I dried off my fingers on a tissue I had lying next to me and started shuffling around the room in search for my emergency candles.
After lighting the first candle and setting it down on the coffee table I glanced over at the doorframe to the hallway and nearly had a heart-attack.
"Dammit, Martin," I hissed and held a hand over my rapidly beating heart. "Don't scare me like that!"
Martin chuckled in the darkness and moved closer to me. He must have unlocked the front door during the crash of thunder since I hadn’t heard him enter.
He slid his hands out of his jeans' pockets and up my arms to my shoulders, caressing the thin, silky fabric barely covering me. I shuddered under his soft touch and closed my eyes, leaning my head to the side. It was an invitation which Martin immediately accepted. He leaned down to kiss my neck, sucking it lightly to bruise the skin, to let everyone know I was his. Now and then I felt his teeth scrape along it, followed by a swift lick of his warm tongue.
I let out a deep, content sigh. Martin straightened himself and looked at me. First then did he noticed my nakedness underneath the open robe. He raised his eyebrows meaningfully.
I felt a light blush spread across my face and had to avert my eyes from his. I shrugged my shoulders.
"Did you start without me?" he asked, teasing me to blush deeper. He knew exactly how to: Martin was a professional tease who always enjoyed making others uncomfortable. "I've just barely gotten back from set and here you are having a wank without inviting me? I even got off a little earlier to see you before you went to sleep."
"I'm sorry," I whispered. He was just beating round the bush and I knew where this was headed. "If I'd known you'd be home sooner, I'd done it earlier… or stopped at twice."
"You little shit," Martin purred into my ear and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling my hips against his. I could feel his hardening dick rub nicely against my pelvis through the thick layer of denim between us.
I tried hiding a moan by chuckling, but he noticed and rubbed even rougher against me. He buried his face back in my neck and let his hands wander up inside my robe, gently massaging my breasts. I leaned my head back and held onto Martin’s shoulders, unsuccessfully tugging at his shirt. I wanted it off; I wanted to feel Martin’s bare skin against mine. I craved his naked body to press against mine.
“Take it off,” I breathed. Inhaling, I could feel Martin’s musky cologne fill my nostrils: he was wearing my favourite. And I was sure he knew exactly how much it affected me.
I had only tried to get comfortable for my own behalf not knowing when Martin would be home so there was surely nothing in my current looks Martin would find especially sexy. Well… maybe the fact that I’d already experienced multiple orgasms that night and was still horny nevertheless?
“Get in bed,” Martin growled as he leaned back and started to unbutton his shirt on my request.
Living in a tiny two room flat the bed was conveniently placed in one corner of the spacious living room and I had no problems crawling onto it while waiting for Martin to change into his birthday suit. I leaned back on my elbows, my breasts jiggling softly as I positioned myself comfortably. I let the robe fall open around me showing, off my longing body. I slid one hand between my legs and touched myself while patiently waiting. Martin seemed to only work his hands faster and faster as he tried to watch me while simultaneously zipping down the fly of his trousers. He soon realised it would go faster if he looked away.
“Oh, you cock tease,” he murmured as he slid out of his jeans and pants. He then crawled after me onto the bed and pushed me down. He straddled my hips. And as he leaned down to kiss my soft breasts, cupping them in his hands; I could feel his thick, solid cock pressing against my lower abdomen. I slid my hands between our bodies, down the front of Martin’s torso and palmed it. Martin hissed, giving my nipple a quick nibble.
“Ah,” I gasped and looked down at him.
He returned my glance and smirked devilishly. His moved his hands, ghosting them over my skin, making me shiver despite the sweat forming all over me.
He moved down my sides and hips where they stopped. He then placed one right in my pubes, palm down. He vigorously slid it between my legs. It wasn’t the easiest task since he was straddled over me, weighing me down into the mattress forcing me to squeeze my legs together.
As I felt his fingers slowly make their way inside my pussy, he growled and looked down at his hand. He then pulled it out and looked from it back at me. His fingers were slick and sticky, covered with obvious proof that I’d lost my patience and done it by myself earlier.
I smiled gallantly in response and bucked my hips against his crotch. Martin’s cheeks reddened as he licked his fingers clean. He then grabbed me by the shoulders and lay down on top of me. I felt him hook his foot around my ankle and we spun around on the bed. I was now on top of him and dangerously close to the edge of the bed which squeaked as I leaned down to continue our previous passionate kissing. My nose pressed against his cheek as I crushed my lips against his as hard as I could manage. I forced my tongue into his mouth and hummed when he let me enter. Our wet tongues collided and sloppy sounds filled the otherwise still room.
My hands were gripping the back of Martin’s head. His hands were travelling down my spine to grab at my arse. I moaned when he dug his fingers into the soft skin. Martin merely replied with a muffled hum. I rubbed my body slowly against his, rolling my hips. I felt Martin’s cock leaking, the pre-come smearing between us.
In the end I had to get some fresh air and sat up on my knees, straddling him in return. Martin’s half-lidded eyes watched intently as my chest rose and fell, my skin flushed and my eyes just as full of arousal as his. I repositioned myself between his legs letting them rest against my thighs and then grabbed his dripping cock in both hands as I leaned over. I licked the reddened head and there was a long, silent whisper coming from Martin’s lips.
I glanced at Martin’s face to watch his reaction. His eyes were glued on my face, his slack mouth hung open and his breathing was heavy. I kept my eyes on his as I fit the head of his cock between my lips and sucked. The tip of my tongue slid across the slit and I tasted salty pre-come. Martin closed his eyes. I moved my tongue down the back of the head, over the glands. Martin groaned. I sucked the cock deeper into my mouth. Martin grabbed me by my hair and urged me deeper. I obliged. I deepthroated his thick cock and it hit the back of my mouth. I felt like gagging, but having done this to him before I knew how to prevent it: I squeezed my thumbs hard in my hands and immediately felt better. But it didn’t stop my saliva from building up in my mouth and I could feel it trickle out from between my lips. I glanced down at Martin’s cock, still buried in me. The saliva pooled at the base of the erection, just below my nose in the light pubes. Martin was now panting and I could feel his hips involuntarily jerk upwards. I put my hands on his thighs and sucked back up and out.
I looked at him and he knew: there was no need for words for what I would let him do. I just nodded and sucked the length back deep inside my mouth. I removed my hands from Martin’s body and replaced them on the mattress between his legs. He then started thrusting. The slow bobbing of his cock in and out of my mouth had me breathing shallow through my nose. I could feel my pussy leaking, my fluids lazily dripping down the inside of my thighs.
Martin thrust faster; I sucked as hard as I could. I thought that after all it was my time to please him. Besides, we had all night.
I started edging my right hand towards Martin’s ass. Realising he’d reject my fingers from entering him to make him come faster I changed direction and cupped his balls.
“Fuck, yes,” he sighed blissfully, throwing his head back and digging his free hand in the cotton sheets, the other one still tugging at my hair.
My saliva was now dribbling down my chin more than before, and with every vigorous thrust of his cock Martin made me gag. Using the thumb trick was now useless, Martin was way too eager in his thrusts to be careful. Helplessly I tried to hold on and not pass out from the lack of air in my lungs, but I could feel Martin tense beneath me: he was about to come and it would be cruel to stop midway of his first orgasm of the day.
Martin stopped abruptly, his cock only halfway inside my mouth when he unloaded. His come flooded me and I had to swallow. The feeling of my mouth contracting around his sensitive, pulsing cock made Martin whimper and come even harder with the last few shots. I could feel his pulse in the veins of his cock as he slowly thrust back inside me to get the last drops out of his orgasm.
Exhausted, Martin relaxed and breathed deeply. I straightened myself over him, wiping the corners of my mouth and my chin with my robe. I then lay down on my stomach next to him, one arm thrown over his chest.
He closed his eyes and snickered. “That was certainly a treat I didn’t expect.”
I smiled back at him. “Then would you like to see a trick next?”

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