Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


14. Malachai

~"I can't believe you, Lydia. Did you really have to go tell Isaac about this?"
"You kids know the rules."
"But we were just having fun." If you don't understand what's going on here, Job and his little sister, Sarah, have just been caught playing board games and listening to music. Those were against our rules here in Gatlin, Nebraska. There were more rules to be followed than that but I won't bore you with the details. Well, I haven't properly introduced myself. I am Lydia Miller. I'm 16 (I've got two years until I have to kill myself for being a legal adult. Don't ask. It's another rule of ours), have long black hair, grey eyes, pale skin, about 5'4", and I'll admit to having a slight split personality. Seriously, sometimes I'll very respectful, nice, proper, funny, and extremely shy. Although, other times I can be really mean and rude for no reason at all. Kind of like today when I caught Job and Sarah and reported it to Isaac, our leader. Then again, that's what I told them. I really told Malachai because I thought it would save all the hassle of first going to Isaac, then running to get Malachai, then going back to the scene. You see, I also have a major crush on Malachai. It's not like those obsessive crushes that are annoying as hell. I don't make it obvious because Malachai and Isaac are my friends and I am loyal to them (No matter what kind of mood I'm in!). Hard to believe even if they killed my parents along with the other adults. Really, I wasn't that close to my parents. They were always traveling so I'd be home by myself a lot. That doesn't mean I didn't feel sad when hearing they were killed. I got over it and I still do have a crush on Malachai. I'll even say it, he looks pretty cute when he's mad sometimes (I guess there's another reason why I went to him instead of Isaac first). So, Job complains to me through the whole walk back to his house. I'm sort of back and forth between him and his sister when it comes to moods. As soon as they got back to their game, I went to my own house for some comfort. Apparently, we have outlanders coming here. It didn't matter. If they killed every adult here they can certainly kill the ones coming from outside our home. Okay, being mean again. So, I stroll along the sidewalk of the old town and remember when each store use to be full of life and happy adults and such. All that is gone now. I walk through the front door and can't help but notice that the children have been playing hide and seek in my house again. I wished they wouldn't do such things in my house all the time. Then, out of nowhere, I see Malachai in the doorway.
"Don't do that!"
"Do what?"
"Don't appear out of nowhere without speaking! You scared me."
"Well, I'm sorry." He always gets sarcastic with me but that only means he's joking around. When he uses stern words I know he's serious.
"So, how are things going, Malachai?"
"Oh, the usual. Nothing really interesting."
"Same here so don't expect some long tale of what happens in my boring life."
"What crawled up your ass today?" He smiles and I laugh at his question. He does that every time I'm in a bad mood or sound like it.
"So, what do you plan to do tomorrow?" he asked.
"Nothing as usual."
"Wow. Your life really is boring."
"Wouldn't you know it?" We laugh again and I just realized what he asked.
"Why do you want to know what I'm doing tomorrow?"
"No reason. I just wanted to hang out for a bit." Hmmmm, suspicious? Maybe. I wonder what he plans on doing tomorrow. Well, no matter. It's probably just something fun to do. I'll just have to wait and see.
The next afternoon (I'm lazy, deal with it)
I waited in my living room for Malachai to come and hang out or whatever he was going to do. It did cross my mind several times about if Malachai liked me back or not. Then again, I wonder that sometimes. I don't know if it's even worth it if we're just going to die in the end. One way to look forward to the future, huh?
"Hey, Lydia." Malachai walks right through my door without knocking our asking to come in. Yeah, a little rude but that's him and I'm okay with it. He comes over and sits on the couch with me.
"Hey, Malachai. So, you're just going to hang out with boring old me?"
"You're not boring. You're very unique. No one realizes that, though."
"Oh, so only you can see that I'm unique?"
"I know a lot of things you don't."
"Oh really?"
"What is it you know that I don't?"
"I can't tell you."
"And why's that?"
"Because you wouldn't like it if I told you."
"And how would you know that exactly?"
"Because I can tell that you don't like guys like me." Did I hear that right?
"I guess now's the best time to say that I like you, Lydia."
"You're kidding. I like you too."
"Yeah!" It was silent for a moment as we stare at each other for a long time. I wished that it didn't have to be this awkward, though.
"So, we like each other. Now what?" he asks. Let's just say, my split personality went the opposite of what I felt and I was the one to break the weird tension. I kissed Malachai on the lips and saw his shocked expression as it happened. But then he grew clam and he kissed back. I couldn't believe that I would be the one to kiss him first, really. But, hearing a car come through and a comotion of everyone else outside made us snap back into reality. (Okay, if you've seen the movie Children of the Corn, I don't need to go into further detail of what else happens here. If you haven't, then please tell me why you decided to read this. Okay, almost everything happens from the movie after the doctor and his girlfriend arrives. Right now, this is the part where Malachai has the girlfriend hostage and is using her as bait. But this time, the doctor actually comes out and stabs Malachai. Now, let's continue) I see Malachai on the ground and bleeding badly. His blood is everywhere on the ground and I don't know what to do but compress his wound.
"Malachai, don't talk!"
"I'm going to die...aren't I?"
"Don't say that! I'm going to help you!"
"No. You can't. I know that too." I cry. Even when he's about to die he's being a smartass. But I knew he was right. I couldn't save him.
"Lydia...I have something for you..."
"What?" I feel a sharp pain in my side and look down. His knife was lodged deep into my hip with his hand barely attached. He was killing me so that we could be together. How thoughtful, I guess you could put it. I fell on his body and listened as his breathing slowly stopped. And I felt my heart's pounding suddenly cease along with the sounds around me. I was going to die either way but at least it was with Malachai. And forever we will live in an eternal Heaven even if he doesn't believe it now.

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