Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


25. M Shadows 3

~I Smiled As I Sat In The Passanger Seat As My Brother Johnny Drove The Bus.Johnny Had Allowed Me To Come On Tour With Them Halfly Because I Had Became The Co-Manager Of The Merch And I Would Help The Roadies Too.I Sighed As I Ran My Hand Through My Morning Mess Of Brown Hair.I Watched As Buildings And Cars Passed The Bus.
"Hey Jas"Johnny Said Looking Over At Me.
"Yes Johnathan"I Said Looking At Him With His Mohawk Laying Down To The Side.
"Can You Get Me A Water You Little Runt"He Asked
"Yes Big Brother I Can Get You A Water"I Laughed As I Walked Back To The Fridge.I Looked And Saw Matt's Eyes Follow My Every Move And I Blushed.I Liked Matt But He Never Showed Intrest In Me So I Kept My Feelings To Myself.I Grabbed My Brother's Water Then Headed Back To The Front.
Matt's P.O.V
I Watched As Jasmyne Walked To The Fridge Grabbing A Water For Johnny.Damn,She Had A Body On Her.Johnny Was My Friend But I Liked His Sister Alot.She Was Nice,Funny,And Sweet As Can Be.But She Ignored Me Like I Was Invisible,I Was Gonna Change That Though.
"Dude Stop Staring At Jasmine"Syn Said Waving His Hand In Front Of My View.
"Im Not Staring At Her,Im Looking At The Buildings"I Lied As I Looked At Her Soft Brown Hair Glisten In The Sun Showing Through The Windows.
"Sure,Man She's Johnny's Sister"Syn Said.
"I Told You Im Not Looking At Her Gates"I Snapped
"Ok,Ok You're Not Looking At Her"Syn Said As He Walked Back To His Bunk.
I Looked Back At Jasmine To See Her Hazel Eyes On Me.I Simply Smiled And She Returned The Smile Then Turned Back To The Road.I Remember When I Ran My Fingers Through Her Brown Hair And She Giggled,Her Adorable Little Giggle.
We Had Just Came Back from Our Late Show.Jasmyne Had Fell Asleep During The Show And Johnny Couldnt Carry Her So I Had To.I Gently Picked Her Up And She Cuddled Up To Me Laying Her Head In The Crook Of My Neck.I Smiled As She Wrapped Her Arms Around My Neck Tightly.We Walked In The Bus And Johnny Was The Driver.I Sat With Jasmine On My Lap,Still Cuddled Up To Me.How Perfect She Molded To Me.It Felt Right To Have Her On My Lap.The Wind Outside Had Blew Her Hair In Her Relaxed Face.I Gently Tucked The Stray Hairs Behind Her Ear,She Smiled And Giggled.I Immediately Loved Her Little Giggle.Her Hair Was Soft And I Could Smell The Love Spell Perfume She Had On.And She Certainly Did Have Me Under A Love Spell.I Ran My Fingers Through Her Hair Again Feeling The Soft Brown Locks Slip Through my Fingers.Johnny Always Did Say She Loved When People Messed With Her Hair.
-end flashback-
Jasmine's P.O.V
I Decided To Go And Change Out Of My Pajamas And Into My Outfit For The Day.I Walked Past Matt And Into The Backroom With All The Bags.I Was Grabbing My Black Tank when I Heard Footsteps Behind Me.I Stood Up To Come Face To Face With Matt.He Leaned Toward Me And Pinned Me Against The Wall.He Leaned In Extra Close To Me And I Stopped Breathing.'Was I Dreaming?'
"You Okay Jas"Matt Asked Looking Into My Hazel Eyes With His.I Didnt Answer I Was Too Mesmerized By His Eyes And His Cologne That Smelled So Heavenly.His Hand Traveled To My Hips Making My Breath Hitch.
"Do I Make You Nervous"Matt Asked With A Smirk On His Lips.I Wished His Lips Would Be On Mine'Did I Just Think That'
"..No"I Lied As He Moved Closer So Our Bodies Were Pressed Together.Which Made Me Even More Breathless.
"Yea I Do,I Can Tell.You Never Get Like This Your Jasmine Christ"He Said As His Hand Moved Up My Side.
"..Im Fine Matt"I Said Acting Like I Wasnt Nervous As Hell.
"Then Breathe"He Whispered In My Ear.He Looked At Me Waiting For My Breath.I Finally looked Away From His Eyes And Inhaled.
"Matt,I Like You"I Breathed Out Before I Could Stop Myself.
"You Do"He Asked Picking My Head Up And Pressing His Soft Lips To Mine Lightly.
"Y-Yea"I Stammered My Gaze Focusing On His Lips.
"I Take Your Breath Away"Matt Smiled Moving So Our Lips Simply Grazed Eachother.
"Yea You Do"I Whispered Getting On My Tippy Toes Just To Kiss His Lips Again.He Smiled Into The Kis As He Picked Me Up And I Wrapped My Legs Around His Waist As My Back once Again Hit The Wall.My Arms Wrapped Around His Neck Pulling Him Closer.
"Be Mine Jas"Matt Breathed Looking Into My Eyes.
"I Am Yours Matt"I Smiled As I Pulled Him Back To My Lips.

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