Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


23. M Shadows 2

~I Walked Into Hollister To be the Same OverWrorked Manager I was.I Had Moved here From Virginia Beach Sine The Position Was Open Here For Manager.I Missed My Grandparents Terribly Though.They had Been There More Then My Parents.Today I Had Thrown On A Simple Pink Hollister Short,Some Grey Ripped Skinnies,An Some Black Converse.My Long Brown-Blondish Hair Was Straightened And Clipped Back on Oneside.I Walked Into The Mal I Swear It Was So Wierd Being At The Mall When No One Else Was Here.I Walked Into Hollister To See Jenna And Ce-Ce Just Getting There.I Opened The Gate And Let Them Go Put Their Stuff Away.They Put Their Stuff Away Then Came Back Out And Helped Me Straighten Up The Store.Customers Started Filing In About 10:30.Jenna Was The Greeter And Me And Ce-Ce Worked The Counter To make Check-Out Easy.It Finally Came To My Break.I Decided To Go Get My friend Ashlee Pace From Hot Topic To Go Get A Bite To Eat With Her.I Made My Way To Hot Topic To Find Ashlee Dancing Around To "A Little Piece of Heaven" By Avenged Sevenfold.Avenged Was Her Absolute Favorite Band In This Whole Universe.With Me Always Hanging with Her And Her Having Them Blasting 24/7 I Liked Them Too.She Liekd The Lead Gutarist Synyster Gates,But My Fasination Was With Their Lead Singer M.Shadows.He Sang So Sweetly But Could Do Some Of The Best Screamo I Heard.What Got Me Was His Adorable Dimples And His Eyes.
"Earth To Ashlee"I Called As I Grabbed Her Shoulders.
"Oh Hey Cam"She Said As She Hugged Me.
"Hey"I Greeted As I Hugged Her Back"You The Only one Working"
"No,Alisha's In The Back Getting Some Stuff To Stock the Shelves"Ashlee Said As She Hopped On The Counter.
"Oh,Well i was Wonderin If You Want To Come Get Something To Eat With Me?"I Asked As I Saw Alisha Come Out With A Pile Of Shirts.
"Yea,Let Me Ask Alisha"Ashlee Said As She Hopped Down From The Counter Walking Over To Alisha.
I Started Loking Around And Found Some Avenged Sevenfold Shirts On The Wall.I Started Looking Through Them When I Heard Footsteps Walk Into the Store.I Hurried Standing Up To See None Other Then Zacky Vengeance,M.Shadows,And Synyster Gates.My Heart Stopped As They Caught Sight Of Me And Walked Over.
"Uhm,Do You Work Here"Shadows Asked Smiling His Dimples Showing.
"Part Time,How Can I Help You"I Said Returning His Smile.
"Well,I Lost The Schedule or When We're Suppose To Come Here For The Meet And Greet.So I Had To Come Here And Find The Time Out"Shadows Laughed.
"Yea,Matt Loses So Much Stuff"Syn Said Playfully Pushing Him.
"Shut Up Gates,But Can We Get Like A Paper To Keep So We Know"Syn Sadid Looking At Me.
"Sure Follow Me"I Said As I Walked Toward The Counter.I Could Feel Their Eyes Run Over Me As I Walked.
"Ashlee These Nice Guys Would Like To Know When The Meet And Greet Is"I Said,Ashlee Had Her Back To Us Since She Was Checking The Register.
"Give Me A Minute Im-"She Said Before She Stopped When She Saw Who It Was."YOUR A7X!!"
"Yea,Last i Checked"Syn Said Bein A Smart-ass.
"Oh My God,I Love Your Band,You Guys Rock"Ashlee Said Freaking Out.
"Thanx Nice To Meet A Big Fan,We Came To find Out When The Meet&Greet Was Since Shadows Lost the Paper"Syn Said.
"Oh I Can Get That For You"Ashlee Said Turning To The Computer Printing Out The Flyer.
"Thanks,Matt Won't Lose This One"Syn Joked As He Folded It ANd Stuck It In His Pocket.
"Shut Up Gates"Shadows Said Punching Him In The Arm.
"Well I Better Go Back To Hollister And See If The Store's Still In Tact"I Said As I Saw The Time.
"I Thought You Worked Here"Shadows Called After Me As I Walked Out.
"I Did For 30 Minutes"I Laughed As I Walked Back To Hollister.
I Was Helping A Really Bitchy Customer When My Phine Started Vibrating So I Told Jenna To Deal With Her.I Went To The Counter To Help Ce-Ce,And Decided To look At My Text.It Was From Ashlee-M.Shadows Asked About You- No Way_Yea He Asked What Your name Was And If You Were Coming To The Meet&Greet-Well Let Him Kno Im Coming To The Meet&Greet-.I Put My Phone In My Pocket And Couldn't Help But Smile That M.Shadows Was Asking About Me.My Shift Took Forever To end At 4:30.As Soon As It Hit 4:30 I Was Out of Hollister And On My Way To Hot Topic.When I Saw The Line To Get Into Hot Topic My Mouth Dropped.It Was All The Way Around The Corner To Get In.Then I Saw Ashlee Waving Me In.The Security Allowed Me Through And I Saw The Guys Ste Up A Table,All Had Sharpie's And Bottles Of Water.
"Hey You Returned"Shadows Smiled When His Hazel Eyes Found Me.
"Yea,I Returned"I Laughed As I Walked Up To The Table.
"This Is The Girl Shadows Keeps Blabbing About"Zacky Laughed Pointing At Me.
"Well He Has A Reaon To Blab"I Said Raising My eyebrow At Zacky.
"Yea He Does Sweetheart"Zacky Laughed Looking Me Over.
Ashlee Was Busy Talking With Syn So I Just Talked To The Other Guys.Finally I Heard Ashlee Say"Okay Cam You Might Wanna Back Away We're Guna Let Them In"
"I'll Back Away,So I Don't get Trampled"I Said.
"Okay,Cam"Shadows Smiled As I Backed Away.
The Security Guards Only Let In 10 People At a Time So It Took Forever To Get Everyone In And Out.After The Last Person Left.I Could Tell The Guys Were Happy To Be Done.I Walked Over With A A7X Shirt I Had And Said"Think U Can Sign one More Thing"
They All Simply Nodded And Signed The Shirt.I Took A Picture With Them Also.So Shadows Walked Up To Me While Ashlee Was Talking To The Guys.
"So Cam You're A Fan Of Us"Shadows Asked Standing In Front Of Me.
"Yes,I Like Your Band Alot"I Said Folding My Arms.
"Thats Cool,So Who's Your Favorite In the Band"He Asked Stepping Closer To Me.
"You"I Said Without Thinking.
"So You Like Me"He Said.
"Maybee"I Said Stretching Out The 'e'.
"Maybe Yea"Shadows Laughed Pressin Hid Forehead To Mine.
"Do You Like Me"I Asked As My Breath Became Ragged.Instead Of An Answer He Kissed me On My Lips.His Lips Were As Soft As I Thounght They'd Be.They Moved perfectly In Sync With Mine.I Wrapped My Arms Around His Neck Pressing Myself To Him.Syn Cleared His Throat Making Me Jump Back.
"I Knew You 2 Liked Eachother"Syn Laughed As He Turned Kissing Ashlee.
"I Knew You Liked Ashlee"I Said As I Turned Back To Mat Pressing My Lips To His Again.
"Be My Girl"Matt Asked When I Pulled Away.
"Of Course I Will"I Said Smiling.

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