Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


22. M Shadows 1

~It Was A Usual Day At Me And My Brother's House.I Got Up First And Made Breakfast For Both Of Us.I Was Just Finishing The Bacon When I Heard My Brother Come Downstairs.
"Smells Good Alex"My Brother Said As He Rounded The Corner Into The Kitchen.
"I Am The Cook Of The Family"I Smiled As I Put The Last Few Pieces Of Bacon In On The Plate.Syn Picked Up A Piece And Took A Bite.
"Ow Thats Hot"He Said As He Threw The Bacon Back On The Plate.
"Well Of Course BriBear'I Said Hitting Him in The Head Playfully.
I Grabbed The Plate Of Bacon And Set It On The Table Where I Had Set The Pancakes I Made.
"Thanks Sis"He Said As He Filled His Mouth With Some Pancake.
"You're Welcome,Just Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full"I Said As I Took A Bite Of Bacon.
After We Finished Eating I Went Upstairs And Got Ready.I Threw On One Of My A7X Shirts,Some Black Skinnies,My Black Converse.I Threw My Hair Into A Simple Ponytail,Making Sure My Pink And Blue Streaks Were Showing.I Applied Some Eye-liner And Some Mascara Before Walking Downstairs To Fis Brian Sittin On The Couch Watching T.V.
"About Time"He Said When He Saw Me And Turned Off the T.v.
"Where We Goin?"I Asked.
"To The Studio"He Said As He Threw Me Over His Shoulder Making Me Scream.
"Since When Am I A Rag Doll To Throw Around"I Asked As He Walked Out The House.
"Your My Sister,I Think It Qualify's"He Said Setting Me Down At The Passanger Side Of His Black Merecedes.
"It Doesnt"I Said Sticking My Tounge Out At Him Getting Into His Mercedes.
We Drove Over To The Studio And i Immediately Jumped Out The Car When I Saw Jimmy Stading Outside.
"Revyy!"I Yelled As I Ran Over Giving Him A Hug.
"Hey Alex"He Smiled Hugging Me Back.
"Hey Lex"I Heard In The Familiar Sweet Voice Of Matt.
"Matty"I Said As I Let Go Of Rev And Latched Onto Matt.He Wrapped His Strong Arms Around Me And I Just Smiled.I Had A Crush On Matt For Awhille But I Didnt Know If He Felt The Same Or How Syn Would React To Me Liking Him.
"How Ya Been"Matt Asked Putting His Arm Around My Shoulders As We Walked Into the Studio.
"Good And You"I Asked Wrapping My Arms Around His Torso.
"Good"He Said Smiling Down At Me His Dimples Showing.God,I Loved His Dimples
"Okay So What Are We Recording Today"I Heard The Voice Of My Brother Ask.I Took My From Around Matt An Went To Go Sit By Zacky.
"Hey Shorty"Zacky Said
"Im Only Shorter Then You By 4 Inches"I Said Glaring At Him.
"You're Still Shorty"He Said Smiling.
I Rolled My Eyes And Looked At Matt As He Chewed On A Piece Of Twizzlers,Looking Over Some Lyrics.
"What Do I Have To Record Today?'Syn Asked As He Grabbed His Black And White Guitar Taking A Seat By The Computer.
"Simple Stuff,Even Alex Could Do"Matt Said As He Looked Towards Me.
"Hey,I Am Actually Good At Guitar Unlike Syn"I Said Standing Up Pulling The Twizzler From Matt's Hands.
"I Never Said You Couldn't Play Babe"He Said Grabbing My Hand So He Could Take A Bite Of His Twizzler.
"Good Cuz I Can"I Said Taking A Bite Of His Twizzler.
"Then You Play It"Syn Said Handing Me His Guitar And Sitting Me Down.
"The Notes Are On The Screen"He Said As He Sat Next To Me.
"Fine!"I Said As I Looked On The Screen And Immediately got The Hang Of It.I Played The Whole thing With Syn Looking Over My SHoulder.When I Finished I Simply Gave Syn His Guitar Back And Stood Up.I Fished Out A Twizzler And Took A Bite As I Smirked At Syn.
"Now What"I Said As I went And Sat By Rev.
"Nice"Rev Said High Fiving Me.
"thanx Rev"I Said Laughing.
They Had Recorded Some More Stuff nd Me And Syn Ended Up Getting Into An Argument On Which Note He Should Play.
"The One I Have Sounds Better"Syn Yelled.
"No Mine Does"I Yelled Back.
"What's The Problem"I Heard Our Dad Ask As He Walked In.I Looked AT Syn And Grinned As i Walked Over With The Innocent Look I HAd Mastered.
"He's bein Mean,I Just Tried To Help Him And He Yelled At Me"I Said Hugging Our Dad.
"Syn,Be Nice To Your Little Sister"He Said Patting My Head.
"She's Not As Innocent As You Think"Syn Complained.
"So,Be Nice To Her"He Said Sternly.I Stuck My Tounge Out At Syn&Laughed.
"Fine"Syn Groaned As He Started Playing The Part I Did.
I Decided To Step Out The Studio For Some Fresh Air But wasnt Expecting Matt To Be Out There.
"Hey Alex"He Grinned When He Saw Me Walk Out .
"Hey Matt"I Smiled As I Stood Against The Wall.
"Whatcha Doin Out Here"He Asked Walking Toward Me.
"Fresh Air"I Said
"Ahh,Alex Can I Ask You Something?"He Asked As He Stood In Front Of Me.
"Yea Matty"I Asked Smiling.
"Do You Like Me"He Asked
"Wh-What"I Stammered Not Believing He Just Asked Me That.
"Do You Like Me"He Asked Leaning In So Our Bodies Are Touching.
"Yea"I Said As I Stopped Breathing.
"I Like You Alot Alex,But I Never Knew If U Felt The Same Way"He Said As Our Lips Were About A Inch Away.
"I Never Knew If You Liked Me So I Just Kept My Feelings To Myself"I Said Looking Into His Hazel Eyes.
"I Do Like You Alot"He Said As He Pressed His Lips To Mine.I Kissed Back And Wrapped My Arms Around His Neck.
"What The Hell"I Heard An All Too Familiar Voice Say.I Immediately Pulled Away From Matt To See Syn Standing There With A Cigarette In His Hand.
"Syn I-"I Said Before He Just Walked Back In The Studio,Slamming The Door Behind Him.
"I Better Go Talk To Him"I Said Unwrapping My Arms From Matt's Neck And Walking Into The Studio.I Found Syn Sitting Down With A Beer In His Hand.
"Brian Can I Talk To You Please"I Asked Standing In Front Of Him.
"I Dont Care"He Said Looking Up At Me.
"Not Here,Outside"I Said Grabbing His Hand.He Got Up And Followe Me Outside.Matt Had Already Went Inside So It Was Just Me And Him.
"Why Were You Kissing Shadows"He Said.
"Because I Really Like Him And He Likes Me"I Said
"Since When"He Asked Surprised
"I Liked Him For Awhile I Don't Know About Him"I Explained.
"I Liked You For Awhile Alex"I Heard Matt Say As He Walked Out.
"How Come You Didnt Tell Me You Had A Crush On Her Matt"Syn Asked Turning To Matt.
"Cause I Didnt Know How You'd Act Since You're So Prtective"Matt Said As He Came Up To Me And Wrapped His Arms Around Me.
"You Better Not Break Her Heart Shadows,Is All Im Saying"Syn Said Seriously.
"I Would Never Do That Syn"Matt Said Squeezing Me Tighter.
"Good,I Am Happy For You 2 Though"He Said As He Walked To The Door.I Slipped Out Of Matt's Arms And Jumped on His Back Like I Always Did.
"Matt Get Your Girl"Syn Yelled
"I Got Her"Matt Said As He Took Me Off Syn's Back.
"Gosh,You Can Give Her Piggy Back Rides Now Instead Of Me"Syn Said As He Hurried Into The Studio.
"Well Looks Like You're My Piggy Back Now"I Smiled.He Smiled Pressing His Lips To Mine Before Letting Me Get On His Back.

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