Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


251. Loki

~It had been such a lovely day. Soft streams of light filtering into your room had woken you up. You had made breakfast in peace. A few rounds of sparring had been shared between Natasha and yourself and all was well. When you were finally getting back from lunch, well that's when your day started to turn.
You felt something was off when you felt a slight tremor go through the tower. This was actually rather normal due to Tony's and Bruce's excessive experimentaion on things you didn't really care enough to know about. However, what caught you off guard was from where the tremor came from. Normally they came from lower in the tower, which you would have felt so much more of considering you were in the basement. This was slight, but large enough to reach you.
You sighed and desperately wanted to ignore the hunch in your gut, but you knew what you should do.
You hit the up button in the elevator to your floor. When the doors opened, your jaw dropped.
Your floor was in shambles, but more importantly, your room, your sanctum, was completely destroyed. And in the middle of it, an oddly upset Loki.
"You son of a bitch!" They were the only words you could think of. At hearing them he spun around, cool smile in place of what you had seen before.
"Well that's rude, I don't know my real mother so I can hardly see if that's a fair accusation." Your brow was twitching in annoyance. Normally you would have laughed, but red was the only color you were seeing, and you were seething. If not, you might have been better able to process the underlying look of saddness and apology that Loki had in his eyes.
"You fucked up my room!" You stormed forward, ready to kick his ass into next week.
"Tsk tsk, sweet Y/n, it was an accident." Loki had his hands up showing you he would not fight you.
"Bullshit!" you spat. You wanted to hit him, you really did. However, all you did was sigh and turn around, assessing the wreckage. "God damn it, Loki, what happened?" You turned back to him, face still stern, arms crossed and waiting for an explanation. At this point, Loki finally had the decency to look sheepish.
"I was trying to... redecorate."
"Well you did, I'm going to assume this is not the desired outcome."
"No, it was not. The spell went awry. When performing such a feat of magic, concentration is of the utmost importance. I heard something," at this point he sighed and looked at your destroyed room, "I got distracted and then this lovely mess happened."
"What exactly were you trying to do?"
"I wanted to show you my quarters from when I was still on Asgard. Or at least the ones when I wasn't imprisoned." You let out a wry chuckle.
"Loki, that's really sweet... I'm sorry I was upset earlier." You grabbed his hand, smoothing your thumb over his knuckles.
"I understand. I apologize for your room."
"It's okay, Tony will take care of it. And besides, it was time for some redecorating anyway."
"So, where are you planning on staying until then..." Your eyebrows furrowed.
"Damn it, Loki!" He flinched somewhat before looking down at you. "You know you can't pull that shit with me! If you wanted me to stay with you, why didn't you just ask! You and I both know you are far too talented sorcerer to be distracted by a noise. I can't believe I fell for it! I am such a dumbass!" He looked shocked for moment, surprised you peiced together so quickly.
"I really meant it when I said I was sorry if it's any consolation."
You groaned, dragging your palm over your face while you nodded. "I know you did. Sneaky bastard." He only smirked at you in response. You would have plenty of time to get him back while you stayed with him.

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