Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


164. Lestrade

~You've been 'just friends' with Greg Lestrade for years now and it's obvious you both have feelings for each other. You know the chemistry is there, you just don't have the courage to bring it out in the open.
Like every Friday night, Greg comes round for movies and Chinese takeaway. It's his night to choose a film and he pulls Hot Fuzz out of a bag.
"Absolute classic." He smirks as he slides the DVD in. You watch his fingers fiddle with the buttons and smile to yourself slightly; you've always had a weird thing with his hands, they looked so attractive and strong, you'd let them do anything to you.
About half an hour later, Greg has decided to start a popcorn war with you. You're hiding behind the sofa, fully armed with handfuls of salted popcorn ready to attack, when a bag of popcorn is poured over your head. You let out a scream and hear Greg cracking up beside you.
"Greg! You got salt all down my top you little fuck." You whine as you pull off your shirt, leaving you in your bra and high waisted skinnies. You try to cover yourself up as the room falls silent and you realise Greg's gaze is on your bare body.
"Oh, um, I'm sorry.." You mumble and you grab your shirt to pull over yourself. Before you can even get it past your head, his hands are on yours and the shirt is thrown to the other side of the room.
"Don't get dressed on my account, love." He mutters into your ear.
Greg pushes you roughly against the wall and scatters your neck and chest with bites and bruises. You tug at his short strands of hair, making me growl slightly and suck harder on your skin. His hand hovers over the back of your neck, sending chills all over your body and making you ache for more of his touch.
"Please, Greg." You whimper as his hand tugs at your hair.
"Please what?" He breaks away from your chest and looks you dead in the eye.
"Fuck me." You breathe and both of your clothes are torn off in an instant.
Greg drags you through to your bedroom and pushes you onto your bed. You're both naked with bodies intertwined, fingers lost in each other's hair and mouth's fighting for dominance against each other. Greg is on top of you but you turn him over and sit on his hips, teasing him by trailing your fingers down his stomach and stopping before reaching his length. He lets out a groan and his strong hands lift you up and guide you onto him.
You start slow and shallow with your hands on his stomach, going up and down to the rhythm of his breathing. Without warning, Greg thrusts his hips up almost filling you entirely. You cry out and carry on deep and fast, his panting making you even more aroused.
As you approach the point of exploding you look him dead in the eye and moan his name, over and over until ecstasy overtakes your body. You both orgasm at the same time and Greg continues to ride it out whilst you're a twitching mess on top on him.
He flips you over and rests his large hands on each of your breasts, lightly squeezing them and leaving kisses on your nipples. You squirm under his grasp and he smirks, knowing fully well what he's doing to you.
"Well, we definitely need to do this again." He speaks into your stomach, sending vibrations through your body leaving you limp and all his.

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