Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


123. Lee Pace

~You were dressed in one of the nicest gowns that you could find. You were never one for the limelight, but Lee wanted you to go with him. You weren’t really sure why because the movie that he decided to take you to was the last Hobbit film. One that you knew was going to be a real tear jerker.
You fixed your hair one final time before you went to go and meet up with Lee. You opened your door and saw him waiting for you. You felt the heat rise to your cheeks. “Lee I thought I was to meet you there.”
Lee rubbed the back of his head. His cheeks were a little bit flushed. “I decided that this was better.” He said as he stuck his hands into his pockets.
You quirked your eyebrow at him and saw that he looked more nervous than usual. “Lee what is wrong.”
Lee’s eyes met with yours. He cleared his throat. “I have something to ask you before we leave.”
He kneeled down in front of you. On one knee. “________.” He pulled out a ring. “_____ will you marry me?”
You gasped. He had gotten you a beautiful ring. “Yes. Yes I will marry you.” You told him.
Lee got up to his feet and slipped the ring onto your finger. He picked you up and twirled you around happy with your answer.
You then realized that you would be going to The Battle of the Five Armies premier as fiancees.

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