Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


40. Kyo

~Kyo glared at whoever was laughing in the room. People call us the 'Short Couple' Because we are both so Tiny. It didnt really bother me, but it sure as hell bothered Kyo. I thought it was actually really cute when he gets offended when people call him 'Short' but he says he gets even more offended when I call him 'Cute' And he says:
Pentaly for Calling Him Cute: ALL NIGHT LONG.
He pulled on my arm to yank me up next to him. Kyo was about one inch taller then me.
"Would you all shut the hell up?" Kyo hissed to his band members and their dates.
"Kyo.." I whispered to him.
"Be quiet Rika." Kyo whispered back.
I smiled abit at his cuteness, whenever he would hiss, snarl or insult someone, i personally thought it was the cutest thing in the entire world.
Kyo brought me outside into the Alley. Once we were out in the cold, he pulled out a pack of cigarettes in his back pocket and pulled a cigarette and lit it up. He didnt say anything as he inhaled his cigarette. Then glared into the darkness.
"Kyo?" I said, trying to stare at his face.
His face snapped towards mine.
"Tell me your pissed Rika, They are calling us short, Doesnt that piss you off?" He said.
I smiled sweetly. "No it doesnt..piss me off." i said.
He rolled his eyes and exhaled smoke. Shaking his head a bit.
"And whay arent you pissed?" He asked, staring me down. Then added. "Or is it that you think its funny? Your laughing your ass off as well. Its so fuckin funny huh!?" He yelled.
"Kyo." I started.
"Rika, i thought you loved me, but behind my back, you laugh your ass off, do me a favor and do it when im not around"
He was about to walk away, until i pulled on his arm to stop him.
"No Kyo, i Just thought it was cute that you stood up for our height, thats all!" I accidently blurted.
Kyo stared deeply at me."Oi, what did you say?" he asked.
"I said, its cute.." i said, darting my eyes to my feet.
I felt Kyo raise my head, so i could stare into his eyes.
"You know the pentaly for calling me that word." he said, with a bit of glare.
"Im sorry." i said, blushing abit.
He glared then pulled on my wrist, and started walking to our car, while stomping on his cigarette that he had thrown to the floor.

We didnt talk on our car ride home, and i actually thought he was pissed at me. Which made me feel quesy. But once we pulled up to our apartment building, He looked at me, then bent over towards the passanger seat and opened the glove compartment, and pulled out a black bag. Which confused me.
He looked over to me, now smirking, then pulled me into a sweet and passionate kiss, but then turned into a rough one. Once he started to kiss down my neck, I breathed out a
"Kyo, what are you doing?"
"Punishment" he said in between kisses.
"EH!? IN HERE!?" I exclaimed.
He then pulled away, and took out what was ever in the black bag, once he did, i blushed, they were condoms.
"Really though? In the car?" i said.
"Yep." was all he said, while taking off my skirt. Causing me to majorly blush.
He then sniffed my entrance. (Still has underwear on)
He smirked up at me. "i smell musk"
"shut up." i said.
His smirk widened when he brought his lips back to mine. Kissing me roughly, biting my lip abit, and forcing his toung into my mouth to examine it all. While his hands slid up my shirt, and massaged my soft skin. For a short woman, i definatly had the breasts. Then his hands started to move slowly to my breasts.
I gasped when he suddenly unclasped my bra. And roughly grabbing my boobs, then with his fingertips, massaged my nipples, Which caused me to grind into him, Making him grunt.
He pulled away to look at me, Pure Love and Lust clearly in his big brown eyes.
"This is not my punishment, its yours." He breathed out.
"Pleasure is not a punishment." I said, glaring at him.
The only thing he did was smirk. He nodded while sitting on his knees and bringing my hands to his pants buckle. I stared deeply at the spot that held the treasure behind it. Sure Kyo was short in height, but NOT in length. Which made him proud.
"well then, lets do it roughly, shall we?" He said. Biting his lip abit.
I nodded and unbuckled his pants, unfolding his buldge. My hands wrapped around his member, and i squeezed, making him grunt again.
He forced my hands away, long enough to pull down his black silk boxers that i picked out for him this morning. Then he immeditatly put my hands back. I started to rub it roughly. Then i put my mouth around the tip, and swirled my toung teasingly around him, Which made Kyo mad, and made him thrust into my mouth. I was already used to this, so i had no gag reflex and i was used to the sudden surprise. I sucked harder and harder as i felt his hands tangle in my hair. Then finally i felt him twitch in my mouth, which meant he was about to come.
And not a second later, warm, sticky liquid came into my mouth, which i drank all in a second. I looked up at him, only to see him stare back down at me lovingly. He then pushed me down, while tearing off my underwear roughly as his lips claimed mine once again. Then Kyo slowly tore off my shirt and took one of my nipples in his mouth, nipping and swirling it around. Then Kissed down my stomach and started to kiss my inner thigh, which made my belly tighten. That was where my sensitive spot was, and i hated it so much when he sucked there, Making me go crazy wild. Then he started to kiss up my inner thigh and close to my entrance. He kissed my clit then kissed down and stuck his toung into my entrance, making me gasp.
Kyo flicked his toung inside of me, over and over again. Making my belly tighten even more. Then i pulled his hair, to notify that i was about to cum, and when i did, he drank it all up, and he did the thing i hate the most. He kissed my lips, making me taste myself, which i dreaded.
Then he looked at me, and started to unwrap a condom. But i stopped him before he could unwrap it fully and put it on himself. He looked at me questioningly.
"No condom this time?" i said.
He looked at me shocked, then threw the condom onto the cars carpet. And brought me into another sweet and passionate kiss.
Without me knowing, he had glided into me, and had started thrusting. My nails dug into his back at the sweet pleasure. He never minded when i did this because actually he LOVED it. Infact, he loved it so much, he would show the scracthes and scars on his back to all of his friends, which seriously pissed me off. Just thinking of that made me dig my nails into him once again, but harder, which only made him thrust harder and faster, causing the car to shake roughly, and also my head.
Since the car was too tightly squeezed since we were conjoined and spreaded wide open, i did nothing except lay there and enjoy the feeling, which i was doing!
He did another deep and rough thrust and it made me tighten around his member. Causing him to do a gaspy moan. He brought his lips to mine once again and bit my lips, causing it to bleed, then i felt him spit his hot seeds into me. We then layed there, just staring at eachother. My head had flung back when i came. Which gave him great entry way to my neck, he licked the sweat off of my neck.
"I love you." He said sweetly, as he got back up to sit right in the drivers seat.
"I love you too." i said, then i got an idea.
When he settled into the drivers seat, i got ontop of him, which made him shocked and yet pleased. His member got hard very fast, and all i had to do, was sit up abit and let it glide back into me, Which caused us to both moan and groan. When i started to thrust, he moaned, even though he tried to suspress it, it still came out. Causing me to grin. When i thrusted harder, he ended up biting my neck to silence his moans. Which caused a Hikky to appear on my neck.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and tried to thrust harder, even though i was already weak enough. Kyo put one of his hands on my back, and the other on my ass, and moved me harder against him, which did wonders because we both got into a good postion. And he forced me harder to thrust and thrust.
When we both came which was for some reason, very pleasureable then usual, Probably because we didnt use a condom. We just sat there. But his arms wrapped around my waist to hug me against his chest. As he stared into my eyes lovingly.
As we were just standing there, we heard a knock on the window, scaring the shit out of both of us. Kyo wipped the fog off the window from the hot and heavy sex that we made.
There we saw a police officer. Kyo quickly grabbed his big black T-shirt and wrapped it around me.
"Shit" He muttered.
"What? Its just a cop" i said.
"No, 'Shit' As in, 'Shit, he just saw your naked body.'" He said.
Kyo pushed me into the passanger seat with a small kiss on my cheek, as he pulled up his pants, without putting on his boxers, which i thought was incredibly sexy. Then he opened the car door and got out of the car to talk to the police officer.
Kyo was seriously cute. It made me laugh my ass of on the inside when the cop was a whole 2 heads taller then Kyo.
Kyo then signed something and nodded the cop off. Kyo shut his drivers door and walked towards the passanger seat and opened it up, He grabbed my skirt that he pulled off and the wripped underwear. He put the wripped underwear into his own pants, and helped me into my skirt.
"So? What happened? Did you get a ticket?" i asked him.
He just smirked. "He was going to give me one, But then he noticed i was the lead singer of his favorite band, and asked for my autograph. And he warned us that its far more romantic in the apartment and in a comfy bed." Kyo said.
"well he obviously doesnt know you." i said with a laugh.
Kyo also laughed.
As we were walking, Kyo said. "Now, lets go finish what we started huh?"
"well punishments usually last longer, like weeks instead of acouple of hours." he said, with a perverted smirk.
My body felt weak with him just saying that.
"Great" i muttered.
Which just caused him to laugh.
:Remind me, to never call Kyo 'Cute' again. Ah, and also, for us to stand up for us Shorties.

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