Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


11. Kili 4

~The sky was enlighted by the early sun which was raising slowly from behind the dark mountains. The morning quiet was only recessed by the rooster's crowing and damping trample, which one made by walking on the path covered with dew. Young girl was making her way to the water well, humming quietly soft melody all along her way from the house situated just on the other side of yard. She smiled to herself at the view and inhaled deeply fresh air, still soaked with rain from the last night.

Braenna was young dwarf, very pretty for her own kind. With her long curly brown hair, always falling to her face, and brown eyes with green specks on them, only visible from close distance, it was hard to believe she wasn't taken yet. She was a personal maid to young Durins, two brothers with royal blood running in their veins. Braenna was everything but confident, people often considered her as cold and distant, only because they didn't truly know her. She was very shy, so never actually tried to make new friends, but she was satisfied with her life, which missed the only thing she longed for. She learnt how attractive Kíli was from the first time she saw him, but spending time in his presence was everything her heart asked for.

"Here, let me help you," a male voice surprised Braenna as she was about to return back to the house, her buckets full of fresh water, and made her dropped them, but pair of hands caught them before they touched the ground.

"T-thank you," young girl said as her cheeks flushed pink and slowly lifted her head up so her eyes met with brown ones.

"No problem, I am the best archer in our land, I have the quickest reflexes," Kíli grinned wildly.

"What are you doing up so early?" Braenna asked, knowing he always enjoyed sleeping
"Well, I wanted to talk to you. And during the day you don't have much time, so this was like the only chance for me," young dwarf explained cheerfully as both of them started to walk to the house.

"Because I am not paid for talking," brunette girl rolled her eyes slightly, but couldn't help the warm feeling in her heart.

"I am also not paid for dragging these buckets, but I'm still doing that," Kíli pointed out with a smirk.

"I didn't ask you. Now, give me that," Braenna frowned and tried to grab the buckets from his hands, but he easily stepped away from her.

"Stop it, you are ruining my chances to appear like the gentleman," young Durin winked at her.

"I hardly think there is any possibility for you to becoming the gentleman," beautiful girl laughed, but could feel warm on her cheeks.

"Anyway, I needed to talk to you, not argue with you," Kíli continued with a smile. "Thorin asked me and Fíli to go on an adventure. Of course, he emphasized you can't come because you are woman, but I don't believe we could go without you."

"What do you mean?" Braenna frowned a little and stopped before the huge door which leaded to the kitchen.

"Fíli was wondering, well it was actually my idea, but Fíli started it, but..anyway, would you like to go with us?" Kíli blurted out, hope hidden in his dark brown eyes.

"B-but, Thorin said I can't go," Braenna said softly.

"I already took care of it," young dwarf smirked mysteriously and happiness filled his body as Braenna nodded with a wild smile as excitement bursted from her brown eyes.

The company of dwarves, wizard and one hobbit was on a journey for many weeks. Braenna joined them with Kíli and Fíli, as being dressed up as her brother, but after a few days Thorin revealed he knew it was her from the very beggining, but as admiring her courage and getting tired of his nephew pleading, he didn't send her back.

"Kíli, Fíli, watch the ponies!" Thorin yelled at his family as they stopped for a night.
The days were getting shorter and even it was still quite warm during the day, the air was becoming very chilly as the sun went down. The dwarves made up the fire and soon the air was soaked with tasty smell of soup, which Bombur just made.

"Braenna, could you please take the soup to lads?" Thorin asked young girl and smiled lightly at her as she nodded at him. He was quite thankful for having her in his company, even she was very shy at first, she opened up a little and she was really funny. Thorin also noticed how close she and his nephew were, Kíli always by her side no matter what they were doing, looking at her like she was the biggest treasure in the world.

Braenna grabbed two bowls full of steaming liquid and walked to the woods, where the ponies were left.

"Here, Thorin told..." she started as two figures appeared in the shadow in front of her, but they rushed to her with worried faces.

"We have a problem," Fíli stated simply.

"Two ponies are missing. They shouldn't, none pony should be lost," Kíli explained quickly with a frown.

"What happened?" Braenna asked and bit her bottom lip nervously.

"Trolls. Someone needs to go there," Kíli said and rubbed his face as thinking.

"Of course! Braenna! You are small and quick, you go there!" Fíli decided happily, but Kíli punched his arm.

"She can't go! Beside, she is the same height as us," he said and crossed his arms while stepping in front of young girl protectively.

"We can't loose our ponies just because you love her and are overprotective!" Fíli snapped at his younger brother only receiving another punch from him.

"It is completely out of topic!" Kíli almost yelled, bright red forming on his cheeks as he glanced at Braenna to see if she heard them.

"Stop it Kíli, everybody can see your droolling from just looking at her," blonde dwarf continued to tease his brother.

"I do not! And if you want someone small and quick, just ask Bilbo!" attractive dwarf said with a glare and walked to the camp leaving his amused brother and embarrased, but extremly happy, girl behind him.

"Aren't you cold?" Braenna asked Kíli softly as sitting beside him with a blanket in her hands.

Few days passed from the troll battle and the company was now resting in the Rivendell. Kíli was sitting outside alone, next to the shimmering fountain.

"Oh, thank you," he smiled lightly at her, his heart started to beat faster than usual as she carefully placed blanked over his arms. She was always the most caring person he ever met, which only made him fell in love with her more.

Braenna returned the smile and lifted her head up to gaze at the moon. She was truly happy from the moment when Fíli revealed his brother was in love with her. At first she couldn't believe it, she thought it wasn't possible. But then she started to think of all the small things he made for her, how his face always lighten up when seeing her, how he was always by her side, never leaving her. But she was too shy, too afraid to tell him how she felt, how her heart skipped a beat when he smiled at her, how butterflies in her stomach formed everytime he touched her, how her heart fluttered from happiness by just being with him.
"I used to dream about the life after we will fight our home back. And I realized, there was always this one person by my side. I can't imagine my life without her," Kíli spoke up after a moment of silence.

"Even though there may be times it seems I'm far away, you don't have to wonder where I am because I am always by your side," Braenna said quietly, not making eye contact with him.

"I will never let you fall, I'll stand up with you forever. If you'll allow me to, because you are my true love," young dwarf whispered finally making her look him in the eyes. "You really are my everything, Braenna," Kíli smiled before placing his lips on hers, confirming their young love.

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