Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


8. Kili 3

~Dila was very pretty for a dwarf. She hated her curly and very messy red hair, but it was what made everyone fell in love with her. Along with a big blue eyes, perfect facial features and slender figure, she easily caught eye of any male. But she never paid attention to them, she was skilled fighter and with her curious and brave attitude she always longed only for an adventure. That is why she was travelling around the whole Middle Earth all her life. But she knew this will be an adventure which could change her life forever.
A smile spread on Dila's face as she saw the mark. She quickly ran to the green door and took a deep breath before knocking.
"I do not want any more dwarves in my house," someone yelled from inside before the door was opened.
"Mr. Bilbo Baggins?" Dila asked politely ignoring hobbit's stares.
"Y-yes," small hobbit answered rather hesitatly.
"I am Dila, daughter of Duerya and I am at your service," she bowed with a smile and waited for him to invite her in.
"I'm sorry, but I don't believe you should come in, there's already too many dwarves in my kitchen and they blunted all my knives, not to mention they ate everything and.." Bilbo said firmly, but male voice from inside interrupted him.
"I was afraid you won't come."
"Gandalf!" Dila yelled and ran into his opened arms.
"So good to see you again, my dear," old wizard laughed as she pulled herself out of hug. "Come, you're the last one."
Gandalf led Dila to the kitchen followed by murmuring Bilbo. Dila chuckled but shoot him an understanding look, it must be very hard for poor hobbit to loose all of his food.
"Dila!" one of the dwarves yelled breaking the silence from shock as they entered already crowded room.
"Mr. Glóin," young dwarf smiled at her distant relative.
"What are you doing here, my lassie?" he asked.
"Did you honestly think you could do this journey without me?" Dila's eyes sparkled as she grinned wildly.
"She can't go with us, we can't look after girl out there," the youngest of the dwarves yelled and stood up angrily, but in a split second there was a dagger in the wall just an inch from his head.
"I believe I can take care of myself very well," Dila said quietly in his ear as she pulled out her dagger.
"Kíli, stop it!" Thorin, the leader, told the young dwarf and turned to others. "Now when we have Dila here, we just need a burglar."
Thorin and his company travelled for many days, maybe even weeks, but none of them was about to give up and return home. They all were great friends, even Dila and Kíli. It took some time for them to warm up to each other but they became inseparable. They were very close to each other, maybe too close.
Kíli realized how gorgeous Dila truly was the moment he first saw her but later, when he got to know her, he found out she was not only beautiful outside, but inside too. And he couldn't ignore the fact, his heart skipped a beat everytime she touched him or he forget to breathe everytime she smiled.
"Bilbo, still not coming back?" Dila teased her hobbit friend as she caught him up on a wide plain.
"Not a chance," Bilbo smiled proudly at beautiful dwarf. "But I still miss my handkerchief."
They bursted out laughing, but smiles frozed on their faces as Fíli's voice rang out loudly.
"Hold your ground! We must fight!" Thorin yelled and everyone grabbed their weapons.
"Bilbo, stay close to me!" Dila said firmly to frightened hobbit and protectively stood before him.
"Hey Dila, I bet I can kill more of that skunks than you," Kíli yelled at his friend.
"You wish," Dila winked at him with a smirk before releasing first arrow which immediately killed one orc.
"I won't let a girl win over me," young dwarf mumbled and he started to kill any orc or warg which stood in his way.
It didn't took long and there were many dead bodies only belonging to orcs or their beasts.
"17," Kíli said proudly with a smirk which made every girl go weak in knees and wiped off the blood of his sword.
"Aww, at you least you tried. 19," Dila pursed her lips together and blew him a kiss.
"You should already give him a real one, Dila!" Bofur joked making everyone, but Dila and Kíli, bursted out laughing. Two young dwarves awkwardly looked away with blush forming on their faces.
It was already night and the dwarves, hobbit and wizard were sleeping and snoring loudly.
"This is just pointless," Dila mumbled before stooding up and walking out of their shelter.
"Were are you going?" Bofur asked her quickly. He, as well as Kíli, were sitting outside and keeping an eye on everyone.
"Just for a walk, I can't sleep," Dila rolled her eyes.
"You should know the nights won't be easy when you are on an adventure with 15 males," Kíli chuckled at her.
"Dila, be careful, don't go too far," the other dwarf said her as she walked away into the dark. "Go after her Kíli."
"No, she is great fighter and she won't get lost for sure,"Kíli shook his head.
"I just thought you could finally tell her how you feel," Bofur smiled mysteriously and put brown pipe in his mouth.
Young dwarf smiled for himself and literally ran after the girl he fell in love with. He found her standing on top of a small hill and gazing at the stars. As he came to her she quickly turned with a dagger on his throat.
"Oh my, I am sorry Kíli, I just thought..." Dila started but stopped as he softly touched her cheek and kissed her lovingly.
"I just thought you should finally know how I feel about you," Kíli whispered and his heart fluttered as Dila kissed him again with all the love and passion she held for him.

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