Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


7. Kili 2

~"This is just not right," Jade Long mumbles with eyebrows furrowed as white smoke came from her mouth as she spoke.
It was chilly night, even the warmth from red fire couldn't heat her. The cold wind was hitting her face, sending chills down her spine. The air was wet, tightening one's lungs with every breath, and through the mist it was hard to see the trees just few metres away.
"What do you mean?" Kíli glanced at his friend, taking in her perfect features for a moment, before quickly looking away with flushed cheeks.
Jade Long was beautiful girl, her long, silky black hair shined bright like a diamond in the sun, her dark brown, almost black eyes burned deep in his heart as she looked at him.She amazed Kíli in every single way. Her beauty and her personality, both was the reason he loved her. The way her eyes crinkled when she laughed, how she twirled her hair when nervous or how her face hold only concentration whenever she fought. Everything about her was fascinating, to him she was perfect.
"It is way too quiet," soft female voice interrupted Kíli from his thoughts and he cleared his throat awkwardly.
"I don't know Jade, I don't think something's about to happen," young dwarf mumbled.
"It wasn't a question, it was a statement. I donvt trust it, when it is too quiet," pretty girl said with a frown.
"Just stop being so worried. Do you honestly think bunch of orcs is just waiting for the right moment, hidden in the dark, so they can attack us?" Kíli joked.
"It is one of many possible situations. I just know something will happen tonight, I have this feeling from the moment we stopped here," Jade explained, still staring at the darkness of the night.
"Stop being so pessimistic. Nohing is going to happen. Besides, Bofur and Dwalin are on the watch. Come on, Jade, let's have some fun," Kíli grinned and grabbed her hand before pulling her away from the camp.
"No, stop it, Kíli! We need to be careful," Jade warned him, but a laugh escaped her lips as the handsome dwarf pulled her deeper in the woods.
"Now, are you still going to be so worried?" young dwarf asked after he finally stopped.
"I was not worried, I was just...careful," pretty girl laughed, before a frown replaced her smile. "What is that?"
"What is what?" Kíli asked while looking around.
"That sound. I think orcs are making it. Come on, we should slash them all," Jade whispered before sneaking around Kíli, who shortly followed her.
The two of them quietly made their way closer to the sound, hands firmly gripping their weapons as they focused on the upcoming battle. They walked out of the woods and while Jade's face hold only shock, Kíli's laugh rang is her ears.
There were no orcs, only beautiful nature before them. The small pond, which shimmered under the moonlight, as the waterfall loudly fell on top of the water, making splashing sound.
"Be careful, orcs may be hidden in the water," Kíli joked with a grin, but his laugh didn't last long because Jade pushed him in the water quickly.
"You cannot be serious! It is so freezing!" young dwarf yelled as trying to get out of the water, his clothes soaked wet.
"You know me, I like being sadistic," Jade winked at him, but pulled out her hand to help him out.
Kíli didn't hesitate a second and pulled her to him, making her crash in the water and sinking under it. Before Kíli even realized what happened, his legs went flying and his back collided with a water once more. As he wiped water off his face, he found himself starring at the grinning young girl.
"You seriously are not normal. It is freezing!" Kíli said in disbelief, but couldn't ignore the heat in his body from just being close to his love.
"So? Is proud your Durin not strong enough to be cold? Or..." Jade started, but was interrupted as Kíli's lips crashed on her, making her speechless.
"Stop being so beautiful," Kíli whispered as he pulled away, being sure she heard his every heartbeat, and waited for her reaction.
"I-I think I can try," Jade slowly said as a wide smile spread across her face.
"You don't know how much in love I am with you," Kíli admitted.
"It's obvious that I need you, I can't wait any longer Kíli," Jade whispered before kissing young dwarf once more.

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