Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


6. Kili 1

~The golden ray peaked out from behind dark clouds, sending light on the wet ground, still soaked from the rain, which stopped only minutes ago. The country enlighten by the first sun looked like from the fairytale, bright green meadows with shimmering drops of water on every grass-blade, fresh air still soaked with rain, small brown rabbits carefully coming out from their holes before being scared away by the horse's hoofbeats. Their eyes were fixed on the approaching company, the most strange company somebody could ever see in those lands. Many dwarves, one hobbit, one wizard and one human girl couldn't go anywhere without not being noticed, that's why they rode only deserted lands, where the only eyes watching them was belonging to animals.

"It was about time it stopped raining, I can make my own private lake in my hat," Bofur, cheerful dwarf, laughed out and poured out water from his hat.

"It is pity Gandalf is not powerful enough to stop rain," Kíli agreed, not noticing the glare from the old man, but fully aware of girl's laugh, something what made him feel very proud inside.

Hope Asgard was the only girl in that company and Kíli was not the only one who noticed her beauty. But it was only his heart which skipped a beat everytime she touched him. Her hazel eyes complimented her long black curly hair, her hourglass shaped body added curves to the right places and her pale skin finished the picture of perfect beauty. But for this young dwarf she was not only attractive doll, she was unforgiving, trustworthy and keen, everything he always hoped his love would be.

"Hope, Kíli! Go ahead and scan the grounds, we need to find some shelter before the night will fall," Thorin ordered his companions and watched as two young people galloped further until they entered the woods so he couldn't see them anymore.

"Um, how are you?" Kíli asked Hope after a moments of silence and mentally slapped himself. He was usually very confident and charming, especially around women, but when he was with this girl, he was suddenly very self-conscious and insecure.

"I really am not sure if this is the best question," Hope smirked at him and jumped off her pony before tying him to the tree as Kíli follow her lead.

"The best question for what?" Kíli frowned slightly.

"I don't believe this is right question to ask a girl you love," young girl turned to face him with an amused smile playing on her lips.

"Wh-what? W-what do y-you mean?" attractive dwarf stammered, his heart skipping a beat as she said that.

"I...," Hope started but her sentence was interrupted by a quiet shriek, something what supposed to be a laugh.

She quickly pinned herself on the ground and quietly followed the dwarf to the place from where the shriek was coming. There were few orcs, sitting on the ground and talking to each other while sharpening their weapons.

"We should tell Thorin," Hope said quietly, her voice almost not audible in orc's laughing.

"No, don't bother him, there are only few of them. We all know you like fighting so we can make this a competition while letting the best dwarf win," Kíli whispered and as the girl nodded at him with a smile, he ran out of their hiding place with a determinated scream while releasing an arrow.

The pure surprise appeared on orcs's faces before the realization came over and they jumped from their seats trying to kill their enemies. Hope didn't even bothered to sheathe her sword, her right hand was gripping firmly her knife while the other hand occasionaly sent hexes around her. It didn't took long and all creatures were dead, the ground was soaked with black blood as well as smell of it hit one's nose hard.

"See, too easy," Kíli smirked and wiped off his bloody sword.

"I really enjoy fighting these scums, they are too stupid," Hope agreed with a smile.

"How many did you kill?" attractive dwarf asked with a grin.

"I honestly am not sure, not much but definitely more than you," young girl winked at him.

"You must be joking, everybody knows I am the best fighter here," Kíli agrued with a wide smile.

"My dear Kíli, I never joke about love and war," Hope nodded seriously, but there was a twinkle in her eyes showing she had a good time.

"Can I ask you something?" young dwarf asked suddenly as a smile disappeared from his face and continued as she nodded at him. "What did you mean by saying that question was not right to ask a girl you love."

"Oh Kíli, don't you see that? You can speak right to my heart without even saying a word. That smile on your face lets me know that you need me. There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me. The touch of your hand says you'll catch me wherever I fall," Hope said with a smile.

"You, do you..." Kíli trailed off slowly.

"Yes, Kíli right from the start you were thief, you stole my heart. I love you too," beautiful girl finished with a smile, her heart bursted in joy as Kíli cupped her face, finally kissing her, something he yearned to do a long time ago.

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