Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


39. Kaoru

~Kana Looked around the room. Staring at each and every band member. Kanas band has gone home, and she was here with the famous 'Dir En Grey' band. She stared at Kiki Ginniko, Dies' lover. She was smoking a cigarette. Kiki was actualy very nice, but wow, she had those days where you wanna crawl under a rock and hide there until shes not mad anymore. Kana didnt really feel like sticking around, she just wanted to get home and take a shower at least.



"Hey guys, do you know what? I think im gonna go home, im kinda tired and i need a shower" Kana said with a small smile.

"Bye Kana" Everyone said except Kiki and Kyo.



Sometimes, i would think they belong together, they are both pretty mean. Both smoke cigarettes, but hey the way she looks at Die and the look he gives back, its pretty sweet and very romantic looking. She looked at Kaoru who was staring at her.

Kana has always, and had always loved Kaoru. She tilted her head to the side that faced the door. Then back up. Kaoru smiled and got up, saying a 'Later' to his band members and Kiki. Kaoru and Kana had a secret relationship, ONLY because we just didnt want anyone really bugging into our busniess, and also, it feels romantic. Kana always wanted to have lots of romance, and Kaoru definatly gave that to her.



Kana and Kaoru left the room and headed towards her car.



"Im glad, i couldnt wait to get out of there." Kaoru said sighing.

"Thats mean, its fun there." Kana said with a smirk.



Kaoru only laughed then rolled his eyes. Finally they reached her car and settled into it. It only took about 5 minutes to get onto the highway, the ride was silent while they listened to music. Finally about 10 minutes of driving silently, they finally pulled up to Kanas house. Home Sweet Home. She thought to herself. She took a sideways glance to her right and saw Kaorus gaze on her house. He has told her before that he utterly loves her house.



Once she got the door open, she immeditaly turned on her lights and the living room lite up beautifuly. She threw her bag on the couch and turned around to look at Kaoru.



"Well have a snack, watch T.V, let me shower up first then we can somehow disapear into the bedroom." Kana said seductively.

"Sounds like a good magic trick." Kaoru said just as seductive.




Kana grabbed a silky nightgown that went down to her thighs. And walked into the bathroom, and shut the door behind her, since there was no one except her and Kaoru in the house, she had to reason to lock the bathroom door. She stripped off her clothing and walked near the shower and opened up the curtains and turned on the shower, hot and alittle bit of coldness, then she closed the curtain and walked to the end of the shower and stepped in.

The water felt nice against her body, it felt relaxing. So relaxing that she hadnt noticed that the bathroom door was opening. She closed her eyes and let the warm water hit against her naked body.



Suddenly she felt something on her shoulders. She jumped and backed away from whatever was touching her. Once she finally realized what it was, her whole face flushed red. Thankful for the hot water that could also cause her face to reden, she stared at Kaoru who only had on his jeans.



"Kaoru, um what are you doing?" She said, staring right into his eyes.

"Well, i feel kinda sweaty as well, so why not join you hm? Its not like i havent seen your beautitul naked body before." He said, ever so slowly coming closer.

"Thats not what i meant hon." Kana said.



Kaoru looked at her confused. "Then what did you mean?"

"What i meant is," She said walking closer to Kaoru and traced her wet fingers on his chest, which caused him to tence. "Why do you still have your jeans on?"



Kaoru smiled widley."Well, i thought you could help with that."



Kana turned around so the water was penitrating her breasts. "Only if you wash my body." She said.



He didnt answer, instead he only grabbed the luffa and poured soap on it. He got closer and she could feel his chest on her back. She closed her eyes as he started to wash her shoulders, she stiffled a moan when his hands placed themselves on her hips and pulled her closer to him. His hands then travled to her mound that had started to ache.

He then started to wash her chest that made her nipples harden. She has never had a man wash her before, so this is a new expreience. Then she felt rough material rub against her ass. It felt as if it was throbbing. Once it clicked in her mind on what it was, she smirked, it was his penis, erected shamelessly.



Then the luffa started to travel down to her belly then her mound and rubbed it lightly at first then rubbed very roughly. Kaorus hand that was on her hip now was spreading her thighs open. Kana could not hold in her moan that escaped from her lips and echoed into through the bathroom. She felt Kaorus smirk on her neck. The water started to cool and she used all her strengh to turn the cold water off and let the water become hoter against her breasts, only because her arms felt like cooked noodles.



"Kaoru." She moaned, and then she felt his penis grow harder.



Kaoru took his hand off her thigh and then unbuckled his jeans and forced them down, and stepped out of them. He threwthe luffa down and pushed down on Kanas back, Kanas hands on the bathroom walls that were drenched. She moaned loudly as she felt Kaorus erection touch her. Then with one swift move, Kaoru had forced himself deeply insider her. She screamed in pleasure, and Kaoru groaned ang gripped Kanas hips tightly. Then he slowly moved out then back in. Both of them called eachothers name in pure pleasure. Kaoru pulled himself back out than rammed back into her, but this time, much faster.


Kanas hands fisted on the walls because her legs felt weak, which she did NOT want. She did not want Kaoru to think she was weak. But well, her legs began to wiggle ready to fall any second. Kana didnt know that Kaoru was feeling her shake and he automticaly knew that her legs were about to give. So he turned her around and picked her up with ease. Her legs were pulled behind Kaorus back and held him there tightly. Kaoru like this postioned very much so he rammed more harder and harder, faster and faster. He felt her finger nails dig into his back which turned him on much more. He rammed more faster and harder, listening to Kanas moan and his name being called.


Then suddenly he felt her walls tightly wrap around his penis. Which made him loudly moan, and then they both came. With a very loud moan. Then he stared into Kanas eyes. And Kana could clearly see the love that was pouring out of his. Kaoru also seen the same thing in Kanas eyes that made his heart speed alittle faster. He gripped Kanas ass with one hand, and he turned off the hot water off with the other.

Then he reached his free hand that had turned off the water and wrapped it around her back and stepped out of the shower. Kana had her head on his shoulder and her arms around his neck as if she was a sleeping baby. She suddenly felt herself lay on the bed, her head on the pillow. She gazed up at Kaoru with a smirk on his face. He smirked back and bit his lip.


"I dont think so babe, your a vegetable." He said with a laugh.

Kana used her eyes to stare down at her worn out body then laughed nervously.

"Are you going to leave me limp? And go back to your band?" She asked.

He walked to the other side of the bed and picked up the blanket, he put one half of the blanket on Kana as he stepped in and wrapped the other side of the blanket around himself. Kana didnt move her eyes at all as she stared at Kaorus every move as he got comfortable. Then He stared at Kana with a big smile.

"Are you kidding? Im not leaving." He said.

Kana smiled widely as well. "Really?"

He nodded, his smile not leaving from his face.

"Your not going to be limp for long." He said simply.

Kana blushed at his comment, then laughed when Kaoru laughed.

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