Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


38. Johnny Depp 2

~Johnny Depp: johnny_depp.jpg
i get a letter from a production company asking me to be their make-up artist. they're not telling me which movie exactly but all they're saying it's pirate movie. i still needed money for an aprtment because i am currently living with roomates
"Hey Spencer what's that?" Katie one of my three roomates she takes it out of my hand then gives it back.
"Sweet, take it," she says simply then walks away. i roll my eye and call them telling me that i'll do it.
"Wonderful Miss Green would you like to know what movie we are filming and the actor you will be painting?" the woman on the other line says.
"Yes please,"
"the movie is a Disney movie called Pirates of the Carribean and the actor you will be working with is Johhny Depp," she says, i nearly drop the phone.
"Like THE Johnny Depp?" the woman laughs.
"Yes ma'am now we start shooting tomorrow at twelve o'clock so we need you here at seven o'clock," the lady hung up and i dropped my phone. Katie, Silver, and Adriana looked at me.
"What's wrong?" Aid asks.
"Oh, nothing i just get to meet the hottest actor alive!!" i scream Katie's eyes light up.
"Justin Beiber?"
i shake my head, "No, Johnny Depp!" i scream, they scream with me.
"Congradulations Spencer!"
then only thing i hate about my job is the working hours, around the clock everyday for almost a year and a half. which means, very little sleep for me except my days off where all i do is sleep.
Thank goodness this movie was a comedy. it might keep me entertained.
i get to the set with my extra caffine coffee and see Orlando Bloom, i've worked with him and Keira Knightely. they were practicing their lines.
"Yo! Orlando! Keira!" i say walking over there, they smile and greet me with hugs.
"Spencer! how have you been? you're my make-up artist again?" Keira exclaims, i shake my head.
"No i'm Johnny Depp's make-up artist, what the heck is his character anyway?" i ask taking a sip of my coffee.
"Jack Sparrow, haven't you seen the movies?" Orlando asks me with his sexy accent. i shake my head.
"That's CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow to you," says a voice behind me that's even more sexy, i turned and there's Johnny Depp.
"And here's the disgusting Pirate himself!" Orlando says coming beside Johnny who was in full uniform for Jack Sparrow. i smiled, he looked towards me and walked past Orlando and Keira.
"Miss? may i know you're name?" he holds his hand out.
"Yes, sir my name is Spencer Green and i am your new make-up artist, Mr. Depp," i say formally.
"Please, if you're my new make-up artist just call me Johnny," he says kissing my knuckles, i blush.
"Oh," i laugh, "Yes sir,"
his eyes brighten up and he smiles, "Shall we, love?" he asks in his pirate accent, two can play at this game.
i use an English accent, "Why certainly," we actually run to the set when we realize the time, i punch in quickly. i run back to the make-up tables and bring out my mascara. he sits in the chair.
"Do, not move i do not want to hurt you with this," he furrows his eye brows.
"What is it?" he looks disgusted.
i laugh, "It's just mascara then i'll smear some eye liner grease around your eyes, no biggie," i try to get near his eye. he flinches back.
"You big baby, hold still," i laugh, he grunts.
"This is the most hated thing on the planet," he says giving up. i smile and put all his make-up on and smeared make up on and he was Jack Sparrow again. i put all my stuff away and stepped back.
"Well, Captain, your ship awaits!" i raise my hands, laughing. in case you haven't noticed i love to laugh.
"yes i should be gettin to my crew," he says, i start laughing hard. he smiled.
"You're laugh in contagious you know that?" he says, i blush and get butterflies in my stomach.
"So i've heard," i smile and take out my things once again. once i knew he was gone, i bit my nail, and smiled in the mirror, i let the blush let out and my face was scarlet. Keira came behind me and simled.
"So, hows it goin Spencer?" she laughs and grabs a thing of lipstick.
i regain my posture and fix my hair trying to hide the blush.
"Fine you?"
"Don't play games with me Miss Green, i know you've always been in love with Johnny, now's ur chance girl, he likes you too!" i roll my eyes and turn to her.
"i would only dream and it would never come true, i wish!" i say then push past her to only come face to face with the actor himself.
"oh Keira, i am going to kill you," i growl, the man laughs.
"And i heard everything," i closed my eyes and sighed.
"Wow ok i'm gonna get my things and leave with the shred of dignity i have left, so nice meeting you, have a nice life," i try and walk away but he grabbed my wrist adn spun me around to meet his lips.
"Well, well Captain, making me soft i see?"
"Is it working?" he asks
i think, "Maybe," i laugh then kiss him again.
"You know, no offense but you're a terrible kisser," he wiggled his eyebrows, "i can fix that, no offense again," he says. i rolled my eyes.
"Sticks and stones, love," i smile and kiss him again.


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