Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


36. Johnny Depp 1

~Gracie's POV.
I was sitting in my living room when I heard my phone ring, I picked it up, "Hello?" I said into the phone. "Hey Grace, I was just calling to ask if you would like to play Sally, the ragdoll girl that you made." I heard my dad ask.
"YEAH!!" I yelled in to my phone. "okay. Could you come by the studio around 4?" Dad asked, he wasn't actually my dad, Tim Burton is my adoptive father. my real family were always getting in trouble with drugs, abuse, murders, ect.
"Okay, bye dad." I said and hung up. Dad made Sally after me, you see I was drawing some ragdoll sketches and dad called and asked if I could make some kind of nice, sweet, caring kind of creature. I told him about my ragdoll pictures, and he like them, so he used my sketches to make Sally.

Johnny's POV
After Tim had hung up the phoneI was curious on who it was. "Who was that?" I asked Tim. "My daughter, you know your BEST friend." He replied.
I knew Gracie since she came with Tim while we were filming Edward Scissorhand.
I actually have a crush on Gracie, I didn't wanna tell her because that would ruin our friendship.
I heard someone's car pull into the parking lot. Then a door open then close, and then the door opened. "Hiya fellas!" Gracie said happily while she took a seat next to Tim.
"Well, let's get to the recording studio." Tim said while handing Gracie a script.

Gracie's POV
After recording for three hours, we were finally done. I said goodbye to Johnny and dad, then headed back to my apartment.
When I opened my door I saw Scotty, my Scottish Terrier, came running up to me. "Hey Scotty!" I said picking him up, he just barked.
I fed Scotty and had my dinner, I was pretty tired. I got ready, I brushed my teeth, put on my PJs and went to bed with Scotty.

I got up, brushed my hair and teeth, then put on some black clothes.
When I got to the studio, I saw Johnny standing infront of the door with some lillies, my favorite flower.
I got out of my car and walked to him, "Hey Johnny." I said sweetly.
"Grace," He said. Johnny usually calls me Gracie. "Grace, you take my breath away and took it away evertime I see you, and I love you." He said, giving me the lillies.
'I love you too, Johnny." I said happily. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him.
Now I know that Johnny feels the same way about me...

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