Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


163. Jim Moriarty

~You've been working with Jim Moriarty, the Consulting Criminal, and his right hand man, Sebastian Moran, for the past 4 years. They bought you in when you were just starting out in the business. You needed guidance and they needed someone to do their paperwork. You'd be lying if you said that you hadn't developed feelings for the men over the years, Jim in particular. You knew it would be merely impossible to reveal your affection towards him, but tonight you just couldn't hold it in any more.
Jim was making a deal with a businessman from Russia, they had planned to meet in some swanky club in West London and Jim was forcing you to join him and Seb. You put on your most flattering dress, a simple black bodycon with long sleeves. You tame your hair and do your makeup, making sure you look sophisticated yet sexy. Half an hour later, you were in a plush, black car, sitting in the middle of the two most dangerous men on the planet. Jim was dressed in a usual Westwood suit and Seb in a simple tuxedo.
You pull up behind the club and enter through the back door, you're immediately shown to a private booth and left alone until the Russian and his co-workers arrive. They babble on about their plans, the money involved and reach a small disagreement.
"How about we order some company to lighten to tension. What do you say Mr Moriarty?" The Russian man smiles, his brown sweating slightly. Jim smirks and his rough, Irish brawl replies.
"Sounds perfect." Within a minute, three hardly dressed women enter the booth. They climb in between each man and start slowly seducing them. You almost gag at the sight of Jim with another woman and excuse yourself to go to the bar. Seb grabs your wrist and pulls you back, giving you a concerned stare, but you shake him off and carry on walking.
Once at the bar, you order a pint and sit yourself on a stool with your head in your hands.
"Rough day?" A voice beside you makes you jump and you look up to see a pair of bright green eyes boring into your skin.
"As per." You reply with a weak smile. The man has brown, quiffed, messy hair and is dressed in an oversized grey jumper with well fitting black jeans.
"Maybe I can fix that, I'm Alex" He replies, holding out a hand, you take it and introduce yourself.
Honestly, you don't remember much after that, especially after the rounds of shots he kindly orders for you both. As the night goes on you begin to forget the reason you're even here and forget about Jim completely. That is until Alex starts trying to guide you outside to his car. You don't object at first, he helps you walk with his arm under yours and you hold onto him for dear life, bursting into fits of giggles with every step. You get outside and he shows you where his car is parked. Before you can start hobbling towards it, you feel his weight disappear from your grasp, you let out a whine and turn around to face him. But as you do, you see him on the floor, clutching his nose and Jim standing angrily over him.
"What the fuck Jim?" You almost scream.
"What?! How dare you go off with some random guy when you're with me?"
"I'm not with you! Leave me alone you fucking psychopath!" You look around and see a few people walking past giving you odd looks so you lower your voice.
"You were with those sluts, I was hardly with you. Plus you don't know him! You can't just go round knocking people out because you feel like it!" He walks towards you and grabs your arm, leading you round the back into the car you arrived in. He opens the door and you stumble in, feeling more sober in his presence.
"I own you." He proclaims, his face only centimetres from yours which insanely turns you on.
"You don't treat me like it, how am I supposed to know? I'm not a possession. You treat me like a child. I want you to treat me like you treat those other girls." Jim looks taken aback, he scoffs and stares at you.
"You want me to treat you like them?" He mocks. You nod in reply and his expression becomes scarily stern.
"Fine. Strip." He instructs and you obey without hesitation. You tug at the hem of your dress, pulling it up slowly and teasingly. You hear a deep growl and a pair of hands tear the dress over your head in a second. You kneel on the cushioned seat, looking at Jim for further instructions. He leans in, without touching you, his lips just brushing your ear and whispers.
"You want to be treated like them? I'll show you what it's like. I'm sure you've already imagine it though. I know you have. I hear you in your room when you don't think I can, softly moaning my name, imagining it's me doing things to you." His hand slowly traces down your body, slipping it under your thong and leaving it there, his palm clasping you firmly. You let out a small whimper and Jim slips his fingers inside you, before pulling them forward and stroking up to your clit.
"So tight, pet. You've never had my touch. I'm going to show you how much you've been missing out." He slurs in your ear, nibbling at your lobe slightly.
Without warning, he pushes you back so you're resting against the side of the car, he bites the bottom of your thong and pulls it off your legs. You take a sharp breath in as his tongue flicks the tip of your clit repeatedly. You could explode there and then, but he moves his tongue and drags it up your stomach to your covered breasts. He unhooks your bra and throws it behind him, taking your nipple in his mouth whilst thumbing your other.
You're lost in a world of bliss and you don't notice him slipping off his trousers, with a harsh thrust he's inside you and your nails are scratching the skin off his back. You let out a loud moan and start to grind your hips to meet his thrusts, he pushes your stomach down with his body so you can't move and circles his own hips whilst delving deeper inside you, his length brushing your walls and hitting your g-spot each time. You scream out in ecstasy and a few thrusts later he's pouring out inside of you and groaning into your neck. He goes limp and kisses down your jawline, repeatedly whispering in your ear that you're his.
You both help clean each other up and get dressed, he leads you into the front of the car and starts the engine.
"Seb's going to have to find his own way home, I'm not finished with you yet."

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