Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


151. Jeremy Renner 5 Part 1

~A pair of soft footsteps padded across the kitchen floor, followed by a string of curses. You rolled over in your bed, listening intently. The sheets were twisted and tangled around your legs, with sweat matting your hair to your neck. You tried in vain to pull them up, to cover your bare body.
Silently, you cursed, knowing your boyfriend would be home soon. He wasn’t supposed to be there. He is the one who walked out on you; he is the one who abandoned you when you needed him the most. But no matter how hard you tried, he kept finding his way back in.
No matter what you did, you always felt him. It’s like he left, but his presence persisted, haunting you, taunting you. You could feel his laugh in your bones, his fingers on your skin, his body pressing down into the mattress next to you… And it made you feel nauseas.
His footsteps echoed across the hardwood flooring in the hallway, sending an involuntary shudder throughout your body. He was quickly approaching your bedroom door, and you couldn’t even think straight.
You could just picture him strutting down the hall in his boxer shorts, walking like he still lived there. Walking like his name was still on the lease, like it was his house, like he hadn’t walked away from it like it was nothing.
A deep breath settled in your lungs, and you held it in, watching the doorknob turn. From the air conditioner, a freezing breeze whistled through the door as he cracked it open, setting a chill across your skin. He gave you a lazy grin, leaning against the frame. The light from the hallway gave him an eerie backlight, like your eyes wanted you to believe he’s some sort of saint.
Only a momentary pause and he was farther into the room, circling around to the other side of the bed. He walked slowly, deliberately, almost teasingly. You were right about him slinking around in his boxers with conviction, like he owns the place and everything in it, like he owns you.
No. Not anymore.
A twisted simper settled on his striking features, and his eyes were focused intently on you. He let his knees sink into the mattress, stalking across to you like a predator to its prey. The look on his face was animalistic in the purest sense.
He shifted, lying practically on top of you, propped up on one elbow. His fingers traced little circles down your sternum, dancing in a complicated rhythm down to your stomach.
The sudden guilt unsettled your stomach, and you cringed, keeping your stare from straying to his.
“I’ve missed this so much…” he started, resting his palm just below your navel. You shook your head, pushing his hand away. His face altered to one of surprise, but his touch instead found the valley between your breasts. Small strokes of his fingertips on your skin send another uncontrollable shiver up your spine. All of your effort went into composing yourself enough to speak, rather than giving in, giving him what he was after.
“I think you should leave, Jeremy.” He cocked an eyebrow, giving you that infamous ‘oh really?’ face, followed by a playful smirk. He leaned forward, readying himself to change your mind with a kiss. You put your hands up defensively, pressing them to his chest and shaking your head.
“I mean it. Please, Jer. Just go.” His face fell into a look of disappointment. He muttered your name, tracing another small pattern down your torso.
“Please… Don’t do this,” he crowed, placing his warm hand on your hip. He gave you a little tug, rolling you to your side. “I’ll be gone before he gets home, but please, don’t kick me out.”
You swallowed the lump that’d formed in your throat, fighting back tears.
“No, I need you to go. This… This can’t happen anymore. I’m not yours anymore, and it’s not fair to Ryan.” Jeremy shook his head vehemently.
“No, he needs to go. He doesn’t love you like I do, know you like I do. What you want, what you need, how you like to be fu-”
“Shut up!” You pulled yourself away from Jeremy, your blood boiling. Getting up, you pulled on a pair of panties and a t-shirt. This time, both eyebrows arched up, creating a pair of creases in his forehead.
You couldn’t handle looking at him anymore, so you settled on bustling about, picking up his clothes and tossing them on the bed.
Finally, you coerced a sigh from him, and he got up, starting to redress himself. You turned your back, praying this would be the last time. A solitary tear slid down your cheek, and you were quick to wipe it away, fighting the inevitable shaky inhale that would follow. As soon as the quaking breath was drawn in, you felt his well-built arms wrap around you, followed by a drop of wetness on your shoulder and his own unstable inhalations as he buried his face in your hair.
“I love you. You know that, right?” he whispered, pulling you against him. You stayed quiet, squeezing your eyes tight to prevent more tears. Silent sobs wracked your body, and he kissed the top of your head.
“Please… Answer me.” Again, no response. He waited for a moment, feeling your hands come to rest on top of his. You hesitated, then began trying to pry his arms away. The resistance was damn near impossible for you to get through, no matter how hard you fought.
“God damn it!” he hissed, whipping you around, pinning you to the wall. “Fucking answer me!”
You looked up at him, and his tear-streaked face conveyed nothing short of remorse and shame. You wouldn’t let him break you. Not this time. Not again. You shook your head, feeling his arms loosen around you.
“I really do love you. You think I’d keep coming around if I didn’t? I’m so sorry. So so sorry…” He got down on his knees, taking your hands in his. “Leaving you has been the biggest mistake I’ve ever made, and I am so fucking sorry. I’ll do anything it takes to get you to let me come home. I need you. Please, just… Say something. Anything. Please…”
“I think it’s time for you to go.”

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