Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


150. Jeremy Renner 4

~The rain pounded the sidewalk, spitting smaller drops back up. Jeremy was absolutely soaked. His heather grey t-shirt was clinging to his torso and his boots were squelching under his feet.
So much for 85 and sunny, huh? He quipped, scoffing. His sandy colored hair clung to his forehead, despite all his prior attempts to push it back or to the side.
The clouds in his eyes were about as grey as the clouds in the sky, and it wouldn’t take anyone a whole lot of thought to see that he was troubled. Things lately just hadn’t been going his way. Just when he thought things were settling down and he was going to be okay, something else slapped him across the face. He was struggling to cope. Frankly, he wasn’t sure whether he was angry or depressed. What he did know was that he was miserable.
He made his way to a path-side bench, eyeing the rest of the park. Reasonably, there was no one in sight, which almost made him feel a bit better. He sat down, feeling the excess water wring out of his jeans against the wood. He dropped his elbows to his knees and buried his head in his hands, slinging silent curses at the world.
Nothing could have prepared him for all this shit. Everything was all over the place, falling apart, and his head was so scattered. He was even having trouble focusing on his scripts at home.
Jeremy was so lost in all these emotions that he didn’t notice the woman approaching him.
“Excuse me, sir,” her soft voice called. “I don’t mean to be a bother, but are… Are you okay?”
He looked up to meet the most beautiful eyes he’d ever seen. Cliché, yeah. But it was enough to stun him for a moment. Her hair was wind-whipped and soaked, much like Jeremy. Various strands were plastered against her forehead, cheeks and neck.
Composing himself, Jeremy cleared his throat.
“Yeah, I… I’m fine, thanks,” he answered, forcing a half smile. She gave him a skeptical look and stuck her hand out, mentioning her name. His large, calloused hand enveloped her delicate, soft one, and he shook it timidly. His only reply was his own name.
“Well, Jeremy,” she grinned. “It’s lovely to meet you, and might I say, I think you’re lying. No one sits outside in a thunderstorm when they’re fine.”
Her demeanor was calm and kind, and that was something he really needed at the moment.
“You caught me…” He ran a hand through his sopping hair. “But I suppose you’re ‘not fine’ too?” Her lips shifted a sad smile and she nodded.
“No, I’m not. Hence why I’m out in this,” she said, gesturing to the sky. He patted the open space next to him, and she sat down without reservation.
“We can sit here and be ‘not fine’ together, then.”
“Hey, babe?” Jeremy called from the kitchen. You popped your head around the corner, pulling your towel snugly against you.
“Yeah?” He grinned, eyes sweeping over the top hem of the cloth.
“On your way home from work, can you run by the grocery store and get a few things for me?” You nodded as he moved from the sink to your side, kissing the top of your head.
“You got a list?”
“Yeah, it’s on the fridge.” He slipped his arms around your hips, pulling you close. “Or you could call in sick and we can spend the day in bed. We’re almost ready as it is.”
His fingers traced gentle swirls on your rear over the towel.
In the two years since that day in the park, the two of you had become inseparable. He’d been a stranger for a day, but ended up being your best friend, then boyfriend. Unless he was away filming, you saw him every day. But even when he was gone, he made sure to call, text, and FaceTime you at every available opportunity. It never failed to amaze you how two broken hearts could come together in such an unusual manner, and how such a random act of kindness turned into such a beautiful thing. Since that day, you’d fallen completely and absolutely head-over-heels in love with him.
You planted your hands on his bare chest, giving him small pecks until your fingers laced together at the back of his neck.
“Jer… You know I’d… Love to,” you mumbled between kisses. “But I can’t.”
He groaned inwardly, shaking his head.
“I’m only letting you go because I need stuff for dinner tomorrow,” he insisted, pulling away.
With hands full of bags, you had to kick the front door shut with your heel.
“Jer? I’m home! Could use a hand!” you called out. You expected a reply, but none came. The lights were off, but there was a small flicker coming from the dining room. You figured he was already lying in bed, probably watching a movie, and just forgot to shut off the wax warmer. But when you walked into the dining room, you realized you were wrong.
The dining room was lit by a quintet of candles, and the flickering of the flames illuminated a large bouquet of red roses. But those weren’t the only ones. There was a trail of petals, leading to a large circle, where Jeremy sat, down on one knee. He just looked at you with the biggest smile and slipped a small black velvet box out of his pocket.
“Through these last couple years, I’ve found something I never expected,” he started, watching you put the bags down. Your hands, as soon as they were free, went to your mouth. Tears burned the corners of your eyes, and you took a deep breath.
“That day in the park, that’s what I call fate. It wasn’t coincidence that we met. But you and I, we’ll never see those rainy days again. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I can’t imagine a life without you.” A few drops slipped from your eyes, and you allowed them to fall freely down your cheeks. “I feel so alive with you, and everything just feels right.”
Jeremy extended his arm, holding the box out to you. He lifted the top, showing you the ring. You took a few steps towards him, finally wiping frantically at your face. You couldn’t help but let out a small laugh.
“Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” he asked. You didn’t need to think about it. You already knew what to say.
“Yes, Jeremy, I… Yes!” He leapt to his feet and rushed forward, collecting you in his arms. He pressed his lips to yours tenderly, taking his time to map out the contours of yours. The pair of you stood like that, joyous tears mixing and mingling on your cheeks, for what seemed like hours.
For a brief second, he broke contact, but only to slip the ring on your left hand.
“I love you so much,” he murmured against your lips.

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