Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


77. Jeremy Renner 1

You were early. You always had a knack for being very early to show up places. Including seeing your uncle who was the director of Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters. You got out of your car and looked at the building where the actor and actresses would be getting their makeup jobs done and picking up their costumes. You of course would be working there because your uncle was the one that had hired you on to work on the costumes which he knew that you were very good at. But first you would be meeting up with your uncle to talk to him before you went on your job and working on the costumes.
You walked in and saw that your uncle was talking to a man with blondish brown hair and the most striking blue eyes that you had ever seen.
Your uncle looked over and saw you. He smiled and waved you over.
You smiled and slowly walked over to him. You now knew who was the man next to your uncle. Jeremy freaking Renner. The one man that you liked when you had seen The Avengers. You were happy to know that your uncle had casted him for the movie. “Uncle.”
Your uncle smiled at you. “Jeremy this is my niece, (y/n).” He said introducing you to the actor.
You smiled at him. “It is a pleasure to meet you sir.”
Jeremy looked at you. He couldn’t help, but to look at you. You were a beautiful woman. He could tell that you were not a superficial woman that was for sure.
“Uncle…” You said softly looking at him. “I thought that I would stop before I went to work.” You waved before leaving the two of them to continue their conversation.

Jeremy couldn’t help, but watch you go. He didn’t even hear his boss talking to him about the script. Perhaps it was because he saw three hearts tattooed on the back of your neck and he saw tips of wings peaking over the top of your tank top that you were wearing. Perhaps working on the set wouldn’t be that bad at all. After all you seemed like a woman that he wanted to get to know you.

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