Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


114. Jared Leto 2

~You had done it. You had gotten tickets with your best friend to go and see Thirty Seconds to Mars. But you were able to get tickets to go backstage to meet them. You weren’t sure how the hell you even won that contest, but it had proven very fruitful. You were going out and seeing the group that you liked so much.
You enjoyed the concert more than you could ever dreamed of. It was very much worth it that was for sure. You were so happy that you had prayed for those tickets to be yours. You were giddy as a schoolgirl once you had gotten to the concert. You couldn’t wait. You couldn’t wait to meet the one that you liked the most. Jared Leto. You supposed that it was because of how handsome that he was. But your best friend had a crush on another one of the group.
You were there backstage with your best friend. You were nervous. You had no idea of what would happen when you met Jared Leto, but you couldn’t wait. You were meeting the man that you liked a lot. He was one of the reasons why you grew to like music. You had to admit that he was very talented. He was also the reason why you wanted to reach for the stars.
The door opened and revealed Jared and he was by himself. He came into the room and saw you standing there with your friend. He was more focused looking at you than your friend.It was like he was trying to figure you out.
Your cheeks flushed. He was trying to figure out who you were. Had he known you from somewhere. But this was something very different to you.
Your friend had left you to go back to the hotel that the two of you would be staying at. You had stayed with Jared. Because the two of you had talked for a while.
Jared smiled and white toothy grin. Something that made you go weak in the knees. “Will you join me for a drink?”
You smiled. You couldn’t believe that Jared Leto was asking you out to join him for drinks. “Yes.”
Jared smiled. “Shall we?” He asked offering his arm to you.
You took his arm and followed him. You knew that going to this concert had meant the world to you and you had gotten to see your favorite star in the world. Who would have known what it would lead to next.

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