Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


101. Jared Leto 1

~Jared Leto was nervous. He had been friends with you for a while now and now you had taken him up on his offer to go out on a date with him. He really thought that you would say no, but you saying yes, scared the hell out of him. He smoothed out his black shirt that he wore and then walked inside of the restaurant that he was going to see you at. He stopped in his tracks when he saw that you were already there. This date was going to be nerve racking for him.
He came over to the table and sat across from you.
“You are running a little bit late Jare. Is everything alright?” You asked concerned about his wellbeing. He had been acting odd since he had asked you out on a date.
He smiled. “Everything is fine.” He told you.
You shifted a little bit in your seat. You were comfortable with Jared, but you needed to make sure that this was alright with him. After all this was that first date that you had been on in a while.
“You alright?”
“I am fine.”
Jared reached across the table and put his hand on top of yours. He felt electricity go up his hand when he touched your hand. Perhaps the sparks that were flying between the two of you was a good thing.

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