Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


32. Jake Pitts

~Allanah Was Sitting In A Dressing Room With Her Brother Andy's Band.She Didnt Wanna Be Here At All.She Hated When Andy Dragged Her To THe Venue They Were Playing At Before The Show.During The Show She Was Fine Being Their Photographer,She Loved The Way She Got To Catch Breathtaking Shots Of The Band To Post On The Website.Allanah Messed With Her Black Hair To Keep Her Occupied.She Was Thinking About Putting Blue Streaks In Her Hair To Make Her Brown Eyes Pop Like She Saw In Many Pictures Of Girls With Blue Hair.
Allanah Only Took Her Eyes Off Her Hair To Look At Jake.She Was The Only One Of The Band She Talked To Besides Her Brother.He Had Broken Through Her Shell A Few Shows Ago.She Didnt Know How He Did It Or Why He Even Tried To But He Did.
Allanah Wasnt Just Quiet For No Reason.Oh,She Had Many Reasons Not To Talk But One Stuck Out The Most In Her Head.Her Ex-Boyfriend Jason.The First Few Weeks Of Dating Were Great He Was Nice And Lovey With Her.Then The Second Month Came And Jason Did A Complete 360.He Had Begun To Get Mad So Easily,Mostly At Allanah But For No Reason.Then He Hit Her,All She Did Was Tell Him That He Should Slow Down On His Alchol.Allanah Immediately Packed Up Her Stuff And Jumped In The Tour With Her Brother.
But Anyways Back To Jake,Allanah Had Been Sitting Outside The Dressing Room By Herself.The Guys Werent Even Changing Or Anything She Just Didnt Wanna Be With That Many Guys In A Room.Jason Had Ruined How Talkative And Excited Allanah Use To Be.But Jake Had Broke Through The Barriers Of Her Shell.Allanah Thinks To That Day
Allanah Was Sitting Against The Wall Next To The Guys' Dressing Room.She Could Hear Them Laughing And Talking About Last Night's Show.How Awesome The Fans Were And How Pumped They Were During The Show.The Door Opens And Allanah Looks To The Floor Knowing That It Was One Of The Guys,Probably Making A Run To The Snack Table.
"Hey Lanah,Why Arent You In There With Us"Jake's Soft Voice Asks From Above Her.She Stays Quiet,Keeping Her Head Turned Away From Jake.She Hears Him Slide Against The Wall And Feels His Presence Join Her On The Floor."I Forgot You Dont Talk"
Jake Stays Quiet And Taps His Foot To The Beat Of Fallen Angels In The Beginning.Allanah Takes Notice And Turns Her Head Too Look At Jake.He Chuckles Realizing What He Was Doing.Allanah Sit Back How She Was Before He Came Out,Blankly Staring At The Wall Across From Them.
"You Know You Can Talk To Me Right,Andy Is My Best Friend And You're His Sister So I'm Here For You"Jake Says Looking At Allanah For Any Type Of Expression.Then Slowly But Surely,A Smile Curved Her Lips.
"Yeah"Allanah Says Looking At Jake.Allanah's Voice Was So Soft And Low That jake barely Caught What She Said.Allanah Didnt Know Why She Said Anything.To Anyone Else She Would've Stayed Silent And Not Even Glanced Their Way.
"Good,I Thought You Didnt"Jake Says As He Softly Places His Hand On Allanah's.Jake Smiles At Allanah Causing A Blush To Hint At Her Cheeks.
Jake Had Found The Small Opening In Allanah's Defense And Snuck His Way In.As Days Passed,Allanah Began Talking To Jake But Only When It Was Her And Him Alone.Which Mostly Happened Outside Of The Dressing Room.
*End Flashback*
It Was After The Show And Jake Had Allanah Come Outside With Him So He Could Smoke A Ciggarette.The Rest Of The Band Went To The Dressing Room To Have A Few Beers.Allanah Watched As Jake Took Hits Off Of His Cigarette,Then Slowly Blowing The Smoke Out Into The Night Air.She Wished To Be That Ciggarette,Only For The Fact That She Could Touch His Lips Over And Over Again.
"You Did Good On Your Solo"Allanah's Soft Voice Says In The Silence That Was Between Her And Jake.
"Thanks,You Were Taking Alot Of Pictures Out There.Did You Get Any Of My Awesomeness"Jake Asks Blowing Out The Smoke From The Cigarette.Allanah Giggles And Slowly Walks Closer To Jake Then She Was Before.
"Yeah ,I Got A Few Of You When All The Lights Were On You"Alannah Says Taking The Cigarette From Jake's Lips And Taking A Drag As He Blew Out His Smoke.Jake Softly Grabs Allanah's Free Hand And Pulls Her Closer So She Was Standing Right In Front Of Him.
"I Wanna Show You Something"Jake Says Taking The Cigarette From Allanah's Hand.Her Black Hair Was Beginning To Fly In Her Face So Jake Reaches Out To Tuck It Behind Her Ear But Allanah Screams and Cowers Away."Whoa,Lanah I Was JustGonna Fix Your Hair.Calm Down Sweetheart That's All I Was Doing"
"I -I Thought You Were Gonna Hit Me"Allanah Stammers Looking At Jake With Terrified Eyes.He Reaches Out For Allanah's Hand And She Shakily Puts Her Small Hand In His.
"I Would Never Ever Hurt You"
"Never Ever?"
Jake Nods And Pulls Her Softly A Little More So She Was Pressed Against His Chest.Jake Looks In Allanah's Eyes And Softly Kisses Her Quivering Lips As A Comfort.Allanah Places Her Head On His Chest And He Stubs Out The Cigarette Then Wraps Both Of His Arms Around Her Small Shaking Frame.He Keeps Whispering To Her How He Would Never Hurt Her.
*4 Years Later*
Allanah Was Holding Hers And Jake's Newborn Son James Jake Pitts They Could Nickname Him J.J .They Had Gotten Married A Year Ago And Now Welcomed Their First Child Into The World.Allanah Smiled At Her Son's Innocent Face,The Nurses Had Bundled Him Up Nice And Good.Allanah Hands James To Jake Who Looked Like He Got The Best Present In The Worl.Jake Carefully Takes James And Smiles Down At His Son.
"Hey James,I'm Your Dad.I Promise To Never Ever Leave You,Your Mommy,Or Any Other Siblings That Are Born After You.Never Ever"Jake Whispers To The Bundle In His Arms.Allanah Smiles At How Caring And Adorable James And Jake Were.The Guy That Had Got Her To Trust Men Again,To Even Start To Be Her Normal Loud Self Again,Was Now The Father Of Her Son And Allanah Couldnt Be Happier.

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