Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


13. Jackal

~Through a car ride, moaning and groaning are heard from the very back of a van. Some scratching, is made but no damage is made at all. Although, what much could human fingernails do to the back door of a van? And why would there be a human moaning, groaning, and scratching in the back seat of a vehicle? I guess this is where I come in to explain. My name is Myna. I'm not abused like most stories you hear from other kids. At home the term "treated like a dog" is exactly what goes on at my house. My parents thought I was a mistake so instead of treating me like a daughter, they treated me like a common house pet but worse. I am not a farrel child because I can talk like everyone else and and act normally. I just choose to keep my parents fooled into thinking I'm really a dumb animal. Wouldn't they just love to know how smart and artistic I am? They think I'm dangerous, as well. To keep me from biting everyone, they had a custom fit muzzle placed around my mouth and never bother to take it off. I can't even get it off! The leather straps that hold the metal wiring in place are tightly buckled around my head it's too hard to do. Not much to describe my image. I have long, unkept, black hair, firey red eyes, a loose long sleved shirt that's one size too big for me, and dark grey cargo pants. If you can image, I am dirty and smell like shit due to never being taken good care of. So, why am I in the back of some van, freaking out everyone in it? I'm with my cousins right now because my parents wanted to go on a cruise by themselves. Such lovely parents I have, right? My cousins are moving into this new house that they've been able to claim but looking at it, I see nothing new about it. It's just another home for me to be treated like shit for entertainment.
"We're here guys. Someone please get Myna in the back." He says it like as if I really am an animal. And don't think I go around crawling on my hands and knees. I actually walk and stand and whatnot. I just stumble at times because I've been cooped up for so long. I do have a leash, though. Into the house we go and it's so strange to see a bunch of glass everywhere. They tie me to a chair and start disgussing about the house and some electrition who's not supose to be here. But then, for an instant, I saw something truely strange. I see an asylum of sorts and it felt like a long ti,e before reality hit back at me. My leash was untied and I was being led down the basement by a guy who looks rather annoyed.
"This is a better home for you than up stairs," he says to me as he ties my leash to something on the many walls. Go die you asshole, I think as he gets a suitecase. But, he somehow made several of the walls move by what appears to be accident and he's a little alarmed. His glasses fly off and I happen to catch them and put them on in time to see several bloody and strange looking people killing him. I saw that they were invisible to the naked eyes but they still looked like they were going to kill me as well.
"No, please don't," I whispered. Then, the wall that held my leash opened up and I went in the direction of the glass. But then, I was cut loose but my glasses fell off before I could see what helped me. I wanted to run but I was confused about what happened. I stand and try to go up to tell the others what I saw but I was spotted by that electrition guy and he screamed for me to get out. It happens that we were living in a house filled with ghosts and they can kill us if they wanted to. Our best bet was to leave as soon as possible but I didn't hear them say that I was staying for a few more days due to my parents request. I was day dreaming about what I saw and what cut my leash. But my thoughts went from that to hearing screaming in the asylum that flashed through my mind. I went through all these different hallways and found a door to a basement. I turned the knobm opened it up, and was about to see who was screaming when I snapped back to reality. They had concluded that I will stay here until my parents came back to pick me up. I could've protested but I somehow knew I wouldn't win. As they left to their old home, I decided to show my graditude by making a mess through the house. They did say to leave it to me until I went back home so why not leave a little present of how I appreciate their decision? I know, it's kind of childish but what do you expect from a kid who's been treated like a complete animal? But, even though I stayed here, the visions wouldn't stop coming into my head. I wondered if this had anything to do with the ghosts from that night. It was almost my time to go but I decided to explore a little bit. I went down to the basement and saw everything was still the same. My leash was moving around in the air and I saw those glasses near it. I slowly got them and it on and what I saw, almost scared me. I could've sworn I was seeing myself in a mirror or something because there was a ghost that looked just like me. Long messy black hair and a cage over the head almost like my muzzle except there was a hole in it.
"What is going on here?" I whispered. The ghost saw me and I could make out that it was a male. He started walking toward me and I backed up into a wall. He got closer and closer and his hand came to my face. I closed my eyes, ready to die like that guy had. But instead, I felt my muzzle loosen and heard a clank on the floor. I looked down and saw that it was finally off my face. Freedom!
"You shouldn't kept such a lovely face hidden," the ghost said faintly. I blushed.
"I can hear you?"
"When you're dying, you can hear us more and more clearly."
"I'm dying?"
"From starvation. Yes. It won't be long now."
"Can I ask you something, Mr...."
"The Jackal."
"The Jackal. Is it all right if I we kissed before I died."
"I don't see why not." He took me into his arms and kissed me on the lips. It was nice even if I'm locking lips with a ghost. I feel like being released and see my body lying on the floor beneathe me. I'm now finally freed from this horrid life I use to have. As far as anyone living knows, I died of starvation and collapsed from the soffocation of the muzzle after cutting it off. As far as the dead know, the Jackal and I lived for eternity with each other happily. It was nice because now I know someone doesn't look down on me as an animal.

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