Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


298. Heath Ledger, Tom Hardy & Tom Hiddleston Part 5

~Slowly I opened the bathroom door, Hardy smiled his blazing smile. I threw my arms around him. He oomphed a bit at me forceful hug. "Bean you know we're not going to leave you. We aren't going to hate anyone or you if you take just one of us after tonight...I love you baby. I'll be right with whoever or whatever happens. So will Heath and William." There was no question of unsureness to his words. Only confidence and respect. He tugged my braid Like he did when I was worried. "Come on baby."
He laced our fingers giving mine a squeeze of reassurance. Tommy was standing rigid, and stock still, his back against a window, the cityscape of lights spread behind him. Heath was in a chair sprawled back, most would think him relaxed but that tension I could see it. His body was taut and ready to run. They...they were all on edge even Tom-Cat behind me. I worried them, that's why Tommy and Heath had come back in here. Hardy was a slightly "pushier" sort when it came to getting me to cooperate.
My face darkened red as the proof of his toughness in handling me came rushing through my mind, the way he had ripped me down to the carpeted floor using the wrestling roll and the roughness of his taking me. I stepped back into him biting me bottom lip. Hardy immediately hugging me. Tommy and Heath hadn't moved hadn't looked at me. I was hurting them damn it. Making them worry, they thought I was angry at them. I wasn't.
I pulled from Hardy pecking his cheek smiling. I came up to Hiddles, and kissed him lovingly "I'm sorry I know. Silly Lilli and her freaks outs." He made to admonish me and comfort me. But it was my turn to comfort him. "I've loved you for ages Tommy. And you have always been in my heart. Really I loved you the first time you sang to me. I was way to young to know it was love, but I think I was three.
Didn't you know I always had to be by your side after that. It's why our parents always spent summers with yours at the mansion villa forest place we always went. They suggested other places and I went full tantrum. I had to be with you and your sisters. you were my best friends. and they always gave me sweets." I rubbed my thumbs over his stubbly cheeks, kissing him again. "I have always loved you."
He held my hands to his face I felt him blushing, cheeks heating under my fingers, He kissed my palms. I grinned my own bright smile. Easing my way over to Heath kneeling between his legs. "Hey Mistah J." I giggled talking like Harley Quinn from the batman cartoons. MY talent ran mostly voice acting and costarring rolls. Heath gently gripped my neck leaning over me. "Heath huni, I've had feelings for you for ages as well. My first stirrings of love for you were when we were siblings in A Knight's Tale.
You knew right away I was fucking terrified to have sex scenes with Paul. So you convinced the screen writers to keep me clothed and get the angles right so only my thighs and bare back were exposed. I didn't know it had been you BUT Paul told me he and Alan had heard you pleading with them." I pulled back kissing him tenderly, sweetly.
I made my way back to Hardy, he held him arms open for me, I melted into him, of the three men he and I were closest in height. "You mr. Hardy, you got me when you asked me to run lines with you for one of your multitude of movies, only it turned out you wanted to go surfing and everyone you'd said surfing to had said no. I got annoyed that you lied but excited to get out on the water just you and me. Then you went and got smacked by your wind-sail cross bar. I had to save you. But I had to be atop you straddling your hips with mine to keep you on my board and paddle us to shore and drag you on the beach. You never brought up just how close we'd gotten physically. But then when we were in fact having our drunken night of over eating and drinking while you were bulking up, and we both crawled to my bed...I remember exactly how you looked ad me. I wasn't so out of it drunk. I felt my heart stop when you said in your way that heaven was in my arms." I hugged him tightly, yelping when he lifted me off my feet and tossed my in the massive bed.
I went to shout at him but the air was suddenly free of tension. We'd made it ok. They piled into the bed, heath pressed to my left Hardy crammed against my left side. and Tom crawled in a very erotic manner up between my legs his chest resting right again my mound, I could literally feel his heart beat thump, thump, thumping through my sore tender pussy. Heath and Hardy sat up a bit and yanked the heavy blankets over all of us covering all our heads, blocking out the world.
Tommy wrapped his arms around my waist, nuzzling my stomach. Heath cupping one breast and Hardy the other. They whispered their love for me and I mine for them.

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