Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


297. Heath Ledger, Tom Hardy & Tom Hiddleston Part 4

~I noticed that Hardy and Heath hadn't followed us. I was surprised it had been all three of us till now...till Tommy was going to take me. I was scared to be alone with him I realized. I'd been overwhelmed and had nearly no time to think with all three taking me in some fashion...but this with just him as it seemed it was going to be. I was near to panic. Hiddles had to feel my heart beat change, me body tense. I was nearly shuddering.
Tommy sunk to the bed still holding me pulling the blankets over us, he knew me more then anyone. He understood what was happening but we couldn't stop. I knew it he knew it. Nearly twenty years as friends. Many years we nearly made it more but shrugged it off. Tom rained sweet kisses all over my face and I heard the bedroom door closing, I looked up and saw Tom-Cat the gorgeous very naked man that he is pulling the door shut for us. He knew we'd play more later, even if I wasn't sure, just before the door closed he blew a cheesy kiss and told me he loved me.
Tommy chuckled and I had a small giggling fit. Hardy was always a cheese ball among our group. They...we all were. Hiddles kept holding me close, he was waiting for me to touch him, "Lilli...I...I love you truly. Honor me with your body...please...I just may perish."
I gasped, his rotten evil self was looking pitiful, it was a face he pulled with me when he wanted me to do something silly. "I l-love you too Tommy" I leaned closer kissing him roughly, trying to show him with my body how much I truly love him. Kissing and caressing me he rolled us my back hitting the colder section of the bed, goose bumps rippling across me. He thumbed my clit slowly lazily, I gently stroked his cock, our lips hardly parting.
Then he pulled back from his slightly chilled fingers dipping inside me, I shivered and whimpered his name, he'd had that one hand under the cold pillows, just for this reason. he worked my wetness over his cock, I felt my legs spread wider my hip relax more. He looked at me and I knew he wanted my words.
He wasn't going to move till I asked for him. I shook my head grinning shyly. He laughed. I have loved defying him in most things. it'd been a game we had always had. Though obviously never like this. His hands gripped my thighs lifting them toward him, his tip was only just barely spreading my nether lips, and I was terrified, silly of me I knew but Terror was there. To much thinking time.
"Stop that my beloved. I know what you are doing." He inched himself deeper, just a bit, and I was brought screaming back to reality. He thrust in and out just enough for heat to flood our connected skin. I was going to die, I was muttering inconstantly, about his teasing about my need, he just kept ruining me with his teasing shallow thrusts. The sucking wet sounds, so obscene, I felt I'd never be a normal color again.
"Tommy PLEASE!! I can't take it oh gods pleasepleaseplease" He pulled out fully making me shout in protest.
He just smiled and in it I saw Loki's mischief. "Please what my pet?"
I hadn't the time or thought to give him a push for his pretending, I needed him to much. "Take me Tommy, gods I'll cry if you don't take me and ...f...fuck me!" I was blissfully rewarded for cursing and begging, he took my lips to his swallowing my cries of pleasure up on his hard throbbing cock impaling me. I rake my nails down his back, my thighs clenching him for dear life. I felt every inch of him, I felt his tip hitting my cervix, it was a shock of pleasure pain, that had me scratching his back, screaming his name. He pulled back his eyes locking with mine. Thrust after thrust we never looked away. We gave it all to each other.
My hair was being pulled suddenly and I realized Hiddles was pulling it. His face a mix of domination and love, I wanted this. He teased me more with his cock before ramming himself deep again just as he yanked my hair and pinched my nipple twisting it in the most delightful way. "TOMMY!!" I screamed and this time when I felt it I refused to care. My ejaculation pouring out splashing our stomachs, as Hiddles thrust harder into me. He watched my face his own losing the control I had become so used to.
He was filling me coming inside, bellowing my name, his eyes rolling back, he collapsed atop me knocking the air out of me but neither of us moved. I didn't care, he was too gone in pleasure to fear hurting me. The blankets has long since hit the floor and his body was the only thing giving me any warmth. Orgasms always made me cold after. He was still half hard inside me. Our tummies sticking together my squirting. He was kissing my neck, caressing my left side, his right gripping my left tightly. I was exhausted, the bed was soaked around our hips.
I was barely awake, Hiddles was still gently tenderly touching me. The door opened, quietly, and there was freshly showered both nude Hardy and Heath, they saw the blankets skewed over the floor and grinned, their hands hit Tom's back gently shaking him. He cleared his throat sitting up, the was a terribly embarrassing suctioning sound filling the room as he pulled from me, the hot liquid flooding out of me. I snapped my legs closed and hid my face, struggling to leave the bed, they never stopped me as I bolted into the main bathroom locking the door.
As I said they know me, know I needed a minute to melt down and clean up. Me unaware in the shower, having a mini freak out over the past hours events didn't hear when the three men flipped the bed changing the covers and While Hardy and Heath got pajama pants on, Hiddles went to the second bathroom.
Taking a hot shower. When he was done and the three noticed hadn't left the main bathroom yet they grabbed me some of my sleepwear
I pulled open the bathroom door wrapped in my robe, I grabbed my night clothes and shut them out again. I wasn't ready yet. I bounced around the bathroom in an almost tantrum, this was insane they were insane, IM INSANE! As I thrashed around I heard retreating footsteps, but only two pairs.
I listened hard, It was Heath and Hiddles that had went back to the bedroom where Tommy and I...OMFG I JUST HAD AN ORGY WITH MY LONGTIME FRIENDS!!! I went back to thrashing around the bathroom, ignoring Hardy out there waiting for me. He'd been the one I'd run to after my first and second breaks up. He was the one that comforted me in a way That Tommy couldn't because I hated seeming pathetic in his eyes, all theirs eyes really. I knew he was waiting to save me from myself.
I stomped repeatedly looking like I was doing some ridiculous football warm up. I finally finished brushing my hair and braiding the hip length mass. Smacking my cheeks trying to stop my heart attack.

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