Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


296. Heath Ledger, Tom Hardy & Tom Hiddleston Part 3

~Hardy stopped me reaching around to work my jeans off, I was not wearing panties. I rarely did. Distractedly I was ever grateful I waxed down there. Clean and hairless. All three men made choked sounds seeing me fully naked for the first time ever. I'd never even done a nude scene in a film. Hardy still had his jeans on as dropped to the floor spreading my legs he laid under me, reaching up to grip my thighs and moved me down to hover my throbbing pussy right over his mouth. My eyes were wide. I'd never had a man do this to me.
Hell I'd only ever had two sexual partners in my twenty some years, never having time or finding the need, I had my guys my friends...I snapped my head up to look at Tommy and Heath then back down to Tom-cat. This was us right now crossing that friendship, no way we could go back. To far we'd gone to far even though we weren't fully over the edge.
The sudden full frontal nudity of Hiddles and his massive cock, hanging hard and proud, combined with the quick onslaught of Hardy's mouth working my naughty bits with slow deep strokes, blew my fears out of the ozone. Heath was kneeling next to me working my nipples, my mind was unraveling, I looked up at Tommy and he was patient. Though Lust and need were clouding his eyes his breathing fast. Hardy hit my clit and sucked. I cried out gripping Tommy's hips, just going for it, my tongue wetting my lips I took Hiddles cock in my mouth, gaining a ragged groan from him, Heath had my chest turned toward him, his lips and teeth torturing my breast, I sucked and licked and stroked Tommy, working him as best I could with so many other sensations hitting me.
"Fuuck… Lilli, darling" Tommy praised me. I'd always found it sexy when he swore. It was so rare.
This continued on I kept working Hiddles, Hardy kept his mouth working on me, and Heath kept teasing my breast, his one hand taking my free hand and working up and down his cock. Hardy at some point having freed his own from his jeans, I could hear him stroking himself. I was so close I was almost there, fingers, two separate pairs were suddenly inside me, Heath and Hardy both filling my tight cunt, I came instantly screaming but cutting it off swallowing Hiddles cock, my nose pressed into the tuft of light colored curls he had, I felt him tighten as he shouted my name, his hard cock thickening in my throat I felt him spill his load, I had no choice but to swallow all of it.
He pulled back or more like he was forced from me, Hardy had pulled one of his damn wrestling/mma moves. I was under him in seconds my nails clawing his back screaming as he rammed himself into me. I was still feeling my first orgasm, I strained to take him, he was so rough so big, they all were, neither Heath nor Hiddles could really touch me as Hardy's broad muscled shoulders and torso covered, I was dwarfed by him, his was all over me, his teeth biting into my shoulder, he just kept thrusting, I was losing it again, his pelvis kept hitting my clit, every thing was stars in my eyes when I could open them, I felt like I was going to break apart.
In between his biting and ravishing thrusts Hardy kept growling my name, I was destroying me. I was gone. I shrieked his first name, coming with a dizzying strength, my orgasm sent Hardy spilling inside me. All three knowing I was barren due to complications when I was young. His roared my name biting me harder still thrusting as he came. I could feel it splashing out running down my ass cheeks.
Panting and trembling Hardy pulls himself out and off me. I'm laying there red face, completely exposed to my my three oldest friends suddenly turned lovers. Heath reaches down to me lifting me up carrying me to the couch we always watched movies on. He helped my stand and maneuvered us around, him sitting spread legged on the couch, my being steadied by Hiddles and Hardy, I straddle Heath, sinking on to his turgid member, panting as he fills me I should be freaking out. I've never done anything like this in my life. I don't really think they have either. I'm fairly sure I'd know. Heath is all hard lines and muscles, under me, Hardy on my left and Hiddles on my right, Tommy still lithe and muscular from filming his role as Adam, and Hardy he is bulk and hard lines, rippling muscles. My sense are higher Saturn.
Heath guides my hips up and down, rocking me slowly. My hands tightly gripping Hardy and Hiddles, they balance me. They have me leaned back each man has my breast in their mouths overloading me yet again. Heath easily works in and out of my Hardy's and my juices coating his thickness, making his thrusts deeper. I can't stop moaning and whimpering. Occasionally screaming a little. I feel it when Tommy's long sure fingers reach stroke down my stomach, then back up, dragging his nails ever so lightly, making me squirm and clench my body, gripping heath tighter.
Heath drops his head back into the couch his curls falling in his face, his breathing hard, eyes glazed, he keeps whispering my name between curses. Hiddles fingers have finally begun stroking my clit, my hairs plastered to my face and back, i'm covered in chilled sweat, he is touching me in my most private of places, and I realize that I have indeed wanted him My Tommy above all other men. known him the longest shared so much with him and he with me. I look up at him, only a little guilty for not paying mind to my other two lovers.
I squeeze his hand tighter leaning closer needing a kiss from him. He lovingly gives me what I desire and kisses me deeply, Hardy reaches back to grasp my ass slapping it gently, unsure if I'll like it. When I moan and rocking my hips harder he slaps my arse again, harder, Hiddles fingers twisting and tugging at my clit. Heath thrusts become tortuously slow, he is working just the fat tip in and out and it is the most thrilling, consuming feeling of teasing pleasure.
I feel it happening before I can stop it, I scream, a long wailing keen, as I feel my orgasm his, I squirt just a bit when I come, I'd have fallen from his lap and the couch had Hiddles and Hardy not been holding me up. My face is nearly purple, I'm apologizing like mad embarrassed beyond words sorry for the mess I made. Heath is just enamored and stroking himself with my juices groaning.
Hardy looks jealous and mutters something about his next turn won't stop until I soak him. Tommy pulls me away from both men, I'm still rambling from it happening. He picks my up in such a manner that I have to wrap my legs around his hips. my over sensitive pussy rubbing along his shaft as he walks us to the bedroom. He isn't inside me but then he doesn't have to be. Hiddles noticed the way Heath had teased in and out at the end.. He was working me up more. Kissing me and reassuring me that I'd been devastating beautiful the entire time. Grinning as he repeated his love for me. I was giddy and feeling puled in a thousand different directions, I told him I loved him too. His smile at my words was nothing less then dazzling.

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