Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


295. Heath Ledger, Tom Hardy & Tom Hiddleston Part 2

~Hardy turns me toward him, grinning his cocky little sex grin that I also adore. He runs his fingers through my hair. His cheeks are dark with red. "Remember when we got stupidly drunk together, just you and I? William was off on some movie that I can't really recall at the moment, sorry" he looks back to Hiddles who I assume waves it off. "Remember I couldn't stop holding you, tickling, touching you really. But we never went further. Aside from crawling into your damn comfortable bed and I held you so close you mentioned not being able to breathe? Do you remember what I said after?"
My heart stopped having written that night off as we were wasted, and both drunken cuddlers. "We woke up..we..w-we were tangled in each other...But before you actually fell asleep you told me...oh you said...something completely romantic that I refused to believe I hadn't dreamed Tom-Cat.”
Hardy laughed a little "I told you if we died from lack of air I knew where my heaven was. And I held you closer. Didn't I?" He kissed me tenderly and I felt Hiddles knuckles running along my spine, simultaneously glad and regretting my choice of a backless summer shirt. His hands are on bare skin. their hands each hot against my chilled skin.
Hardy pulled back smiling in a loving manner, his lips kiss swollen which meant mine were as well.
Heath pulled me towards him, holding me closer, he clearly had something that set off his desire for me as well. He grinned all white teeth and cheekiness, "for me it was when we first met. You and These two were at a dual premiere and you had the most stunning backless lace and silk dress on. Your hair was red, nearly as red as your cheeks are now, you three had kept finding ways to keep together even though you and
Eddie were in the one movie together and Willy was in his own film. Then the three of you were sat together holding hands in the front row. I thought it was unfair that I wasn't apart of your group. Mind you I did think it was a bit more erotic then what you were letting on. Though really it was when I first saw you on the red carpet I was entranced. In love."
"Nononoooo no you I we...no....way..." I felt my tendency to bolt from emotionally overwhelming situations wanting to kick in. I needed air.
Hiddles grips the back of my neck pulling me into him kissing me passionately, I moan softly, he kisses me harder, his lips still against mine as he speaks. "I know my exact moment loving you as well. Heh...we were so young, my sisters were chasing us through that forest. We were playing pirates, They were the police. We had those silly dress up costumes on. and for the first time I saw your slightly chubby little tummy.
You still had the most adorable baby fat." He kissed me again his fingers threading through my hair, he no undoubtedly was bypassing my chance to give him crap mentioning my chubby days. He went on. "We'd run for a long time screaming and laughing, we were out of breath, we'd gotten to where the forest became ocean and beach and we were thrilled, it really was like we were pirates escaping to the ocean, We heard my sisters shouting 'CAPTURE THE PIRATE KING AND HIS QUEEN!!' You saw a jutting of stones there was a small cave and fearless you dragged me to it, we hid. For hours. MY sisters never found us."
I shivered and giggled. "They left us when they got bored I remember that. Damn brats"
"We did indeed in our enjoyment stay in that cave for the rest of the day and we saw that suddenly there was darkness the clouds grayish black, your delicate hand dug into my arm, your terrified eyes locked on the coming storm, I'd never known before that thunder scared you so much. Lightening popped and the instant the thunder crashed rattling the walls of the cave you barreled into my arms crying, for my help. I held you close, I felt your heart thumping through your chest, I was red-faced because I'd never been that close to a girl, you were utterly terrified and I needed to protect you, I ignored the rocks jutting into my back from when you pounced me, pulled you into my lap and pressed my lips to your ear singing a song I knew you loved, my fingers covering your eyes.
You jumped for the first hour or so while the summer storm raged, but I kept singing for you holding you close, and you fell asleep. I realized I was in love with you. But we were both so young, you in fact being three years my junior. The storm finally stopped but it had gone very cold and it was night. I knew our parents and my sister were probably gathering a swat team to find us. I got up and gently picked you up, such a beautiful girl sleeping or awake. You stayed asleep the whole walk back. Our parents were furious and thrilled we were safe." He chuckled and my heart thumped I recalled the entire summer and that day. I'd never forgotten.
Shaking like a leaf I whispered, "That's when I fell for you too Tommy, but yeah we were so young.…”
His features lit with joy. "The next morning you ran from your bed still in those pajamas, little fluffy pants and the camisole, You woke me up diving in my bed shaking my bare shoulders yelling that i was a real hero. A TOTAL KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR!!" Tommy raised his voice like I had all those years ago. "And you shrieked upon finally realizing I was shirtless. I love it. You punched me and ran from my room, back to the other guest room near my sisters."
"That was such a strange week after. I couldn't stop wanting to run away but forgetting and easily falling back into our playing." I laughed still embarrassed. Hardy's hands were back on my waist and thighs running up and down, Heath was holding me sideways and I wrapped my arms around my Tommy. "This is completely and utterly barmy. You all know that right?" I groaned.
They laughed, Heath grinned, "That doesn't sound like a no to me, babe”
"Nor I, darling." Hardy groped me harder making me moan again.
Hiddles slipped the straps off my shoulders, his free hands unbuttoning his shirt. I finally noticed they'd all dressed how I liked best seeing men like them, Hiddles in a dark green button up and jeans. Hardy had a tight pull over print t-shirt that enhanced the view of his muscles, faded blue jeans. Heath was tanned and glorious looking something close to how he had during his filming 10 things I hate about you. Surfer boy. My gods They had every damn thing planned. And I was completely blind to it all. Tonight was our traditional movie and cooking fest night, I baked them as much snacks and such as I could, so they'd have sweet healthy treats and a couple bit of junk food.
I turned to look at Hardy and Heath they were pulling their shirts off. I was about to faint. I turned back to Hiddles and he was fully unbuttoned. His belt gone. He smirked "kneel for me my love." I instantly obeyed beginning to sink to my knees.

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