Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


294. Heath Ledger, Tom Hardy & Tom Hiddleston Part 1

~We were all hanging out and I was animatedly telling them about how I had just spent $200.00 on new books. For my kindle app on my freaking phone. And that I had been reading while walking, in unison they three said "Like always!" They were teasing me in a friendly kind manner. I Mimicked being stabbed in the heart.

I went on with my story and proceeded to tell them that I had ended up in fact walking partially into a park pond and had gotten waist deep before realizing what had happened. They just stared at me, varying degrees of worry and agitation on their gorgeous faces. I continued on with my tale. Describing the horde of evil geese from hell that had surrounded me. and chased me from the pond. To which I had to skillfully keep my damn phone dry. I finished saying "And that's why I was late! I needed a shower and to change my clothes! I REEKED OF GOOSE POOWATER!"

Hiddles(whom I called Tommy) covered his face in a attempt to politely hide his Cheshire grin. Tom-Cat aka Tom Hardy-It was how I effing kept them apart when I wanted one or the other to pay attention of help me and not the other lol.- Face palmed and leaned back on the couch he shared with heath and heath was just laughing loudly.

I blushed more because Hiddles eyes were doing the sparkle thing that I always loved about him and Hardy looked like he just wanted to hug me and baby me. Heath..I knew he'd roar with laughter. Hiddles stood, his lips twitching, and he ruffled my hair kissing my forehead. "You really must stop reading and walking in public darling, you're going to get severely hurt or worse." He gave me a half hug and I slightly melted into him. He gave the best hugs.

Hardy had at some point gotten behind me and grabbed my sides making me shriek into Hiddles chest launching myself forward to escape. This caught Hiddles off guard and we fell me on him. I'm dying here because he is wheezing some what like he did as Loki during the Avengers when Hulk smashed him. Hardy had tried in vain to keep a hold of me when the fall started, round my damn hips so my arse was point of fact sticking in the air. My upper body crushing in to Hiddles. WHILE TOM HARDY LOOKED LIKE HE WAS TRYING TO HUMP ME FROM BEHIND. My dreamself is internally losing her shit in embarrassment. Hiddles is making a puffing sound and I realize my hair is flared over his face during our ridiculous fall, he is discreetly trying to blow my hair from his face even a little.
During this whole thing Heath has said nothing. At all. Hardy is tugging/pushing on my waist, he groans about his thumbs having caught in my belt. I'm not saying a fucking thing. I've never been this damn close to the guys in my "life"
Finally Heath gets up saunters slowly over to the three of us in the embarrassing position we are stuck in Hiddles shouts for a second "NO! WAIT!" Instantly I'm being crushed, my hips bones slamming into Hiddles hips bones making me cry out in a rather unladylike way. HIPS BONES DON'T MIX WELL! Hardy is cursing and his accent is heavier he's shouting about his damn hands at Heath. Hardy's one hand is fisted between my stomach and Hiddles.

Heath is sprawled over top of the three of us. He chuckles and just says. "I wanted on top. Since Lilli had cowgirl." I burn red, and hear Hiddles heart stutter, and an poking sensation where I refused to think about.

Heath is still sprawled out over top of Me, Hiddles and Hardy. I'm beet red and so I start squirming under Heath and mind you I'm still crushed to Hiddles. My wiggling attempts of escape make Heath give this sultry chuckle and Hiddles groans, I literally feel his anaconda throbbing. SUDDENLY Hardy rips his arm free of being plastered between Hiddles and I. He clears his throat and his whole attitude changes. He lifts Heath off of Hiddles and I. I cry out a bit because I'm no longer being compressed and I can fully breathe.
Tom Hardy has shoved Heath back to the couch. Heath is grinning like the cat that got the canary. He (Hardy) snatches me by the hips almost painfully and yanks me from atop Tom Hiddles where I had been trying to gently get up. He slams me back against his body. He wraps his arms around me from behind. My breathing is more erratic then when I was being crushed. He growls "Wanker never has been a patient man! Couldn't even make it to after we ate."
I'm about to panic and just bolt, because this sounds like there was a plan to get in my pants. I'm not dumb. So I know where this was going to have gone, after a comment like that how could I not.
Hiddles gets up, and I instantly see that yes he does in fact have a massive erection. It's straining against the fabric of his jeans. I'm biting my bottom lip, and Hiddles is instantly cupping my cheeks, grinning his sweet grin that I love and adore, his eyes how ever are a darker shade and I think back to Loki when he is feeling naughty. Hiddles grins a bit wider "Oh no no no Lilli my love this won't do. Allow me" I can't even say what before he crushes his lips to mine, slow but rough, there's so much sensuality to it, Hardy still behind me runs his hard, sure hands up my abdomen cupping my breast in his hands, I gasp and launch my upper half forward again just like when we fell, but they are both ready this.
Hiddles takes this moment to bite my bottom lip, Hardy when I initially thrust forward slid one strong hand down to my hips forcing my ass to jam back into his also hard, still clothed erection. My brain has left the building at this point. I'm lost in their ministrations. Heath moves off the couch coming to us, thankfully not flopping us all to the floor, and I realize at the back of my thoughts. this is all planned, I mean fully, they really had meant for this to happen tonight. To have me and make me theirs. I'm terrified, aroused, surprised, shocked. I'd entertained the thoughts of being with anyone of them through out knowing them, and having known Tommy the longest I'd thought of him more then a few times. Even had a crush on him when we were teens. Never acted on any of them.
Tommy is still kissing me, and I am nearly undone, my stomach is tight my legs trembling, Hardy is behind me still working his hands over me. Heath touches their shoulders. Smiling kindly. "We still haven't gotten her permission."
Reluctantly all though quickly both men pull back from me. All three still close. Hiddles and I are still facing each other. He looks to Heath and Hardy, then back to me. "Darling, oh my sweet girl, we've wanted you for so long. Thought we could just stay being your friends. Then other men had begun sending you flowers and trying to court you. I was terrified that anyone of them would catch your eye. We've known the three of us wanted you for some time now.”

As I listen to Tommy's words I am shocked. They each had way better options then me. I never thought these things or spoke them. I'm not self deprecating in any fashion but these men are all far more famous then I.

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