Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


5. Gary Oldman 3

~Gary Oldman sat in his trailor, his eyes squeezed shut, trying to memorize some of his important lines.
He had been asked to be apart of a new romantic comedy. Something he'd always wanted to do. Most times he was cast as a villian or side kick, but this time, he was to play the lovable best friend who helps the leading lady when she breaks up her boyfriend. She falls into a tough depressed state but in the end it's Gary's character that helps her and she falls in love with him.
Gary fell back onto his couch with a sigh. "I need fresh air." he said out loud, standing up and grabbing his jacket before leaving the trailer. People were hurrying around doing their jobs; every now and then someone would stop to say hi or chat.
32 minutes later Gary was sitting on a park bench sipping on a hot coffee. A white bird hopped around nearby and lots of people were bustling about getting ready for the holidays. Gary sat back with a smile and he fiddled with the coffee cup lid.
He hardly noticed the girl sit down next to him.
"Um...sorry to bother but do you have the time?" the girl asked politely.
Gary flicked back his jacket sleeve and glanced at his wrist watch.
"8:39." he replied with a small smile.
The black haired girl smiled back and looked over as a small child ran by laughing, only to be chased after by a chuckling older man.
"How cute." the girl said giggling.
"Reminds me of my own kids." Gary said sighing contently. "They're growing up fast."
"How old are they?"
"Two are teenagers and one just outgrew his teen years."
"I bet they're sweet." the girl said smiling at the actor.
"They are. They're the best thing in my life."
The woman with black hair held out her hand.
"Jessie." she said shaking Gary's hand softly.
"Gary." he replied with a grin. "Might I ask where you're from? You've got a bit of a Southern accent there."
"Tennesse." Jessie said smiling. "Gatlingburg, Tennesse."
"Lovely." Gary said pushing his glasses back up when they slipped down his nose.
A peaceful silence fell over the two companions while the time slowly ticked away. Gary glanced over at the dark haired girl with a short sleeved t-shirt, showing off her nearly full arm tattoo. She was at a fair height and curvy in just the right places.
"There's a record shop just around the corner there." Jessie said pointing up the road. "You look like the guy that would be interested in joining me on a walk there." she said smiling, showing off her white teeth.
Gary smiled back, standing and throwing away his now empty coffee cup before falling into step with Jessie.
"So Gary." Jessie said smirking. "What brings you to New York City in this fine winter season?" she asked watching the cars pass by.
"Work." Gary answered simply. So far it seemed this Jessie girl didn't know of his career and that was just fine with him.
"What kind of work?" Jessi asked as they walked by a Itlian bistro that smelled Heavenly.
Jessi looked over with a grin. "What kind of film?"
Gary smiled back as he stared at the lovely girl. "A little romance movie." he said, stepping over for an elderly couple to pass.
"Really?" Jessi questioned happily. "I don't think I've seen you in that many romances." she said as they reached the shop.
"Well there goes my undercover outing." Gary joked with a small smile.
"Don't worry." Jessi said. "I won't tell anyone. Although I kinda think the paparazzi have been taking pictures of you this whole 'outing'."
Gary glanced around and spotted a few photographers.
"I don't care." he said sighing as they stepped into the record store.
"So Mr. Oldman." Jessi smiled as she walked over the nearby stand of vinyls. "What kind of music do you enjoy?"
The two thrifted through the shop, each picking up records here and there and sharing a laugh.
A small bell attached to the door jingled as they left.
"This has been a really great 'outing'." Jessie said as Gary took her bag full of CDs for her.
"Indeed it has been." Gary added as they strolled down the bustling side walk.
Gary was just about to ask Jessie if she'd like to grab some lunch when two reporters stood before him.
"Mr. Oldman!" One man with a pencil thin moustache and a microphone called. "Stan McEvans from Weekling Winning Paper. What are you doing in New York? Work on a new movie?"
Gary sighed, trying to step around the man, but the other man with a camera continued to follow.
"How's the family been since the divorce? Children alright?"
Clinching his hands, Gary grabbed at Jessie's arm and hurried them along down the sidewalk.
"Who is this young lady Mr. Oldman? Perhaps Mrs. Oldman the Fifth?"
Jessie's arm wrapped around Gary's chest as he turned around yelling at the reporters.
"Calm down." she whispered in his ear as she pressed her hand against his mouth. "Let's get out of here. As for you two." Jessie said looking at the reporters. "Fuck off."
Once the reporters left, Jessie took Gary's hand in hers and pulled him towards a tiny Itlian bistro.
"Does that happen a lot?" Jessie asked as they sat down inside the small restrauant.
"Most of the time yeah." Gary said with his head in his hands.
"I'm sorry. That must not be that fun."
Gary shook his head. "Not really."
He looked back up, pressing his glasses back up the bridge of his nose. Jessie smiled as him as a waitress came and took their orders.
"I'm sorry." Gary blurted.
"For what?" the girl across from him asked with large concerned eyes.
"For them trying to mess with you. Calling you my future wife and that nonsense." Gary said waving his hand.
"Don't worry about it. I'm sure being your future wife wouldn't even be that bad."
'Flirting? Was she flirting with me?' Gary thought with a smile.
"Well I must be doing something wrong if I'd lost four wives so far."
"Maybe we'd be different." Jessie said watching him with bright eyes.
"How so? We barely know each other."
"Because we're connected."
"Connected?" Gary asked, leaning back in his chair.
"Yeah. There's something there. Something that could hold us together."
"And you know this....how?"
"Because when a guy can pick up a Beatles album and tell me all these interesting facts about Ringo Starr, it makes a girl like me swoon." Jessie said smiling.
The waitress came back with two plates of steaming pasta.
"There's a lot of facts about Ringo Starr. What can I say?" Gary said picking up a fork.
"That you like me like I like you."
"You said like so many times in that sentence." Gary joked looking up at Jessie.
"Will you tell me or not?" she replied, slowly placing her hand across the table top.
"There's something there." Gary said slowly, looking at the pretty girl sitting with him. "It's kind of the same way for me too. When a girl can keep me from busting open a reporters face, it makes a guy like Gary Oldman swoon." Gary said grinning softly and taking Jessie's hand in his.
"Well...that reporter had a creepy mustache. He would have deserved it anyway."
They laughed, smiling at each other contentedly.
"I think maybe a few more dates before becoming Mrs. Oldman the Fifth. What do you think?" Jessie said as they ate their lunch.
"I think maybe you're on the right path."
"We're on the right path."
Gary smiled. "Exactly."

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