Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


3. Gary Oldman 2

~Its funny, you know, when people remember you from a long time ago. They always seem to remember you as the sweet young child you were and always tell you how they can't believe how you've grown. They always want to tell you that you're either beautiful or handsome, that you've lost your baby-fat, or something slightly insulting like that. I never thought that it made any difference really, especially in Hollywood. If, and I mean by a small chance, they remembered you from your first film its either you've grown so much physically or that you were so cute when you were younger, its never about how you have grown in your acting capability or your stage pressence.
I remember my first time, on camera that is. It was a small movie, independent, you know, a low budget thing. But, I was the main character; I was young, barely out of high school. The movie was about a young girl growing up in the 16th Century and her trials during life and love. And the leading man, I remember him like it was yesterday, it was Gary Oldman. Now, don't tell me that its rediculous having an older gentlemen play the lover of an 18 year old, Gary was only 34 in this film.
He was so gentle with me, loving, caring, always gave reasuring words when I was to shy to do "certain parts". He made me feel like I could do anything.
There was this one scene, where our characters are in bed after passionate love making, and while my character is laying on his character's chest, her father is supposed to catch them. Now, I had never been naked in front of anyone before that, much less had sex, but, I had to be topless to give off a better effect. I was so shy when I walked onto set with my shorts on and a towel wrapped around me.
As soon as I walked in, Gary came to me and kept me close, helping me into the bed, removing the towel with out me being exposed and keeping me covered until the scene. He was so wonderful to me. I won't lie to you, at that moment, I loved him. I mean I really did love him. It wasn't just that I respected him for his talent or his kindness, no, I knew right then that I loved him.
Later on during filming, we did have a romantic relationship. But, it never came to fruit afterwards, because he had othe movies, and I was still finding my way in Hollywood.
I hadn't seen or talked to Gary since that film, and even though I now am a very popular actress, with a film resume' Angelina Jolie would die to have, I never had to oppritunity to see him again. And, I never had a relationship quite like the one he and I shared back then. As it is in Hollywood, my romance life was horrible. I never had a stable guy who loved me for me. It was always a publicity stunt. And if I told you of half the guys I dated, you would be amazed.
But it all changed the day I got the call to do a Harry Potter film.
It was so out of my field of acting, I'm a strict action and historical type ofgirl. I got my first big part with the Lord of the Rings, then the X-Men, and then The Pirates of the Carribean right after another. I'm a mixed martial artist, a boxer and an avid archer and I was asked to play a teacher for a wizard school. My manager told me against it, but I wanted to do something out of my area. I wanted to be able to let someone else "save the day". I didn't mind being a supporting character and looked forward to doing a popular children's novel.
So when it was time to film the movie (it was the third one by the way...Azkaban), I felt the same way I did all those years ago when I did my first film. I was a 30 year old woman, in the prime of my acting career, with more wins and nominations then most actors see in their entire life, scared, because of this film. I couldn't believe it, I just kept thinking back to my first film, back to those words Gary used to whisper in my ear before each scene, "Don't let it bother you. Its never really important if you miss, its if you let them know your scared thats bad. If you think your strong, then so will everyone else. So just breathe." He always made me feel strong and talented.
Then it hit me, I saw Gary sitting in the conference room where stars meet eachother before the official filming. When he looked up at me, he had this huge smile on his face, but I couldn't move. It was like I was starstruck, I, who has acted in King Arthur with Clive Owen, was at a loss for words. I couldn't even speak to him when he stood up and came to me, I didn't do anything until I heard his beautiful voice whisper those same words he said to me 17 years ago, "Just Breathe." Thats when I melted. I threw my arms around his neck and breathed in his smell while he wrapped his arms around my waist and held me tightly. It wasn't until we pulled apart and he whiped a tear from my face that I knew I was crying. I couldn't believe that after all of these years, he would remember me and that I would become so emotional.
After the meeting, he and I went to a small cafe' in London to catch up on everything we had done since seeing each other. Of course he had done so many films : The Fifth Element, Lost in Space, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Dracula, Immortal Beloved (which I told him was my Favorite) and so many others.
He was so amazed at my acting in my first blockbuster film The Fellowship of the Rings and knew right then that I had a beautiful acting career ahead of me. But he wondered whyI hadn't gone into large movies sooner, Gary always praised me on my acting in our small movie and he said it mind boggling why I hadn't gotten any more expansive rolls. When I told him I used the money from that film to finish college he was so proud.
We must have sat for hours talking, but it was so good to hear his voice again and to see him again.
There's something about that man that many of you don't know, his eyes sparkle when he laughs. Its very slight and you have to be concentrating on his eyes for a long time to see it, but when he smiles or is happy, his eyes have this beautiful shine to them and I remembered that day, that I loved it.
When we left we made a deal with eachother to meet up again and to never loose touch with eachother.
That was five years ago, and I must say, that movie was my saving grace. That movie got Gary back into my life and we've been married ever since.
He had always been the one true man for me and I am so glad I took a chance on that low budge film so long ago.

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