Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


1. Gary Oldman 1

~“Dad, she’s really cool. I’m so excited for you to meet her. She’s my partner in film class, which is great, because you know that I can’t draw to save my life and she does all our storyboards.” I listened to my eldest son ramble on about his new friend he met in college.
Honestly though? We live in Los Angeles…he makes a new friend every day.
“Dad? Dad? Are you there?” he said bringing me out of my thoughts.
“Yes, Alfie, I’m here. I just got distracted for a moment.” I said, closing my eyes and pinching the bridge of my nose.
“Geez dad. Are you going senile on me?” he teased and I smiled.
“Ha. Ha. Ha. So when are you getting here?” I asked him.
I love my children…I really do…but every single one of them are scattered brained.
A trait I claim they inherit from their mothers, but in reality…they probably get it from me.
“We’ll be there tonight. Ellie’s packing right now…well along with cursing me for springing it on her at the last minute.” He chuckled.
“Well, son, she might have wanted to go see her family for Christmas.” I reasoned with him.
“Dad, her family is in a whole different country. She said she’s not going home for two weeks for that, because it’ll make it harder to leave again.” He said.
“Right, well, I guess I understand. Where is she from?” I asked, but Alfie being Alfie…
“Ellie, there’s no way you can shut that! You do realize you’re tiny right?!?” he laughed at his friend.
I heard a thud of something then a dial tone and I assumed his friend probably threw something at him for his comment.
I shook my head, laughing at my son and his new friend…well this should be interesting.
Alfie and Ellie
I narrowed my blue eyes at the zipper in my hand and puffed my cheeks out, blowing the short dark brown hair out of my face.
I was currently sitting on my suitcase attempting to zip it…again.
The first time Alfie made his smart remark…I lost my concentration and it promptly flung me off and onto the floor.
Look, it’s not my fault.
I’m little…I’m only 5’3” and I don’t exactly got a whole lot of meat on my bones…so I’m pretty easily discarded.
Do you know how shameful that is?
A 21 year old college art student completely whipped…by her suitcase.
Wow…that’s quite low.
Care to know where I’m going?
Well Alfie, my new bestie, my partner in film class and continuous pain in my arse has invited me home with him for Christmas vacation.
Well, I believe the correct explanation is that he showed up at my flat, err, I guess apartment is what they call it here…
Anyway he shows up at my apartment, tells me that I’m not spending Christmas at home and demands that I go home with him.
Which, of course, I’m grateful someone cares enough about me to not want me to spend the holidays alone.
And of course I think it’s really sweet but would you care to know who Alfie’s father is?
Well, I’ll tell you who…it’s Gary Oldman.
Oh my freaking gosh…
I’ll be so awkward.
I know, I will.
Oh, now I’m missing my long hair…at least then I could hide behind it but that’s long gone now.
Ugh…why did I have to do this?
“Ellie! You can’t shut that!” Alfie snapped at me once he’d recovered from laughing his arse off, rolling on the floor.
Stupid git…he’d better be glad that I’m preoccupied with this.
He pushed me off the suitcase and onto the bed, which made the flap spring open on said suitcase and I glared at him.
He reached in, grabbing a book on Elizabethan art and shoved it in my messenger bag then zipped the suitcase up.
“If you absolutely must have it, that’s where it’ll have to be.” He grinned slightly, moving my luggage and my bag by the door.
I just stared at him shocked for a moment…shocked and slightly infuriated that I hadn’t thought of that.
He laughed shortly, “Now go get ready. I’m going to put my stuff in the car. I’ll be around to get you in about half an hour and we’ll load up your stuff and head home.” He said shutting the door behind him.
I fell back against my bed, before rocketing into my closet.
Well, I have to make myself presentable don’t I?
“Dad. Dad. Dad! When’s Alfie getting here?” Charlie said, tugging on my arm.
“Later, son. He and his friend are getting here some time tonight.” I explained to my youngest.
Gulliver smirked from his spot on the sofa and I raised my eyebrow at him, “What?”
“Alfie and his girly friend.” He sneered and I rolled my eyes at them. “You two be nice…though if she’s friends with Alfie, I’m sure she’s used to weird behavior.”
“Dad! Do your Sirius Black thing again.” Charlie pleaded and I smiled down at him.
“What Sirius Black thing, Charlie? Which one?” I asked, smiling slightly.
“You know! With Snape!” he said.
“Why don’t you run along and play with your chemistry set?” I said to him and he fell into a fit of giggles.
Alfie and Ellie
“Stroke!” Alfie and I cheered along with the music of Billy Squire’s “The Stroke”.
“You know we’re really sick for loving this song.” I said.
“Why?” he asked confused, while he kept dancing in his seat…which slightly unnerved me considering he was driving.
“Because it’s about wanking off, Alfie!” I screeched.
“Oh my god! It is!” he exclaimed and I looked at him disbelievingly.
“How did you not know that?” I laughed.
“I don’t know! I was just liking the music!” he defended, his cheeks flaming pink.
He changed the song and Aerosmith’s “Ragdoll” came on.
“That’s not much better, Alfie.” I laughed.
“Shut up!” he said staring out the window at the darkening sky.
“Are we anywhere near your house yet?” I asked.
“Yeah, it’s right there. The white house with blue shutters.” He said and I raised an eyebrow.
“Alfie, they’re all white with blue shutters. You live in suburbia.” I said
“Ok, fine. It’s the one that says Oldman on the mailbox, smartass.” He smirked and I thumped him on the ear.
“Dad! Dad! They’re here!” Charlie shouted from his place, peeking out the window.
I moved over there along with Gulliver.
I saw Alfie get out and open the door of his yellow hummer for the girl.
Good boy, at least he hasn’t forgotten his manners…even if I don’t get why he has to drive that thing.
It looks like a bumblebee.
“She’s hot.” Gulliver said, glancing up from his game and I tapped the back of his head.
“Do not say that, when she comes in” I told him warningly.
Alfie and Ellie
“Need some help?” Alfie smirked at me as I attempted to pull our luggage out.
I placed one foot on the back of car and pulled.
“Here, let me help you with that.” Came the accented voice I’d come to know very well from his movies.
“Oh, thank you so much. Apparently Alfie doesn’t share your kindness.” I said glaring at the lanky boy, leaning against his obnoxious canary yellow hummer.
“Only because you never let anyone help you.” He said and hugged a little boy who came running outside and nodded to an older teenage boy who flicked his eyes from his game, up to us briefly before once again focusing on his game.
“I’m Gary, by the way. Aflie’s father.” He said extending his hand.
I took his hand and opened my mouth to respond…but Alfie being Alfie, cut me off, “Oh, she knows who you are, Dad. Biggest fan ever. I kinda dread going to see her because most of her movies consist of you…or David. It’s amazing that someone can get so excited about seeing “The Boy In The Stripped Pajamas.” He said.
"I had to watch that for a report on the Holocaust!" You should be a little more considerate...and it was a really interesting movie!" I defended myself, complete with a pout and stomping my foot, noticing Gary seemed a little taken back...either from my tantrum or my accent.
I guess he was expecting an American Girl.
"Whatever, it was depressing as fuck." Alfie mumbled.
"Alfie, language." Gary said warningly with a worried glance towards his youngest, but he couldn't hide the smile at our bickering.
"Sorry." he mumbled as I smiled slightly...so he flicked me on the ear.
"Let's get these in the house, shall we?" Gary said grabbing our attention.
"Right. I'm Ellie, by the way." I said slinging my bag over my shoulder while Gary carried my suitcase and we left Alfie to tend to his own.
"Nice to meet you, Ellie. So I guess you're from across the pond. Where are you from?" he asked me, his blue eyes twinkling.
"Oh, I'm originally from Liverpool but I moved out here when my mum died." I said.
His smile fell a little. "Oh, I'm so sorry."
"It's alright. She had cancer. I mean that doesn't make it any easier but we knew it was coming. She fought it for a long time but she decided she wanted to do Hospice so she could die in the house my dad built for them when I was just a baby. She was very happy when she went...surrounded by everyone who loved her." I said.
"That's one way to go, I suppose." he said.
"Yeah, I miss her a lot, but I know she's in a better place now. My dad's taking up traveling recently and I moved over here to go to school. I mean, I'm glad he's getting out and doing well. So I decided I needed to get a change of scenery and apparently it's just what I needed. I'll be graduating this year and maybe I'll go back home for a bit, you know." I rambled on. "Sorry, I'm quite a daddy's girl."
"It's not a problem love. I's sweet that you're so close with your father. I remember when I was younger...you know ages ago." he laughed. "Anyway, my mum would always tell me to pay attention to how a girl treats her father and you'll know how she'll treat you. if she treats him with no respect, then she'll have no respect for men and therefore none for you. If she admires him and loves him, she'll know that the right man will treasure a woman as she'll love you...just so long as you're good to women like I taught you." he finished mimicking his mother.
We laughed together.
"I suppose that makes sense." I said.
"Yes, I just wished I'd taken her advice a little more seriously before I got married and divorced four times." he laughed.
I smiled, "Yeah, I'm sorry about that. Alfie said you'd just recently gotten divorced from...oh, what's her name? Alfie told me this but I'm horrible with names. Alexandra? Was that it?" I said.
He smiled at me and once again, brushing my short hair out of my face, "Let's not talker about her, ok?"
I nodded, "Alright."

5 Months Later


"I'm gonna miss you, you little pixie." Alfie grumbled tugging on the graduation cap.
I pulled it off my head, "I'll so glad to be done with all that. I had enough of all that formal crap."
He chuckled, "Really though, I will."
I smiled at him pulling the tall, lanky boy down in my arms for a moment.
"Alfie, I'll only be gone for a week or so. I'm just going home to see my dad for a bit and then he's going on a cruise and I'm coming home and getting to work." I said, shaking my head at my friend.
"Ellie!" We heard from somewhere behind him.
He turned and I looked around him to see little Charlie rocketing through the crowd until he collided with me, locking his arms around my waist.
I picked him up and balanced him on my hip, "Hello love."
He smiled, locking his little arms around my neck, "Daddy says you're gonna leave for a little while."
I threw a glare at the gorgeous older man as he approached us with Gulliver in tow.
He just smiled and shrugged his shoulders.
I looked down at the child, who's big blue eyes were now watery, "Oh Charlie, it's just for a week or so. I'm going to visit my dad for a bit and then I'll be back to play with you." I said tickling his tummy.
He giggled for a moment before burying his head in the crook of my neck, "No! I don't want you to go."
"Hey, Charlie, buddy. Want me to show you the fountain>" Alfie said, saving me from the caving I was about to do.
I've never been able to tell a child no.
maybe I'll outsmart them or make things a game so I get my way, but I didn't see anyway out of this one.
Charlie's eyes lit up. "Yeah!"
I let him down and Alfie carted him off before turning back, "Hey Gulliver! They have a gamer's room here too."
The teenager's face was priceless and he sped off after his brothers.
We laughed at them and I tossed the hat down on the chair beside me before pulling the black robe off and smoothing out the material of my short blue dress.
"Well congratulations, Ellie." Gary said pulling me into a hug.
I pulled away and thought I saw something in his eyes, but of course me being me...I let it go.


"Dad!" I heard one of my children yell.
I rubbed my eyes, staring at the picture of Ellie and Charlie that sat on my desk.
It was early spring then.
Her and Alfie had come down for the weekend and she'd taken Charlie outside.
She swirled him around on her hip.
"Sing Ellie. Sing me a song." he demanded and she sat down on the swing and he laid his little head down on her leg and she smoothed his hair.
"If I should stay...Well I will only be in your way and so I'll go and yet I know that I'll think of you each step of the way. And I will always love you. I will always love you." she sang to hi.. "Bittersweet memories. It's all I have and all I'm taking with me. Goodbye. Aw, please don't cry cause we both know that I'm not what you need but I will always love you. I will always love you."
He looked up at her and she smiled down at him.
That's when Alfie snapped the picture.
"Dad!" Alfie shouted and I snapped out of it, looking over to my son.
His eyes flickered to the picture and he smiled, "You should've told her, dad, but it's not too late. She's still at the airport. I'll watch the boys."
I just looked at him for a moment.
"Dad, I know you love her and it's no secret that she does too. Go." he said, tossing me the keys to his car.


I was sitting at the airport occasionally kicking my suitcase.
I really didn't want to go home even if it was, just for two weeks.
I mean I love my dad, but ever since I saw Gary...that something in his eyes...it just didn't feel right to leave.
A glint of yellow caught my eye and I noticed that obnoxious yellow hummer.
I swear if Alfie makes a scene...I'll kill him.
I turned and stared at my hands waiting for my freakshow of a best friend to make himself known.
"Ellie?" I heard the clipped accent and I looked up to see Gary.
"Gary? What are you doing here?" I said confused.
"Just listen to me for a moment alright. I've got something I really need to say." he said and continued, taking my silence as a go ahead. "You know as well as I do that I've had my fair share of romance. I've been married, divorced. I've taken things for granted and I've had my heart broken. I lost hope there for awhile especially after Alexandra but I've moved on. I realized that when love isn't in our lives...it's on it's way. It's kind of like when you know you're having mates over for dinner at five. You don't spend the day messing up the house. No, you prepare which is exactly what you need to do for love. I spent months attempting to prepare myself for love that I might be lucky enough to find. I thought I was just upset or delusional or maybe senile to think that this amazing young woman could like me for me. And all this time...it WAS you that was the love on it's way. I just couldn't see it and was too stupid to do anything once I had. Look Charlie's all tore up about you leaving and so is Gulliver and Alfie though they won't admit it and I most certainly am. I know it's only a few weeks and then you'll be back but just please don't go. Let's all go together sometime and get to meet your dad...as a family." he said smiling.
I hadn't realized it, but my eyes were watering and I just attacked him in a hug.
"So, I'll take that as a yes?" he said smiling.
I nodded against his shoulder.
He pulled away and pressed his lips to mine.
"I love you, Ellie. God help me, but I do." he said.
I sniffed and he wiped my tears away, "I," I interrupted myself with a hiccup. "I love you too."
He smiled adoringly at me before enveloping me in a hug.
So off we rode into the California sunset.
On our trusty steed...the bumblebee.
Quite the fairy tale, isn't it?

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