Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


267. Ed Sheeran 9

~“Yeah, I’m on my way,” you say, guiding the small lent car through Los Angeles’ traffic.
“OK, he’ll be done in about half an hour, maybe a bit longer, you can park somewhere backstage, the security knows you’re coming, you just need to show your ID,” Marks says on the other line.
You nod, even though he can’t see you. “Alright, see you later?” You come to a halt at a red light, tapping your fingers on the steering wheel.
“Probably, Ed doesn’t know you’re coming, but yeah, it’s good you are. He needs some rest, he’s not really himself lately. You take care of him for a couple of days, right?”
“Course I will,” you reply, not really offended, but slightly irritated. “What d'you mean not himself?” The light turns green and you continue driving through the streets that are so much bigger than the ones you are used to back in Europe.
You talked with Ed on the phone this morning, he seemed normal to you, sounded a bit tired maybe. “I don’t know, he’s grumpy and stuff. Sure, he’s gotten good at acting for public, but he needs some rest, you know how he is. He would do 24 hour sets if he could and still find a way to cramp all the promo stuff in between,” you nod again. “Yeah I know. OK, I’ll be there soon. See you later.”
“Later, Nika.” You hang up and lay the phone back on the passenger’s seat.
20 Minutes later you pull up at the venue, the securities let you in without problems and you park the Mini next to a fancy black limo.
When you get out of the car you can hear the noise from inside. The cheering and screaming and occasionally you can even hear his voice, even though you can’t make out the words.
You debate going in and waiting there but that would mean facing people and interacting with them and you’re not in the mood, it’d be exhausting.
You find a small wall, where you can sit comfortably with your legs dangling off. The door, a couple of meters in front of you which is leading to the backstage area, is made out of glass and you can see inside.
People are walking by but since Ed’s still on stage, there isn’t much going on. So, you fish out a cigarette, light it, and wait.
The air is cool, it’s a nice night, a small breeze ruffles through your mostly pink dyed hair. You take your phone and text Mark, telling him you’re outside, waiting. Then you check your other messages and talk with some people over twitter and tumblr. You call your brother, telling him you’re fine and healthy and that you’ve eaten enough.
When you look up you can hear people talking and calling outside, probably in front of the venue.
So the show is over then. Some more time passes by before people are coming out at the backstage door too. You recognize no one, probably all staff from the venue.
You stub out the cigarette and look up.
There he stands, profile to you, phone in hand typing something. He hasn’t even showered yet, his hair and shirt all wet with sweat, a towel around his neck. His colorful arm is holding his phone up to his ear and a second later yours starts vibrating on the wall next to you, Ed’s face flashing on the screen. You smile and pick it up.
“Hey,” you say.
“Hey.” He sounds exhausted. You look at him. He’s still inside, you can see him clearly, but he’s not looking at you. He rubs his face with his other hand, smiling slightly. “I, um, am I disturbing you? I can call back later.”
“No, it’s fine, I’m free. What’s up?” you ask, still smiling.
“OK, cool. Not much, just finished the LA show, I’m not even showered yet, but I wanted to hear your voice, I miss you.” He sighs.
“I miss you too. How was the show?” you ask. You can see him rummage in his jeans pocket, then pulling out a cigarette and a lighter, he starts walking towards the door. “It was great actually, I had a lot of fun, you should’ve seen it, the people in LA are awesome, they knew every word!”
You giggle. “That’s cool.” You love it when he is talking about his shows, he gets so full of excitement and it makes you happy.
He pushes the door open and walks outside. “So when do we see us again?” You can hear and see the shy smile in his voice. It’s cute, you’ve been together for over two years now and been on and off even longer and he still is so excited when it comes to you.
“Probably soon, but first you really should shower or maybe not. I like how your hair is all tousled from the sweat, sticking up in every direction, it’s sexy, and that shirt, isn’t it fan made?” You’re pretty sure he showed this shirt to you a couple of weeks ago, telling you with a fat smile on his face that a fan had made this particularly for him.
“What?” His head shoots up and he’s looking around for a couple of seconds before he spots you. You hang up, put the phone back in your pocket and give him a small wave, grinning.
First he just stands there, like he has forgotten how to walk, but then seems to remember it again and it is only a matter of seconds before he’s hugging you. Your arms find the way around his shoulders to hug him back.
Due to the wall you’re sitting on you’re slightly taller than him, his face leaning against your collarbone.
“Hey there,” you say quietly, rubbing his back. His arms tighten around you and you feel him nodding. Over his shoulder you can see Mark coming down the stairs at the door, you just smile at him and he nods, leaving with the other crew members.
“What are you doing here?” He asks, now looking at you. He has dark bags under his eyes and just genuinely seems like he needs 25 hours of sleep.
“I’m picking you up, Sunshine, you have three days off and I have some Chinese and this Harry Potter Lego Set that I’d love to build.”
He nods his head quickly, taking your face in his hands and giving you a long kiss. “I love you,” he says after he pulls back.
“I know.” You pad his shoulder and kiss his nose. He laughs and then helps you get off the wall.
“You got a car?” he asks as you walk towards the brown Mini. “Yeah, I lent it. Need to give it back on Saturday. It’s just so sad, that I can’t bring my baby to the U.S. But this will do.”
You get in and pull out of the parking lot of the venue and follow the instructions on the navigation system to his hotel.
When you’re stopping at a red light you glance at Ed for a second. “Are you asleep?” you laugh.
“’M not.” He mumbles and rubs his eyes. “It’s just been a hell of a week; I didn’t get a lot of sleep.” You just nod and start driving again. There wasn’t much traffic with it being Wednesday and rather late at night.
You fall silent again and the next time you look at him his head is leaning on the window and his eyes are closed. Sighing, you continue driving not bothering to wake him. He has his arms crossed over his chest, shoulder and head against the window, his head lulling forward a little. It’s utterly adorable.
15 Minutes later you arrive at the hotel. “Ed,” you say as you slightly pat him. “Come on, we’re here.” You get out of the car. He rubs his eyes again and clumsily gets out of the car too.
“So, you are staying here?” you ask as you take a look at the hotel. It was big, probably some 40 floors high. You glance down. The entrance hall looks quite cozy. “Yep.” He smiles and gets his rucksack and your bags out and then takes your hand. He’s leading you to the elevators, nodding to the staff working at the reception. The ride up the 35th floor is quick and quiet.
He fishes out the card key and opens the door, letting you go inside first.
You pull your shoes off and enter a small corridor which leads to the living room. “Pretty nice.” You state and walk to the big window. You can see Los Angeles from up here and it’s beautiful with all its lights glowing in the dark, illuminating everything.
You turn around. There is a comfy looking sofa to your right pointing at the big screen TV on the other side of the room. The floor is carpentered and everything is in white and light brown. You let your gaze wander, there are two doors, probably leading to a bath and bed room. Your eyes land on Ed, he’s leaning at the door frame leading to the corridor you were just coming from. He is still in his shirt from the show and his eyes are looking even more tired than before but he is watching you with this wonderful smile on his face and it just melts your heart whenever you catch him looking at you like this. You smile back and set down the bags on the small sofa table.
“So, I prepare the food while you take a shower?” you ask, searching through the small kitchenette attached to the living room for some plates and forks.
“Yeah, OK,” he says, scratching the back of his head while retrieving a towel and some fresh boxers from the suitcase that stands unpacked on the floor by the sofa. He leaves the bath room door open and you can hear him stripping off his clothes and getting in the shower.
“So, why are you here?” He asks as he flops down on the couch besides you. He takes the plate with his food and starts eating.
“I need a reason?” you laugh. He shakes his head. “No, I mean, I know you’re on your own tour and do you even have time? Aren’t you supposed to, you know, ink all the skin in the world?” His mouth is full and you’re wondering how he is even able to talk.
“I am a guest artist in a studio here in L.A., starting Friday, so I have some spare time. I planned my tour with some more off-days than you, because I planned it myself.” You giggle and stuck your tongue out at him. He smiles with his full mouth.
You love this. Sitting down with him, eating, doing normal stuff, just the two of you. When you were younger you did this all the time, it was something so normal, eating with Ed. It’s rare these days.
When you’re done eating you get up and take his hand. “Come on, time for bed.”
“I’m not even tired yet.” he yawns and you poke him in his side, laughing. He flinches and grabs your arm, pulling you closer, and hugging you.
“You need some sleep, Teddy,” you mumble against his chest. His chin leans on your head and you feel him nod. He sighs. “I’m not sleeping well these days,” he murmurs and you tighten your grip around him. “Why not?” You ask, your face still against his chest. Shrugging, he lets go and wanders towards the bed. You look after him, suddenly leaping up, and tackling him onto the bed from behind. With a loud yelp, he lands face-first on the pillows, you straddling his back. “What the hell?” He calls, laughing, trying, in a poor attempt, to shake you off.
You touch his back, waiting for him to stay still and then start caressing his skin, slightly drawing patterns across him, occasionally scratching softly with your nails. He stops wiggling and sighs.
“This feels nice.”
“No wonder you don’t sleep, you need to relax some more, you’re all tense.” You start to massage his back, kneading the muscles under his pale skin. Touching all of his freckles and caressing over the tattoos on his arms. Soft moans leave his mouth, while you’re moving your hands over his skin, running your fingers over the baby hairs on his neck.
His face is lying on the pillow and you can see one closed eye and half of his mouth, which is slightly open. You’re now at his lower back, working there, and then back up to his shoulders.
“This is really, really nice,” he mumbles into the pillow and you smile at him, pat his back and lay down beside him, grazing his skin with your fingertips. You can see goose bumps break out where you touch him.
He has a small, content smile on the half of his lips you can see. Soon you feel his breath even out and becoming slow and constant. You pull the duvet over the both of you and kiss the top of his head.
You awake the next morning due to the nagging feeling of being watched. You open one eye and see Ed lying beside you, his blue orbs trained on your face. They are half closed, a lazy smile on his lips. The duvet is pulled up to his chin and he is just laying there, watching you. The sun is already up and its rays fall on his face making everything look kind of soft and pastel. His freckles stand out and you resist the urge to touch them.
“What?” you ask, voice still full of sleep. He just smiles. “Have you been watching me?” you raise your eyebrows and he just smiles even more and nods cheekily, drawing the duvet up even more, hiding his face under it.
You roll on your side, pushing the blanket back down, so you can see him again. “You know that’s totally cliché. And corny. Totally corny.”
“Shut up.” he mumbles in a raspy voice and brings his hand up to pull your hair back behind your ear, caressing your face and neck while doing so. It feels nice. His touches are always soft and delicate; like he is afraid you might crumble underneath him. Which you never will, you may be tiny but you’re not made out of glass.
He draws you nearer with his hand on your neck and brings his lips to yours, touching them and kissing you like he always does. He rolls half on top of you, prodding himself up with his other arm. You don’t mind the not-yet-brushed teeth and sink into the kiss, tasting him.
He is warm all over, his lips are soft and warm, his skin is warm, the way he holds you is warm. Whenever you’re with him you feel warm and safe and you only realize how much you actually miss him in situations like this. This is like all you ever want. Him, with you in the morning, fooling around and having fun.
You can feel his morning erection brushing your thigh and you can’t help but grin into his mouth.
You let your hand wander down from his shoulder, over his sides and butt, to his thigh. He makes a soft sound while still kissing you, his attention never leaving your mouth.
He rolls off you on his back, dragging you with him so you’re now laying half on top of him, his hands start roaming your body, feeling your breasts and curves.
You skim your hand over the bulge in his sweatpants, lightly brushing over it and his hips come up to meet you, so you rub back and forth a bit. A quite throaty sound leaves his mouth. You love all the sounds he makes no matter if he’s talking, singing, screaming, whispering, laughing or, like now, responding to your touches.
His arms tighten around you and you can feel him grin wide while you kiss.
“What?” you ask, pulling away. He’s following you with his head, pressing his lips to yours shortly and then letting his head fall back on the pillow. Blue eyes watch you, a big smile still on his face.
“This is just the best way to wake up, don’t you think?” You huff a laugh and giggle. “Yeah, it’s totally not creepy waking up to someone watching you like a hawk, my favorite thing to do actually.”
He laughs and nudges you. “Sorry, Pingu, but you were just so adorable with you hair all over the place and your mouth open, you even drooled.” You slap him on his chest, grinning. “Shut up, I didn’t drool!” He is laughing even harder now. “OK, OK, no you didn’t.”
He’s bringing his head back up to yours and starts kissing you again, greedily, but you can still feel his smile.
You bring your hand back to his pants and start moving in circles over is erection, fondling the tip of his penis through the material. The denim is a little damp already.You move from his mouth along his jaw, leaving kisses on your way. His stubble is prickling your skin. You’re lightly breathing over the skin on his neck, humming into his ear. You bite there softly and a heavy sigh leaves his throat. He wiggles his hips and helps you, pushing his pants down so he is now laying completely naked under you.
You sit up and get off the bed. “Where’re you goin’?” he mumbles. “Right back.” you just say. You find one of your bags and produce a small tube of lubricant gel and a pack of tissues out of it. You sit back down beside him. He’s watching you, following your moves while sucking on his bottom lip.
“Relax.” you whisper and lay your left hand on his chest, sitting beside him. “Nika…” he whines.
“Patience, Sunshine, you’ll have your happy ending, I promise.” With a light thud, his head falls back on the pillow and he just lays there, waiting for whatever you want to do with him.
You unscrew the lid of the tube and squirt a little gel on your fingers, rubbing your hands so it gets warm.
You take his penis in your hand and start a slow motion, starting at the base and stroking up to the tip, and then back. You hear him breathing and one of his hands find your hip.
You work up a slow rhythm until he is breathing heavier, his hips coming up, thrusting to meet you.
With every stroke the head of his penis disappears into your palm and then comes back out. It’s mesmerizing and something you’ll get never tired of watching.
It’s slick and warm because of the gel and you caress his thigh with your other hand, touching his balls and lightly tugging on them, feeling the wriggly skin. You hear him take a breath and turn to look at him. His head lies on the pillow on his side, eyes closed and the hand that’s not on your hip is slightly kneading the duvet.
You go back to concentrating on his penis and begin to pump faster, moving your fist mostly on the top of his shaft, while your other hand starts to pump at the bottom half, both of your hands now moving up and down. You hear him moan loudly as his hips buckle. He tenses and you’ve stuck your thumb out so whenever you’re moving up, it’s wiping over the tip. He’s groaning now, and you know he is close.
His body is laying besides you, his chest heaving up and down with his loud breathing, a little sweat has formed on his forehead, his cheeks are slightly flushed, the red color creeping down to his neck. He is so fucking sexy.
His penis hardens a bit more and you can feel the veins under the delicate skin.
“Fuuck.” he pants, the muscles under his belly tense and when he starts to cum the first shot spurts on his chest while he’s groaning, and his fingers on your hip grip you tightly. He is breathing little “ah, ah” sounds and your movements become slower, cum dripping over your hands and on his thighs. He whimpers slightly when you stroke him one more time, wringing out the last drops of cum.
You let go of his penis and clean your hands with the tissues.
“This is really just the best way to wake up,” he murmurs, smiling with his eyes still closed. You giggle and feel his hand on your hip tugging on you, to lay beside him. You comply and settle yourself down. He shifts so he is laying on his side, dragging an arm over you and placing his head in the crook of your neck. He plants a kiss on your shoulder and sighs.
A couple of minutes later you can feel his soft, constant breathing on your skin and once again you maneuver the duvet above the both of you, deciding that some more hours of sleep won’t hurt anybody.

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