Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


264. Ed Sheeran 6 Part 4

~Alex's POV: Friday 2:45 PM
At the mall with Ed. Worst choice ever. Why? Because he dragged me into nearly every store, & made me buy a shit load of things I didn't need! The only stores I didn't mind were Converse, Vans, Spencer's, & Hot Topic.
"Ooo, Ed can I get this? Please?" I begged dragging out the 'e'. Ed turned away from the band bracelets, I always did get my bracelets from Hot Topic.
"What is it?" He asked squinting at the CD I presented him.
"It's Avenged Sevenfold's newest album, Hail to the King," I explained as Ed examined the cover. He said yes, reluctantly. I yipped in joy, did a victory dance, & almost knocked over some 90 year old woman- for who the record had no right to be in that store. Ed apologized for me, since I scared her & me, & automatically hid behind him. After that incident we decided it was time to go check out the food court.
"What do you wanna eat?" Ed asked eyes scanning for an available table. I shrugged. "Pizza?" My eyes widened & a smile stretched across my face. "Kay, be right back, find us a table." I nodded & watched him walk away for a few seconds, one thought running through my mind, 'Buy Ed tighter jeans.'
"Uh, excuse me? You're Ed's girlfriend right- Ed Sheeran's?" A small petite blonde asked me nervously. It wasn't a secret, well to Ed Sheeran fans, there were photos all over Twitter, Facebook, & the internet in general of us. I nodded, she smiled small. "Good, can I have you're autograph?" She asked holding out a pencil & paper.
I nodded dumbly, "Yea, of course. What's you're name?" I asked jotting down my signature, along with a small message.
"Victoria," she replied taking a seat with me. I finished signing the small notepad.
"So, Victoria, why my signature?" I had to ask.
"Because, I like you. Why don't you become a musician? You're like, talented." She said.
"I'm part time, I help Ed with his songs s'all. But, I don't become full time because I'm just not that out there. I get nervous on stage," I muttered to her.
"Bullshit! If you hadn't told me that, I'd think you're a natural!" Victoria said making a smile form on my face. "Do the world a favor Alex, sing, & make music. What's the worst that could happen?" She questioned. She did have a valid point, nothing could really go wrong.
"Alright, I will. Thanks for pestering me, I wouldn't have done this otherwise," I said honest. Ed popped up with the pizza, he cocked a brow at the blonde.
"Who's this?" He asked setting down the tray.
"This is Victoria. You already know Ed," I introduced. Victoria smiled & shook Ed's outstretched hand.
"Pleasure," she said politely.
"So what were you two talking about?" Ed asked taking a bite of pepperoni pizza, the grease splashing on his lips. I rolled my eyes.
"Victoria here thinks I should be apart of the music industry," I summed up. Ed's blue eyes bulged out his skull.
"Finally! Finally someone convinced you, thank god!" He exclaimed startling both Victoria & I. She gave me a raised brow.
"I guess he's been at it awhile?" She questioned. I nodded, & took a sip of my soda. "Well, I'm glad I could be of some assistance. Now, if you excuse me, I must be leaving." She said in the utmost respect, saying goodbye as she departed.
"Oh my god, I think I should kiss you right now," Ed said happily. I raised both brows as if surprised by the suggestion.
"What's stopping you lover boy?" I retorted. He leaned over, pressing his lips to mine. I wasn't the least bit surprised when he pulled away, & my breath smelled, & tasted like pepperonis. I dug into my pizza, loving the fresh, warm tomato sauce on my taste buds. We ate in relative silence, focused on the sounds around us, or our pizza. I threw away our trash, & Ed gave me a quick hug from behind. He'd been in a better mood since we finally had sex, I forgot how good it felt. How right.
"To home?" Ed asked from the crook of my neck.
"Uh, Brendon wanted me to stop by. Brendon Urie, from Panic! at the Disco," I said trying to jog his memory. Ed made the 'oh' face & wished to accompany me.
Brendon's House: 3:54 PM
I "wasn't" shocked to find Fall Out Boy at Brendon's house. I "wasn't" fangirling to the max. And I "wasn't" blushing when Pete flirted with me. What I truly wasn't aware of was the huge paintball war happening, inside & out of Brendon's home. Ed ducked behind the sofa & I was shot twice in the side.
"Cease fire! There are innocent civilians in the war zone!" Came Brendon's familiar voice. I'd known Brendon for as almost as long as I had been dating Ed. I met the hyperactive singer at some party, & we hit it off "smashing" as Mr.Ryan Ross put it. His lanky form revealed itself from his hiding place, which was a glass table flipped over. He was decked out in paintball gear from head to toe, he pulled up his goggles, & smiled at me.
"What the hell is going on?" I asked ignoring Pete's gaze from over Brendon's shoulder. My cheeks still aflame for the record. Brendon looked around like even he didn't know what was going on.
"Well, Pete brought a paintball gun... well a ton. And yea, Pete's fault completely." Brendon summed up. Pete smirked at me, hazel eyes wide with interest.
"She's on my team!" Pete exclaimed & tossed me a gun. I caught it, with difficulty. Brendon's eyes widened & he quickly ran off, leaving his team in confusion.
"She's a paintball warrior!" Ryan screeched & followed after Brendon, who was now tripping over his own feet as he clambered up the stairs. Everyone's eyes widened as they landed on me, no one moved.
"Here, you'll need this," Pete said & tossed me a helmet. It was complete with it's own neon green Mohawk down the middle, & face cover. "All our teammates are wearing the same, helmet that is." He said before pushing his goggles back down.
"Ed? You gonna play, or what?" I asked challengingly. He held up his hands & decided to go upstairs.
"No, not getting my ass handed to me again," he said as he closed, & locked a door.
Pete grinned at me cheekily, "Ready?" He asked loading his weapon.
I nodded, "Ready Wentz," and flipped down my mask.
To say the least- the war- it was brutal. So many people were injured, along with; upturned tables, broken picture frames & vases, the walls in the house caked with dried paint splatters, & outside was no better. Not to mention in the kitchen was the worse, knives- butter knives- were embedded into the walls. Which was all Pete's idea, saying 'we won't hit them, just use it as a warning we mean business.'
"Oh my Jesus, Pete! I swear you are stupid at times, you could've killed someone!" Ryan scolded the small bassist. I gazed at the man, yes he was short to me as well, because I was an inch taller than him. Pete looked at the knives, shrugging.
"But did I?" He retorted. Dallon shot him a glare as he dropped the pillow with a knife sticking out of it. Ryan had tossed him the pillow, & he blocked an incoming knife with it. Pete gave Dallon a grin, "Did you die?"
Dallon snorted, "I think my heart stopped beating for like, five seconds." He said flipping him off.
"Pete just apologize," Patrick spoke quietly from behind Ed & I. I jumped, unaware he was there. Pete sighed.
"I'm sorry Ryan. I was being a little careless," he mumbled. Ryan nodded, accepting the apology.
Dallon gapped at them, "A little careless? You near speared my face you douche!" He whined. Andy & I laughed quietly.
"Oh be quiet, you prissy bitch," Pete bit back. "I'll have Alex here kick you're scrawny ass!" He said throwing an arm over my shoulder. "Right Alex?" Pete questioned me. I chuckled nervously, remaining quiet.
"Alex?" Ed murmured, I automatically freed myself from Pete's grasp & appeared by his side. My eyes voicing my concerns about his tone. He ducked his head, kissing me softly, the room fell silent. As he leaned back my cheeks heated up as I met each individual pair of eyes watching us.
"Problem?" I questioned trying at act tough. It only made them laugh. "Screw all of you." I said halfheartedly. Pete just clapped me on the back.
"Guess I can't have 'em all, eh Patrick?" He said. My eyes widened as they landed on Patrick, who was blushing like a madman.
"I'm married Pete, & yes. You can't have them all, Alex has her morals," Patrick stated matter-of-factly. Pete snorted with an eye roll.
"Morals coming from you, an atheist?" Pete teased before firing at his pale companion. Patrick's fedora flew off his head, a pink splatter of paint on the black material.
"Dammit Pete, you owe me a new hat!" Patrick grumbled as he picked up his hat.
"Any who, who wants to go party?" Ryan asked slinging both arms around the two small men, who were ready to fist fight. "I know a guy." He said mysteriously. Natural, we all agreed.
7:45 PM: That One Guy's House
I ended up pushed in the pool, by none other than the infamous Pete Wentz. I yelped as I hit the cold water, everyone else- even random people- laughed as me, but I laughed as well. I resurfaced & took in some air.
"Pete you dick!" I said as I pulled myself out the pool, "You're lucky I didn't have my phone on me!" He laughed until I hugged him, then threw him into the pool. Pete splashed, arms flailing until he calmed down. "Ha, retard." I said. He glared until it faded to a smile I couldn't describe other than a Pete smile before he shrugged & swam off.
"Alex, hey- why are you wet?" Ed asked as he appeared with a red solo cup. I glanced down at my ruined attire, then shrugged.
"Pete happened," I explained vaguely. Ed already knew what that meant so he backed off. Being me, & considering Ed never questioned my actions, he followed me as I led him to a secluded corner in the backyard.
"You really wanna do this now? I mean why not inside, in a nice, plush bed," he questioned me as I pushed him against the stone wall. I sighed as I rested my head against his chest.
"Listen, I don't want anything in return, I just wanna have some fun. Besides, you didn't think I noticed the death glares you were sending Pete. No need to be jealous-"
"I'm not-" I shushed him with a finger to his lips.
"Ed, you are, no need to be is what I'm telling you. I only have eyes for you, I always will, I always did," I said, each time I dropped my voice to a slightly lower octave. I nipped at his earlobe, making his breath catch.
"Babe, but what if-" I bit down on his neck harshly, causing him to groan.
"So what? Gives girls a reason to back off what's mine, & if Pete catches us... he'll realize who I stay true to, & that's you." I purred lowly. "Besides, we're just gonna have a hardcore make out session s'all. No harm."
"Oh? I can do that," Ed replied back, blue eyes going dark. He lifted me, I took the hint & wrapped my legs around his waist, arms around his neck as I pulled him into a harsh, all teeth, kiss. He groaned at the sudden intrusion of my tongue as I forced his teeth out the way. "Calm down." Ed said pulling away.
I pouted, "Sorry, just trying to leave marks. Visible marks." I added. Ed responded by tilting his head to the side, giving me clear access to his pale neck. I smirked as I latched on to the skin made available, & sucked on it. Savoring his distinct taste; salty, yet with some kind of lemon.
When we got home, Ed examined the dark purple marks littering his snow white skin. He glanced at me.
"Nice," he said grabbing a pillow before smacking me in the face. And so the pillow fight began...

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