Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


263. Ed Sheeran 6 Part 3

~Normal POV: Monday 10:00 AM
Ed sat comfortably on the bright orange couch, chatting quietly with some of the stage help. He was going to be interviewed this morning, & play a song for the audience, at home & attending the show. He glanced occasionally backstage, seeing Alex sitting comfortably on a small amp. Hands clasped in her lap as she soothed down the wrinkles in her long, dark gray shorts. Alex looked up to see him staring at her, she waved with a small smile, before resuming the task before her. The woman interview Ed came out of nowhere & took a seat across from him on a small, separate chair.
"3... 2... 1..." the cameraman said before throwing her the sign. She smiled at the camera.
"Hello, I'm Helen, & this is MTV Interviews. Today we will be interviewing the young, British musician, Ed Sheeran." Helen said turning her attention to Ed, "How are you doing this fine morning Mr.Sheeran?" She questioned.
Ed smiled back, "Mr.Sheeran is my father, call me Ed. And I'm doing great." He replied back. After the fifteen minute interview it was finally time for Ed to play his song.
"So, what will you play today for us?" Helen asked as Ed stood.
"Mmm, I think I'll play 'Miss You'," he said as he took a seat on the stool. They had a mini stage for smaller performances like his. Helen nodded. "Alex! C'mon, you're playin' guitar." He called. Alex's eyes went wide as she walked over to him.
"Ed, I can't." She murmured never liking to play in front of others.
"You can, I have faith. Besides, I'll be here besides you." He whispered back. Alex sighed & nodded, Ed handed her his guitar. She slung it over her shoulders, fingers ready.
"Ed Sheeran with 'Miss You'," Helen said, the crowd cheered. Alex smiled to herself & began to play. Ed sang along, looking at Alex at times, seeing her eyes closed as she stood & played, face smooth & showing no emotion. She swayed lightly to the beat, fingers gliding over the frets with ease as she picked out the notes. Her brown eyes slowly opening as Ed sang those certain lyrics.
"I don't know when I lost my mind, maybe it's when I made you mine," he sang, their eyes meeting. Ed smiled goofily at her, she rolled her eyes. The rest of the song went smoothly, & as Alex slowly faded out the crowd went nuts. Ed, nevertheless amazed by the dedication of his fans.
"That was a spectacular performance, & may I ask, who are you?" Helen asked, question obviously directed to Alex. Alex rocked from foot to foot, lightly chewing at her lip because of the multitude of eyes on her.
"I'm Alex, Simone." She said. Ed draped his arm around her waist & pressed a kiss to her head, thankful she was the same height as him; 5'7.
"Alex here, is my girlfriend. Been dating for three years," he said proudly. Alex rolled her eyes as she held onto the guitar's neck, the palms of her hands sweating from the nervousness.
"That's adorable. How old are you Alex? I'd say seventeen at the oldest!" Helen complimented. Alex couldn't help but laugh, finally she caught her breath & answered.
"I'm fifteen," she said wiping away her tears.
"Aww, young love!" Helen said. More 'aww's' came from the audience & Alex hid her face in Ed's neck. Ed could feel her giving off more heat than usually, knowing she was blushing. "Once again, thank you for joining us today Ed, & Alex." Helen thanked & shook each their hands.
Alex flopped down on the couch in the lounge room, her heart still hammering from the unexpected performance. Ed closed the door behind him, locking it. Alex glanced at him before setting her arm back over her eyes.
"You did great babe," Ed cooed from somewhere near the mini-fridge. She snorted in response, until Ed seated himself on her. His denim clad legs trapping her hips as he sat on her legs.
Alex rested her hands on his hips, "You really think so?" She asked. Ed nodded, she smiled to herself, allowing her hands to toy with the hem of his shirt. Ed got the hint & removed his shirt, Alex's hands explored his chest & torso. Nimble fingers pressing into his skin at times to pull short intakes of breath from him.
"Someone's horny," Ed said. Alex glared at him momentarily before continuing her touchy behavior, hands flitzing over all, & any exposed flesh. He sat back & watched, loving the feeling of her soft fingertips brushing over his skin.
"Again, you wish." Alex spoke finally, hands now resting back on his hips. Ed scoffed, & Alex hooked her fingers into the loops of his belt, tugging him forward. He obeyed & leaned forward, about to tease Alex with a brushing of lips, but Alex captured his mouth before he could lean away. Ed loved Alex's possessive side. Her fingers tangled into his orange hair, controlling the angle of his head. She nipped, & bit, & sucked on Ed's bottom lip. He just moaned into it, enjoying the pain/pleasure filled notions.
"You're adorable when you're being possessive," Ed said out of breath.
"And you're adorable all the time." Alex said back, dipping her head to capture, & swallow up Ed's mouth. Ed groaned in satisfaction when Alex speared her tongue into his mouth, exploring the cavern. Her tongue doing everything possible; gliding over his teeth, dancing with his tongue, or become well acquainted with the roof of his mouth & all it's grooves.
"Seriously? You do this & expect me to go without sex?" He asked. Alex's eyes skated over the bulge in his jeans, & gave him a casual smirk.
"Considering you left bruises last time... & the fact in still sore, yes. I'm pretty sure you're hand can assist you just fine," she replied back. Ed tracked the movement of her tongue as it darted out from between her lips to moisten them.
"They all can't still be there! You're being childish!" He argued. Alex chuckled lowly.
"There's plenty, & me acting childish? Says the one arguing over little things," Alex bit back.
"Alex, sex in a relationship isn't a little thing, it brings people- us closer together as a couple," Ed said calmly. "It's the most intimate thing a person can do with the one they love... & I was you're first. Now look where we are three years later," he continued. Alex did have to agree there, she bit her lip meeting soft blue eyes.
"Alright, promise to be gentle?" She questioned softly. Ed stroked the side of her face, kissing her gently.
"Promise," he said nuzzling her jawline

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