Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


262. Ed Sheeran 6 Part 2

~Alex's POV: Sunday 9:30 AM
I stretched my limbs slowly, allowing everything to crack if it wished. Ed grumbled beneath me & slightly shimming. 'Trying to knock me off,' I realized.
"Fine." I murmured still sleepy. I rolled off Ed & stumbled aimlessly to the kitchen, where I prepared... Pop tarts! Not half a minute into eating my pop tart Ed stumbled into the kitchen. Orange hair even more disheveled then usually, his beard only making him look more tired. 'But attractive,' my mind added thoughtfully. I agreed with the thought as I bit into the second strawberry pop tart.
"You made breakfast?" He questioned with a yawn, rubbing his eyes groggily. I nodded.
"Nah, just pop tarts," I replied back, crumbs falling onto the granite counter of our kitchen's island. He glared at me half-heartedly but took a seat regardless, & ate his pop tarts. "That's what I thought bitch." I said playfully.
"Screw you," he replied past a mouthful of food. I rolled my eyes.
"Not now. We're meeting my parents today & I don't wanna go over there reeking of sex, it'll be a bad impression Edward, don't yah think?" I sneered back. Ed snorted, but didn't reply. I smirked as I drank some orange juice.
"When do we meet 'em?" He asked throwing away our trash.
"Uh... around like, twelve or one. But, we should get ready anyways, in case," I said with a shrug & brushed the crumbs onto the floor. Ed nodded & followed to to take a shower.
1:20 PM: My Parents' House
Ed opened my car door for me, I thanked him as I got out with a kiss on the cheek. He merely smiled.
"C'mon, their waiting for us," I said kind of dreadful. My dad, of course being his daughter- was always suppose to be innocent. When really, I was anything but- I always cussed, even when I was like, five. Ed laced our fingers together, gently squeezing mine, the notion was small but spoke a million words. We walked together to the front door, side by side, stride for stride. Ed knocked lightly.
"Alex! Oh my goodness I missed you sooo much!" My mom exclaimed, hands on my face as she peppered kisses to it. I squirmed to get free from her motherliness, but it was a losing battle. "How long has it been?!" She asked nearly on the verge of hysterics.
I finally managed to free myself, "It's been three years mom, calm down." Yes, the moment Ed & I began dating he took me on tour, positive I was his true love, my parents disagreed but wanted what was best for me. And that was being with Ed. She finally noticed him, & the fact our hands were interlaced.
"You must be Ed. You're adorable! Alex has said so many wonderful things about you!" She exclaimed once more. Ed shot me a shit eating grin, he was satisfied. While I on the other hand was mortified. "Come in. Come in." She ushered us inside & into the backyard, the soles of our shoes probably gone.
"Did you invite the entire neighborhood?!" I squeaked seeing all these random faces. My mother laughed.
"No, we were already having a small gathering for yours sister's promotion. So you're father thought it would be good for you & Ed to join," she explained patting my back. "Now go, find you're sister, have fun! I must go find you're father." She disappeared.
I turned to Ed, "Okay, first off, I had know-" Ed held up a hand, I silenced myself.
"I understand, you didn't know. It's cool, really," he said. "C'mon, let's go mingle!" He said tugging me along. Ed managed to find my sister, Samantha, she was standing by the pool with her husband, Adam. 'God I hate that man,' I thought groaning. Ed gave me a questioning look.
"I can't stand her husband! He's a pain & a prissy little bitch, we never see eye to eye on anything!" I growled just as Samantha noticed us. I put on a smile for her sake. "Sammy, hey! Great job on the promotion!" I exclaimed & hugged her.
"Thanks Alex, I didn't think you'd show!" Sam said surprised back. She cocked a brow at Ed, "Who's the red head?" Ed laughed softly.
"I'm Ed, Sheeran. Alex's boyfriend of three years," he said extending a hand. I rolled by eyes, Ed loved stating the 'three year' part. Hell, he always stressed that part.
"Hello Alex," Adam said with a sly smile. I glared at him.
"Adam. How have you been treating my eldest, & dearest sister? Good I hope?" I snarled back. Adam smirked at me, amusement flashing in his features.
"Good, good. Now, Ed, pleasure meeting you," Adam said holding out a hand. Ed looked him over, obviously not pleased with the looks of him, so he reframed from the handshake.
"Pleasure," Ed said with a curt, little nod. Adam threw him a glance, & I glared at him. Hoping looks could kill. Sam took notice to the rising tension between us, & insisted her & I fetch some punch. She dragged me over to the snacks table; chips & dip, beer, soda, punch, trail mix, & a multitude of other things set out for the guests. My eyes widened in delight at the chocolate covered strawberries, & other chocolate dipped fruits.
"He's cute." Sam spoke, eyes on Ed as he talked with some woman. She was elderly & Ed didn't seem to mind her rambling of... her son? Yes, her son from what I could hear & how much he resembled him.
"Thanks?" I questioned more than stated. Sam gave me a skeptical look.
"Hun, that's a good thing. He seems to have a good head on him... for a celebrity I mean. Not all stuck up or an ass," she justified. I nodded in understanding, & allowed my eyes to fully enjoy the beauty of today. Clear, sunny skies, the backyard & all it's plants healthy. Every rose bush had at least two dozen of so roses fully bloomed; red, white, pink, & yellow. The trees full, & a healthy shade of jade green.
"Thanks Sam, he does. He's a good kid," I said feeling weird calling Ed a kid considering he's older. But it felt right. Sam smirked as she sipped her beer.
"There's dad." I dreaded the words the moment they left Sam's lipstick covered mouth. I sighed, grabbed a beer & soda, & quickly ran off to find Ed. Multiple people stopped me, asking me about my day, & life, & Ed. They were stalling me, but I didn't wish to be rude, so I kindly answered each of their questioned before continuing my search. 'Too late...' I thought sadly. My father was already sitting with Ed... & Adam. It wouldn't be the first time Adam met dad, they somehow just, clicked, it was beyond even my comprehension. I knew if dad spoke with Adam, & Ed (for the first time), Adam would use his charms into willing my dad into hating Ed. Adam would use low blows; like Ed being away, & being able to do anything without me knowing. I knew he wouldn't though.
"Hi dad!" I squeaked & handed Ed the beer. He thanked me, & gladly took it. I took a seat between Adam & Ed, & I nearly succeeded in shoving Adam off his seat. "So dad, how yah been?" I asked.
"Good. So, this is Ed, your boyfriend?" My father questioned in a monotone. Face revealing no emotion. I nodded solemnly. "He's pleasant company." I smiled softly, feeling Ed drape his hand over mine beneath the table.
"Thank you Thomas," Ed said in appreciation. I was overjoyed to see my dad smile, Adam seemed annoyed. My sister came over, a look of worry crossing her soft features.
"Adam, may I speak with you privately?" She whispered to him. He glared at Sam as if he was going to strangle her, & she seemed to flinch away. "N- nevermind, it can wait."
"No. Might as well get this bullshit over with," he grumbled. I heard, & Ed did too. I waited a few seconds before standing, Ed stopped me by grabbing my wrist.
"Be careful," he warned me. I nodded & journeyed into the house, quiet as I searched for my sister & Adam.
"Goddammit, why do you fuck up everything?" I froze upon hearing Adam's voice. "I give you everything, & doing one simple task you fuck it up!" He seethed. I peered carefully around the corner, he had Sam backed up in the corner of the room. She was visibly trembling, fear in her brown eyes like mine.
"I'm s- sorry. It w- won't h- happen again," she begged, arms shielding her face. Adam growled at her.
"When we get home... you better believe you're gonna get it whore," he sneered. Sam nodded, eyes cast down as she exited the room. I ducked down behind a small table. I revealed myself before Adam could exit the room, I shoved him backwards.
"You stay the hell away from my sister you sorry piece of shit!" I snarled at him. Adam looked at me shocked before it gave way to amusement.
"Or what? You gonna kill me?" He teased. I clenched my fist.
"I'm contemplating it, so yea- most likely, you cunt," I replied, controlling myself before I literally beat him to death with the lamp next to me. Adam laughed darkly & advanced forward a step, my defensive stance never wavered.
"You can't do anything, you're weak. I'll treat you're sister as I please, she's my wife," he said lowly.
"Yes, but she's blood to me. I suggest you leave, take off that ring you don't deserve it & leave," I said glaring at the man. He glanced at the band around his left ring finger.
"How about, no? I could leave, then Sam comes home. It'll be just her... me. And I could show her her place..." Adam said trailing off suggestively. My control snapped & I lunged at him, we fell to the floor with a crash. My fist connected multiple times with his face, the blood pouring from his nose which was now broken didn't stop my rage- it only fueled it.
"Stay the fuck away from her, you fucker!" I yelled. The pain in my hand was unbearable but my adrenaline numbed it, it was like a slight tingling sensation each time it connected with Adam's face, or when I reeled it back. Someone pulled me off Adam, his hands immediately shot up to hold his bleeding nose.
"What the hell?" My dad asked. I socked the person who pulled me off him, I was far from finished.
"Alex! It's me, Ed, stop!" The person yelped. I froze, blue eyes stopping my flailing limbs. They calmed me, draining the anger from me, I sagged against him.
"What happened?" My mom asked upset. I shrugged out Ed's hold, & pointed at the culprit.
"Him. He abuses Sam, she's terrified of him. And I wasn't going to allow him to hurt my sister anymore," I managed. My head throbbing, & the pain in my hand returning.
3:30 PM: Back Home
Ed returned with an ice pack wrapped in a cloth. I thanked him & pressed it to my head, Adam had landed a good punch to my temple & gave me a minor concussion, plus bloody knuckles from his stupid face. Ed stared at me.
"Can I help you?" I asked pointedly.
"Why didn't you come get me?" He asked.
"Because, I deserved to be the one to kick his ass. I warned him if he hurt her, I would kill him... I wasn't planning on stopping 'til his heart gave out," I admitted coldly.
"That would've been... pretty cool to watch- the you beating him up part, not the dying part." Ed clarified. I looked at him with a crooked smile & shook my head. "Now... to the bedroom!" He said jumping up & slinging me over his shoulders.
I hit his back, "I'm not a sack of potatoes!" I said. Ed ignored me, & just laughed as he carried me upstairs.
Ed had thrown me on the bed & before I could even begin my rant, he was already climbing on top of me. Pinning my wrists above my head with a hand, he attacked my neck with kisses. I squeaked in surprise, & tugged at my human restraints.
"Oh quiet, you're enjoying this!" Ed said as he bit down on my pulse point. I moaned quietly, & arched into Ed. He laughed. "Told yah." He sneered, I managed to free a wrist & took hold of the back of Ed's neck. I tugged him backwards, exposing his neck to me & I latched onto it. Ed groaned & I flipped us over.
"You enjoy this!" I teased. Difference between Ed & I? He didn't deny it.
"Damn straight I do!" He laughed as I licked up the column of his throat. He wrapped his arms around my waist, & buried his face into the crook of my neck.
"Stop! You're beard-" I laughed trying to pull away, it tickled too much. Ed just laid kisses to the spot, making the skin tingle from his beard.
"Geez, don't piss yourself love," he said with a smirk. I glared halfheartedly at him, & pushed his face lightly.
"Wasn't planning on it. Just go to sleep, we can have fun tomorrow. After you're interview, & mini concert," I replied cheekily. Ed grumbled something indecipherable & held tight to my waist, pulling my back flush against his chest. "Baby." I teased.
"Screw you..." he replied quietly.
I chuckled, "Not tonight." Ed growled in response.

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