Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


261. Ed Sheeran 6 Part 1

~Ed's POV: Saturday 8:30 PM
Here I am. Ed Sheeran on a Saturday night. Cuddling with my girlfriend, Alex. We'd been dating since she was thirteen. So yes, she was dating me when I was the ripe age of nineteen, now I'm twenty-two & she fifteen.
"What are you thinking about?" Alex asked me. I looked down at her, a smile finding it's way onto my face upon meeting her soft, brown eyes.
"Just all the shit we've been though s'all," I responded & coiled my arms around her tighter. Alex smiled back softly & repositioned her head back on my chest, listening to my heartbeat. This was usual for us to do, we didn't need words like other couples to communicate. We didn't need words to show we cared, sitting here in silence was enough.
"Can't be too much to think about then," Alex spoke, voice being muffled by my shirt. I laughed softly at the comment.
"Granted. We've still been through plenty." I said pressing a gentle kiss to her temple. Alex's arms snaked around my waist as she pressed closer to me. "Alex, any closer & we'll be conjoined!" She laughed.
"Ed?" She questioned meeting my gaze. Hers serious which wasn't like her.
"Yea darling?" I questioned back with the same innocent tone. She rolled her eyes & playfully pushed my arm, she sat up.
"You love me, right?" Alex asked me. She sat on my legs, so she straddled me, her hands resting gently on my stomach.
"Of course," I said rubbing her upper arms, "More than anything in this dimension. I love you like- like, I can't explain. That's how much I love you." I admit. Alex nodded, brown eyes looking at her hands resting on my torso.
"Ed, take off you're shirt, please," she said. I obeyed, never out of all this years of knowing her, did I question her requests. Alex assisted me when it came to tugging it over my head, she draped it over the back of the couch neatly.
"Better?" I asked teasingly. Alex nodded, grabbing one of my arms to inspect my inked- but otherwise pale- skin. Whenever bored she'd "borrow" one of my arms to look, & trace my multitude of tattoos I've gained over the years.
"Man, you're tattoos are amazing... they paint a vivid picture of you're travels. You're like a canvas," Alex said dreamily. I smiled & took hold of her hand, turning her wrist skyward, & with my other hand, brushed my fingertips over the underside of her wrist.
"There." I said seeing Alex's confused state, "This is where you'll get you're first tattoo. On the wrist, it'll be painful but worth it. What will you get?" I asked intrigued. Alex shrugged & stared at her wrist when I released it.
"I know. A heart with headphones, & a line going through it- like the heart monitor in hospitals- it will say in cursive letters, Ed Sheeran." She said tracing an outline on her with her pointer finger. I smiled at her choice.
"I'll love it. Just like I love you," I murmured into her brown hair. Alex's brown eyes, captivating as ever, caught my attention just as she leaned in to kiss me. Her lips soft against mine, so plush, her kisses always so innocent. Until I felt her tongue glide over my bottom lip, begging for entrance I so willingly gave. I moaned into her mouth as our tongues glided against each other- gracefully- as if dancing almost. She tasted like the Monster she had been drinking earlier. I wouldn't doubt I tasted like beer, my preferred drink of the night. I don't know how long we kissed, but the taste of beer was completely gone from my mouth by the time she pulled away.
"I love you too Ed. Oh, my parents have been dying to meet you- my mom anyways. What'yada say?" Alex purred as she muzzled my stubble covered jaw.
"Of course. You already met my parents, least I can do is meet yours," I said with enthusiasm. Alex pressed a kiss to my neck & I relaxed into her, never wanting to leave this spot. "C'mon, bedtime. I'm pretty sure you're parents wanna meet me as soon as possible." I said with a laugh. Alex chuckled & leaned away.
"Can't we sleep here? Just for tonight?" Alex asked, brown eyes pleading. I scratched the back of my neck.
"Well..." I trailed off when I noticed her eyes become watery, & her bottom lip protruding as she pouted. "Fine." She yipped in victory & curled up on top of me. I laid back comfortably & shut my eyes, Alex's fingers tracing patterns on my sides helping to lull me to sleep.

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