Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


260. Ed Sheeran 5

~You are sitting in your bed room. Legs crossed, notebook in your lap, phone on your site. It is almost midnight. The curtains are drawn and the only light comes from a small star shaped lamp on your wall besides the bed and from the fairy lights that hang above you on the ceiling, casting a soft red light over everything.
So your room is not really dark but not properly lighted either. On the black bedside table stands a pod with tea and a plate with two leftover pizza slices your brother made earlier that day.
You are still working, rearranging stuff on your website, updating the shop and blog pages. You love being your own boss but it also means you have to work whenever. Usually this does not bother you much because Ed is away a lot anyway so you have the time to do your stuff.
But today you just want to curl up in your bed and read the rest of the night. You aren’t sad or anything, just exhausted, you had been working all day.
You are just finishing the last edits on your page when you hear the door bell ring. At midnight. You don’t bother to get up, Niko and Dan are still down in the living room and probably invited some friends. That means you won’t get to read today though, they would just drag you down to accompany them. Maybe have a few drinks, talk about gay rights. Fine with you.
You can hear muffled voices from down the stairs and sure enough after a couple of seconds someone comes upstairs. You sigh, saving all you had done on your computer and just when you are about to shut the notebook someone knocks on the door.
“Yup.” You call and the door opens and a shock of red hair is practically flying in, camo hoodie and rucksack and everything and before you can react Ed is pouncing on you, the both of you falling right back on your bed. He has his arms tight around you, crushing you in a monster bear hug and you can feel his smile against your neck. You squeal in surprise and shock, you did not expect this. He shouldn’t be back for another two days, at least.
“Sunshiiiine.” You whine in a mock voice, grinning. “You almost gave me a heart attack.”
He chuckles but is refusing to let you go. Burring his head in your neck. “Ed, d’you have bricks in your rucksack or what? I’m suffocating here.” He laughs but eventually releases you and props himself up on his elbows.
The star lamp and fairy lights illuminate his soft features, his red hair flat on his head glowing in some way you can not explain. He is smiling at you, one elbow at the side of your face, the other hand tracing patterns on your cheek with his thumb. “Hi Pingu.” He says softly, dipping down and kissing you right on your lips. He tastes of cigarettes and soda.
The kiss is slow and thorough. He always makes you feel like you have all the time in the world when you’re kissing. Like the most important thing is to do it properly.
Eventually he draws back and grins at you. You grin back. “You’re early.” You state as he slowly gets up and puts his rucksack besides the bed.
“Yeah, some stuff for tomorrow got canceled and it was either spent two more days in the U.S. Or come here earlier.” He strips off his hoodie and flops down besides you again and sighs loudly.
“Oh god, it’s so nice lying on a proper bed.”
You laugh. “You had proper beds all the time, you stay in fancy hotels, don’t complain.”
“Yeah, but it’s not the same!” He whines, rolling on his side and looking up at you.
“So you thought you could just come here, what if we where out?”
He chuckles. “Nah, Niko said you’re home.” You raise an eye brow. So your brother was in on this? “So you just made all these plans behind my back?” You say in a mock scolding tone, trying to hide your smile. He looks up from under his lashes and grins even wider. “I wanted to surprise you, did it work?”
“It sure did, lucky you I was just done working.” You playfully shove him in the shoulder. He grabs your arm and pulls you onto him so you where still sitting beside him but your hand was propped up beside his head. He is lying on his back now, your head some centimeters above him, your hair falling around your faces, like a curtain.
“You where still working?” You can see his brows drawing together in a frown but you quickly silence him.
“Oh shush you, Mr. I-work-13-out-of-12-month.” You laugh. Now his expression changes to something more guilty. “You know I can always cut back.”
“Shut up, that’s not what I meant.” You say, still smiling, you don’t want him to have remorse, you just want him to understand that he has no rights to scold you for working long hours. He practically never stops working.
“I was just finished anyway and preparing for an all nighter with John Green.”
His lips curl into a smirk. “Is that so? So you want me to leave again?” He faints a hurt expression, so you just bend down and kiss him.
“Shut up.” You mumble against his lips and you can feel him grinning.
After a couple of minutes of you making out, he slowly starts to run his hands up and down your sides and you climb on top, so you straddle him. He deepens the kiss, slowly tracing his tongue over your bottom lip. A quiet moan leaves your mouth which he reacts with an equal sound. You kiss like this for a while, tongues occasionally touching and hands roaming each others body. Eventually he grips the hem of your top and drags it over your head pulling it off, discarding it somewhere on the floor.
His eyes land immediately on your breasts which where still in a comfy black bra. He licks his lips, his gaze flickering to yours than back to your breasts.
“What?” You ask. He just shakes his head. “I just missed you.”
“And my tits.” You state matter of fact. You can see him blush and he grins even wider. “And your tits.” He responds.
He sits up and puts his hands on your sides to hold you. His mouth moves along your jawline and you close your eyes, relishing in the feeling of him. He places ghost kisses along your neck until he reaches your ear. “But I really missed just all of you.” He whispers before slightly biting your ear lobe.
You moan lightly and as a reaction you can feel his penis getting harder, moving in his jeans. He sighs and continues to plant kisses on your shoulder and collarbone. His fingers find the clasp of your bra and he has it off in a matter of seconds, discarding it somewhere. You close your eyes as his fingers graze your skin and cup both of your breasts, his tongue licking your nipple, occasionally biting softly. Your moaning becomes louder and the tingling feeling inside you increases, his penis twitching under you with every sound you make. And you haven’t even touched him yet.
You put your hand against his chest and push him back onto the bed, lifting his shirt up but not pulling it off. You trail a path of kisses over his clothed chest, down his belly and to the rim of his jeans. Stroking the inside of his thighs and kissing over his bulge still glad in jeans.
He makes a high whimpering sound that he’ll definitely deny later. You look up at him. His eyes watch you, glazed with lust.
“I want them off.” His voice is raspy and you giggle. “Alright.”
You take the rim of both the jeans and his boxers and pull them off, him helping by lifting his hips.
His penis sits snugly on his belly, already hard. The boy is eager. Understandably, it’s been a couple of weeks since you last saw him. You kiss alongside his thigh, avoiding him. He wiggles his hips impatiently and you have to laugh at him. He is just so cute when horny.
“What?” You ask.
“Don’t tease me.” He huffs. You smile. “What do you want me to do?” Your voice is soft, almost whispering and you can see him rolling his eyes, cheeks turning red like his hair. His eyes focus on the ceiling and then turn to look at you. You can not help but smile even wider. You just love this boy. His hair is all tousled and everywhere, eyes blue, he’s biting his bottom lip and he is just so damn sexy without even trying.
“Would you please just..” He trails of, tilting his head to the side, like he was thinking. You giggle softly and decide you made him squirm enough, you had your fun.
“Please what, suck your cock maybe?” He just nods. “Sure, why didn’t you just say so?” He sighs in frustration and brings his hands up to rub his eyes. “Girl, you’ll be the death of me.”
You laugh softly, bend down, take his penis in your hand to hold it up and lick one long stroke from the base to the tip, lightly sucking on it. A soft moan escapes his mouth and he lies his arms back on the bed, propping himself up on his elbows so he can have a better view. Your tongue is swirling around the tip of his cock. You can feel his breathing getting heavier. Eyes closing and opening. Without a warning you take as much of him in as you can and start sucking, coating him with your saliva and smearing it up and down with your hand which is pumping all you can’t take in.
He flops back on the bed with a loud moan. “Fuck!” You see his eyes roll back as you continue to suck him off. You move your other hand so you can fondle his balls just the way you know he likes it. His hips buckle up and you use your elbow on his thigh to hold him down. “Oh, fuck!”
He curses again and moans loudly, breath hitching in his throat. You want to smirk, you love the way you can make him feel and react. All the sounds he makes, sending shivers down your spine. He turns you on so much and he doesn’t even realise it.
You slowly let him out of your mouth and kiss a trail back up his chest. His hands move to your waist and he pulls you up while sitting, so you’re in between his legs. He moans into your lips as he starts kissing you again, biting your bottom lip slightly.
You’re so hot all over, all the nerves stand on end and everything just feels so good. You grab the hem of his shirt and pull it off, parting from his lips for a short moment. The instant the shirt is off, his lips are back on yours and he starts to get rid of your sweatpants and underwear. When you’re both naked he leans you back on the bed, hovering above you. His arms are on either side of your head and he pulls away from your lips. Big smile on his lips he leans his forehead on yours.
You smile back at him and just lie there for a couple of moments. You move your hand up, slowly caressing his stubble of red facial hair.
He starts kissing you again and you could just go like this forever and never complain about life again. You feel him take his penis in his hand and pressing the tip in your entrance. You nod slowly, answering his silent question, ever the worrier he is. He pushes inside you and a long low moan escapes his lips. “God, way to long..” he breathes. You nod, it’s been way to long indeed. He is big inside you, you need some time to adjust, your breathing now matching his. Your hands threat trough his locks, tugging lightly. He grunts and then starts to move a little faster, thrusting in and out. You can see sweat forming on his brows and move your hips to meet him halfway.
“Oh god. Fuck.” You hear him. “So good.” He starts to pound faster and you try to match his movements. Everything inside you feels like it sparks with electricity. The way he makes you feel and squirm and moan under him. The tingling feeling in your guts increases with every thrust you both make. He’s panting now, both his elbows on the side of your head, his head leaning on your shoulder. You wrap your legs around his waist, guiding him in deeper. You gasp as you feel your orgasm building up. “Oh oh, shiit. Close.” You manage to say, Ed brings his head up, capturing your mouth in another kiss. You buckle your hips and then finally feel the edge of your climax, the wave coming right at you then crashing over you leaving you moaning into his mouth, your body trembling.
He’s moving faster above you, riding your orgasm out and chasing his own now, you meet his thrust halfway, bringing your mouth up and trailing a path of kisses along his collarbone to his neck and sucking the spot right under his ear. His breath catches and he’s panting, thrusts becoming sloppier. You start to hum in a low voice, breathing lightly over his ear, knowing how much this turns him on. He groans and his panting hitches and you can feel his muscles tighten all over his body. You pinch his nipple and with a loud growl he starts coming inside you. His moans stocking and his cheeks flushed. The soft “Ah Ah” sounds he makes sending shivers down your back.
With a final thrust he collapses on top of you before rolling onto his side, resting his head on your shoulder. The both of you trying to calm your breath. After a couple of seconds you turn to the side too, his head falling off your shoulder on the pillow so you can look at him. There’s a satisfied smile on his face and his eyes are half closed, gazing lazily at you. He draws you nearer with his hand on your neck and gives you another kiss.
“That was nice.” He states. You nod, still on an after orgasm high. Your body is slowly calming down and you move closer, wrapping an arm around his waist.
Then there’s a knock on the door. The both of you jump slightly, but the door stays closed, your brother starts talking on the other side.
“So, are you naked or can I come in?” You can practically hear his big smirk in his voice.
“Naked.” You just say falling back on the bed, smiling at Ed and tracing patterns on his colorful arm. He sighs and closes his eyes.
“Then better get dressed an come downstairs. It’s only one in the morning, whole night ahead of us.”
“Nikoo..” You whine, I’d be nice to just stay in bed with Ed and maybe get some sleep. You look over at Ed whose eyes are still closed but a bright smile on his lips. Fine, they win, Ed was Nikos friend after all too. “Fine.” You say in mock annoyance.
“Yaay.” You hear Niko say as he descends the stairs. You chuckle and shake your head. You try to get up but Ed holds you down, hugging you to his body. You look at him questioningly.
“Just one more minute, ok?” He asks. “I just love this bed.” You swat his arm and laugh. “Right.”

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