Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


256. Ed Sheeran 3 Part 2

~Two days later, I went into labor. At first, it felt like a cramp in my lower belly, and it happened just as we were getting ready for bed. I remember the look on Ed’s face when the second one tore straight through my abdomen. I clutched my belly, bending forward as the pain took the air straight from my chest. Ed froze where he stood, one hand pulling back the blankets, just about to climb into bed.
“Babe?” he asked, “Are you alright?”
He looked as if he’d seen a ghost, eyes wide and the only color left in him being his orange hair and a light blush on both cheeks. I let out a long breath, nodding to reassure him.
“I think it was a contraction,” I breathed, my face screwing up, “I might be in labor.”
I’d read countless books and articles online about when to go to the hospital, and when the contractions were the real thing, and nothing can prepare you for that moment. No amount of words on a page can describe the pain of a contraction; like a menstrual cramp on steroids.
I managed to climb into bed, breathing through the pain, Ed still stood on the other side of the bed in shock, seemingly unsure of what to do.
The mattress sunk as he crawled up beside me, gently cradling my swollen belly with one hand, the other rubbing my arm.
“What can I do?”
“Pillows,” I breathed, my eyes fluttering closed as the pain slowly began to fade.
He propped me up, surrounding me with every pillow on the bed, holding my hand and pushing the hair off my forehead.
Nearly ten minutes passed and we thought it was a fluke until the twelve minute mark and a twisting, throbbing ache pulsated through my lower back. I grabbed whatever part of Ed I could, squeezing his arm through the pain, eyes slammed shut and mouth hung open.
He scrambled for his phone when I gritted my teeth and begged him to call the hospital, huffing and puffing through the pain as he spoke with a nurse, asking if we should go in.
I listened to him speak, his voice trembling as he wrapped his palm over the mouthpiece, angling the phone away from his face, “babe did your water break?”
I shook my head violently, eyes still slammed shut, pain still radiating over my lower back and abdomen.
“No,” he answered, “but she’s in a lot of pain and I don’t know what to do.”
Unfortunately for the both of us, the nurse reassured him that if my water hadn’t broken yet, we should stay at home until my contractions were under five minutes apart for at least an hour.
Once he hung up the phone, the contraction had subsided, and he immediately clutched my hand, kneeling beside me again.
“I didn’t think they would hurt this bad right off the bat,” I told him, my heart pounding from the surge of pain.
“Anything you need love, I’m here.”
It was all I needed to hear from him. I was thankful that he was stepping up and offering whatever help he could, even sitting cross-legged with my feet in his lap, massaging them to try and take my mind off the pain everywhere else.
I’d fallen asleep between sporadic contractions, since they weren’t constant just yet, waking up when a light cramp washed through my belly, feeling Ed’s hair on my arm when I came to. He’d fallen asleep against me, a hand splayed across my hip, just under my protruding belly, lying on his right side so his face was pressed against my ribs. I smiled down at him, scratching his hair with a sigh before shaking him awake.
He stirred in his sleep, groaning until I shook him again by his shoulder, his fingers curling as he stretched his arms up beside his head.
“Ed I really need to pee,” I told him, having been trapped by his legs tangled with mine and his arm wrapped around me.
He rolled onto his back, slowly blinking his eyes open as he came to, quickly springing up and wiping the sleep from his eyes. Though I didn’t need it, he helped me up off the bed, walking with me to the bathroom within our bedroom.
“What time is it?” I asked, slowly sitting down against the toilet.
Ed yawned and rubbed a hand over his face, squinting at his watch, “a little after three.”
I’d made it close to four hours, feeling completely and totally exhausted already, having just been on our way to bed for the night when I’d felt the first contraction.
Ed waited for me in the bathroom, poking and pulling at his facial hair in the mirror over the sink until I waddled over to where he was standing. He fell into place behind me, pressing his front to my back as he placed a kiss against my shoulder and slung his arms around my belly.
I felt a strange sensation between my thighs, turning the faucet off with wet hands, looking down in confusion. Ed must’ve noticed my concern, because he took a step back, eyes trailing down at the floor when I felt a gush of liquid between my legs. Panic filled my chest as my pajama bottoms soaked up the fluid, my water breaking right there between the sink and Ed.
“Holy shit,” Ed said, staring down at the forming puddle, both of us realizing that I had in fact not peed myself.
I slowly turned, palms facing outward as I kept my eyes on the small clear puddle, “I think it’s time to go to the hospital.”
Ed helped me change and walked me back to the bed while he got dressed. I knew it must’ve been hard for him, but he didn’t hesitate to clean up the mess in the bathroom.
All of it felt so surreal suddenly. Though Ed and I had talked about starting a family practically the second we said our vows, it finally hit me that it was all really happening.
Shortly after Ed cleaned up the bathroom, another contraction came, this time it was the strongest one I’d felt, cutting off my sentence and stealing the air from my throat. Tears burned my eyes as I reached for Ed’s hand, clutching to him for dear life.
After it passed, he quickly shot up, snatching the overnight bag and running to the car before coming back in a full blown sweat, helping me off the bed.
With one hand pressed against my lower spine and the other clutching Ed’s, he lead me out of the house, all while I squeezed the blood from his fingers.
By the time we reached the hospital and I was admitted, it was nearing five in the morning and I was five centimeters dilated, which was exactly halfway. I decided early on that the only person I wanted in the room with me while I delivered was Ed, but even so, I asked him to inform my parents and he did the same with his.
Although I’d read the pros and cons about not having an epidural during labor and delivery, I stood by my choice to have a completely natural birth, since it was the route my own mother chose. I felt that it would be better for myself and the baby, and I made sure Ed knew that no matter how much I cried or yelled or begged for an epidural, I didn’t get one.
Once the nurse examined me and informed us I was around five centimeters dilated, the contractions began to worsen. Ed was great for the first hour, staying by side and clutching my hand when I needed it most, reassuring me that I was strong while he kissed my forehead.
I could see it in his face that he wanted to say something just after I squeezed the feeling from his hand and cried out in pain. I swear I saw his eyes well up because of how hard I was crushing his fingers.
“Are you sure you don’t want any pain meds?”
And there he said it, eyes glossed over, blue and bright and squinted, his tone just low enough for me to make out what he’d said. I was working my way through another strong contraction when he asked the question, and I clutched his hand even harder, forcefully crushing his fingers until they were gorged with blood.
“Shut. Up.” I spat. Suddenly I didn’t care about how supportive and helpful he’d been, I was in the moment, and at that very moment, it felt as if my spine was being filleted like a fresh caught salmon.
I cursed under my breath at the incredible pain, hearing Ed do just the same when I pulled his arm closer. I didn’t mean to be so blunt, but I admitted he was being selfish when asking me if I was sure about the pain medication. We’d talked about it plenty of times, and he knew how important it was to me to have a natural birth.
The contraction soon passed, taking a deep exhale from my lungs when it did, and I slowly let go of Ed’s hand. He quickly pulled it to his chest, shaking it off and examining the crescent shaped indents along the back of it from where my nails had dug into his flesh.
“I’m sorry baby,” I cried, throwing both hands over my face. I was an emotional, sweaty, pain-stricken mess.
I felt his hands on my wrists as he gently pulled them away from my eyes, resting each of his palms on either cheek, “don’t be sorry, you’re doing great,” he said, pressing his lips against the bridge of my nose.
He wiped my tears with his thumbs, “I shouldn’t have asked you that,”
I nodded my head, still with his palms against my cheeks.
“I just can’t stand seeing you in this much pain,” he sniffled, his crystal blue eyes flooding with tears as he said it, “I wish I could trade places with you.”
His chin quivered, and my heart broke in two. Although he could be an idiot, he was my idiot, and he was insanely supportive of everything going on, even though I knew it killed him to see me in pain. I pulled his hands away from my face, grabbing his cheeks to pull him closer. I kissed his lips, smiling gently once we separated. He tried blinking away the tears, but they still fell, hitting the tips of my thumbs until I whisked them away.
I was just about to tell him how much I loved him when another contraction caught me mid-sentence, making me throw my head forward and slam my forehead straight against Ed’s, our bones meeting with a solid thud.
Ed’s first reaction was to cradle his and wince, but once he saw the state of me, he snapped out of it, rushing over and grabbing the hand I was begging him for.
I told Ed to take a break once my mother arrived, and he gladly obliged, choosing to go grab a coffee and take a breather, but mainly rest his hand. I’d gone into labor around eleven at night, while my water broke nearly four hours later at three in the morning, but by time my mother showed up, it was almost seven. I knew it didn’t matter to my mom what time it was, and she showed up as if she’d already been awake, fully dressed and with her hair and makeup done.
I loved Ed with every inch of me, but there wasn’t anything like having my mother beside me. I knew that she had been in the same position in the past and that she knew exactly what I was going through. I told her through a smile how sweet and kind Ed was being, minus the one incident we had, and she stroked my hair and kissed the back of my hand.
“You’re lucky to have him,” she said.
My father didn’t do well with hospitals. Even though he stayed by my mother’s side throughout her labor, he had to leave the room every time a doctor or nurse came in. It ended with my mother calling him a pussy through gritted teeth, shouting through tears at him, and when she pushed, he stayed, but just as I was born, he fainted. My mother and I laughed through the stories she told, reassuring me that I was going to do great.
“I’m scared,” I admitted, finding my voice cracking with tears.
“Oh sweetheart,” she ran her hand along the side of my face, “I know you are. I was too. I know that it’s the worst pain you’ve ever felt, and I know how hard it is, but the second you see that baby, all of it is going to melt away. I promise you. You can do it.”
There was nothing like having my mother there.
Ed’s parents had come down as well, and although Ed tried to keep his mom out of the room, she wanted to see me. I had no objection to seeing her, but Ed warned me early on that his mother could be overprotective and how excited she was that she was finally going to be a grandmother. I thought it was sweet when he told me.
She poked her head in the door, both my mother and I smiling at the sight of her and Ed behind her, raising his eyebrows and mouthing that he couldn’t hold her back anymore. I invited them both in, my mother immediately pulling Imogen into a warm hug, the both of them sharing their excitement.
Ed greeted my mom with a hug and a kiss on the cheek once Imogen did the same to me.
“How are you feeling, love?” she asked, stroking my cheek as she did.
I nodded, looking over to Ed, “I’ve been better,” I admitted, “but Ed has made this so much easier.”
She looked to her son and he shrugged with a smile, “I’m so relieved to hear that,” she sighed, smiling.
We caught up momentarily, before another contraction came like a tornado. Imogen found it best to retreat back to the waiting room with her husband, being sure to kiss and hug her son before she left. I felt relieved having Ed on one side and my mother on the other while I suffered through the pain, especially hearing my mother’s words of encouragement when I thought I couldn’t do it.
At nearly nine in the morning, I was ready to push.

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