Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


255. Ed Sheeran 3 Part 1

~It felt like kernels popping from the inside. My hands flew to the front of my belly, pressing and poking the skin until a little hiccup of a twitch knocked against my right palm.
“Ed!” I smiled, shouting and trying my hardest to hurry toward the living room where I knew he was sitting.
“What is it?” he called back, but when he heard me shuffling a little faster than I normally would, I saw a blur of orange hair as he spun where he sat on the sofa.
Another flutter came, harder, and I waved Ed over with my hand, struggling to make it toward him fast enough. He shot up off the couch, his black rimmed glasses nearly falling off his face as he stood, skipping a beat over to me, his hands outstretched.
I grabbed his wrist, clutching at the band of his watch, pulling and pressing both of his palms to my belly.
“Did you feel it?”
Ed narrowed his eyes as I asked him the question, brows pushed together in concentration and fingers splayed in hopes to feel our unborn baby kick.
He shook his head, keeping his right hand where I’d placed it, right above my navel, sliding his left palm up a bit.
“Seven months pregnant and I still haven’t felt it,” he was focusing harder, practically begging with his fingers for the baby to move, “I swear I’m gonna feel it before this baby comes out.”
I wasn’t sure if Ed just didn’t have the right timing, or if our baby was just going to be born rebellious, but each time he tried to feel the baby kick, it didn’t happen, no matter how often I felt it myself seconds before.
Ed sighed and dropped his hands, leaving two cool hand prints against my stomach when they fell at his side. It was clear that he was upset. A smile pulled at the corners of my mouth and I snatched both his hands, pulling him closer until my belly poked his.
“Want me to do some jumping jacks?” I asked him with a smile, leaning closer, “Run in place? Or I could do some squats? That’ll wake the little one up.”
A puff of warm air left his nose as he laughed lightly, pulling his right hand away to brush the hair from my face.
“Love, if you do any of that right now, something tells me this baby will be here much sooner than we think.”
We chose not to know the baby’s gender until he or she was born. We liked the idea of not knowing, even though as the months progressed it grew harder, and each time I went for a sonogram, it was incredibly tempting to just ask. Either way, we knew we would be ecstatic no matter the gender.
Seven months quickly turned into eight. Ed had been away for most of it, and though it was extremely hard not having him there, I knew that if he worked throughout most of the pregnancy, that meant he would have more time at home once the baby arrived. We discussed it the moment we found out we were expecting. I made Ed promise that once the baby came he would be there to help and support me. He reassured me that he would while he cupped my cheek and kissed my nose.
He made sure to keep his schedule clear from two weeks before the due date and until the baby was at least three months old. I knew he would stay home longer, but I also knew that things can change, so I made sure he agreed to a minimum of three months.
On his first day home, two weeks before the due date, we were huddled close together on the sofa watching movies until I fell asleep against his shoulder. I nodded off to the feel of his arm wrapped around me and his thumb massaging circles into my skin.
“Babe,” he whispered against my hair, gently shaking me awake, “let’s go to bed.”
I groaned against the nape of his neck, curling up closer to him, not wanting to move. A smile crept over my mouth when his hand trailed down my arm and against my belly.
“Come on little one,” he sighed, keeping his voice low, “give daddy a good kick,”
His palm moved in firm circles and I exhaled against his skin, planting a soft kiss under his jaw. I brought my right hand up and scratched lightly at the rough auburn hair sprouting from his cheek.
“Nice try daddy,” I told him, my voice heavy with sleep.
“How have I never felt it, though?”
I glanced up at him, a yawn escaping my mouth as I dragged my nails lightly down his chest, “maybe you should try talking or singing again.”
Throughout the pregnancy Ed made sure to communicate with the baby since we’d read that by the time he or she was born, they would recognize his voice. It was cute to watch and listen to him lean his face close to my belly while I laid on my back, propped up on my elbows, him kneeling between my legs while he sang or talked to the baby.
He unraveled his arm from around me, wanting so badly to feel the baby kick that he was willing to try anything. I wiped my eyes as he pushed off the couch, kneeling down between my legs as he pushed my shirt over my belly.
“Alright, listen up,” he said, his tone firm as if he were reprimanding the baby, “daddy’s getting awfully jealous that you’re giving all your attention to mommy,”
I sat with both hands folded against the top of my belly, staring down at Ed and smiling wide as he coerced the baby into kicking. He moved his face inches from my belly, both hands placed on either side.
“Once upon a time,” he started and I sighed, throwing my head back against the sofa.
“Oh God,” I rolled my eyes, smiling through the frustration.
Ed loved to tell stories to the baby, but they were never exactly baby-friendly. He’d tell tales of dragons and adventures, doing anything he could to rile the baby up and get him or her to kick. Though the stories themselves were hilarious, he never let me move until he was finished, or until the baby kicked, whichever came first.
“Shush mommy,” he said, playfully swatting my chin.
I gave in, dropping my gaze back down to his orange hair, silently begging the baby to just kick for him and be done with it.
“Once upon a time,” he continued, “there was a baby. And this baby was not like any other baby. This baby had little tiny baby legs, but incredibly strong baby arms.”
I shook my head, my eyes squinting shut at his tale, trying my hardest not to laugh.
“Since he was a baby, he didn’t know how to walk properly, so he would swing from building to building, since he was raised by apes,” he trailed, looking up at me through one squinted eye, “I’ve decided that we’re having a boy. And also that he was brought up with monkeys.”
“Yeah, Ed, I caught that,” I nodded, “I’m terrified of what’s next for our monkey-human-child hybrid.”
With a shrug, he pressed his hand back against my belly, focusing on the task at hand, continuing, “just as he was swinging, he saw a dragon soaring overhead, fire spilling from its mouth.”
“Here we go with the dragons,” I whispered, letting him continue.
Unexpectedly, he gently shook my belly to demonstrate the breeze from the dragon’s wings as it flew, puckering his lips and creating a whoosh sound through his teeth. I couldn’t help but adore how into it he was, his blue eyes focused on my belly, fingers splayed.
“And then with his incredibly strong baby arms, he reached up and plucked the dragon straight from the sky-”
His voice trailed, and I lifted my head, my eyes darting down to my navel where I’d felt the tiniest flutter. Ed’s mouth fell open as he stopped, both hands flying to the spot where my skin twitched the slightest bit, both of our eyes fixed on the skin.
A chill ran through me when I felt it again, this time harder, Ed’s hands twitching under the kick. His eyes met mine then, blue and glistening, the widest smile stretching over his mouth. He’d finally felt it.
“Babe,” he said, his voice cheery and high-pitched, cracking as his eyebrows lifted, “I felt it. I felt the baby!”
I nodded, my hands reaching for the sides of his face as I sat up straighter, another kick making Ed’s fingers move visibly. I winced at the force of the tiny fists or feet, whichever it was, feeling like a flick against the inside of my stomach. He pressed a kiss to the taught skin, the light brush of his beard tickling my belly.
He helped me stand, wrapping his arms around me until I heard him sniffle against my shoulder. I remembered the first time I’d felt the baby kick, and I hadn’t realized how overjoyed I’d been, only then just understanding how overwhelming it must’ve been for Ed. I brought my hands to either side of his face, my heart splitting in two at the sight of his chin quivering, blue eyes flooded.
“I love you so much,” he said, his voice cracking.
I covered my mouth with his then, emptying every ounce of energy I had l left into the kiss, tasting the bitterness of salt when a single tear fell from his eye.
He talked about feeling the kick until he fell asleep that night, reliving the moment over and over while he was curled up behind me, his hand cradling my swollen belly. I intertwined my fingers with his, pulling his arm up to kiss the back of his hand just before his breathing steadied and he drifted off to sleep.

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