Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


274. Ed Sheeran 13 Part 2

~“How do I look?"
Ed couldn’t accept that he looked good. No matter how many people came up to him and said the words, he didn’t believe them. He straightened his tie over and over until it was crooked, sweat beading against his forehead as he exhaled a long breath. Today was the day.
“You look like you’re about to throw up,” his brother Matt admitted, slapping him on the arm.
“That makes me feel so much better,” Ed groaned, smoothing his palms over his navy suit jacket, yet again straightening his tie.
“Bloody hell, son,” his father said, walking over and swatting Ed’s hands away, scolding him as he began properly straightening it for him for about the third time, “now don’t touch it again, it’s fine.”
The night before, Ed promised himself that he would save the tears for when he saw his bride-to-be, but when his father gripped both of his shoulders and looked him in the eye with a gentle smile, he felt his eyes pool.
“I’m proud of you, you know that?” he said, his voice cracking the slightest bit, pulling his son to him.
He always envisioned the day his sons would marry, but he had the feeling that Ed would be the first to do so, whereas his oldest son was more of the dating type and the slightest bit afraid of commitment.
Ed and his father exchanged a firm hug until Ed pulled away, sniffling and wiping his nose.
His cousin Murray was fooling around with his own tie and Mike began to tease him, standing beside the door while Murray leant toward a mirror, struggling to make it perfect. Ed laughed at the sight of him growing frustrated, and even more so once his father wandered over to him and sighed, straightening Murray’s just as he’d done to Ed’s.
It was surreal for Ed to think that in just under an hour he was going to be married, and he looked around the hotel room, seeing his groomsmen gathered together and sharing laughs, all of them dressed in their matching navy suits, orange ties and boutonnieres. He’d had a difficult time deciding who was to be his best man, and since it was such a close tie, he asked both Stuart and Murray, ecstatic when they both agreed.
There was a tap at the door and John reached the handle to answer, a wide smile inching over his face once he spotted his wife eagerly waiting to see her youngest son.
“You look lovely, darling,” John smiled, pulling her into the room with a warm hug and a kiss.
With just minutes before heading to the actual ceremony, Ed stood nearest the large window with his back to the door, turning slowly once he heard his mother’s voice. All it took was one glance and Imogen cupped her hands over her mouth, tears filling her eyes at the sight of him looking so grown up.
While the men had gotten ready, there was a photographer in the room, capturing every moment, from Ed buttoning up his clean white shirt to when his father fixed his tie. It seemed second-nature to him then to have a camera in his face, but he couldn’t help but feel that this time it was different. This time he was more worried about the way he looked, knowing that someday he and his wife would look back on those photos and reminisce together. He wanted everything to be perfect.
“Hi mum,” he smiled, and Imogen went to him with open arms, Ed having to bend slightly for her to reach his cheeks and kiss his forehead.
Ed had to hold back the tears in his eyes when he saw his mother wiping her own, sniffling while she looked up at her son dressed better than she’d ever seen him dress. He looked especially handsome in the navy blue suit and one of his late grandfather’s ties to match; the same shade with faint polka dots decorating the fabric. The final touch to Ed’s attire was his own boutonniere and he knew his mother wanted to be the one to help him with it.
She carefully pinned it to the left side of his jacket, smiling down at his mother’s hands while she fastened the ivory flower just above his heart. In return, Ed pinned her orange corsage to the blouse over her dress, her hand gently holding his cheek once he’d finished.
If one thing was true about them, it was that they weren’t traditional. They both agreed on having the kind of wedding that each of them would remember, and one that people wouldn’t call ordinary. Of course like any wedding, it took months to plan, and as important as the big day was for her, Ed was equally as interested in the event planning.
After weighing so many different things back and forth, the two ultimately decided that they wanted an outdoor wedding, not on a beach, but in the middle of a wide open farm, with an arch made out of wood and long twigs and interlaced with ivory and orange roses. The aisle leading to the fairy tale arch was lined with the same rose petals, tiny wooden flags sticking out of the vibrant grass that read different messages the closer they’d come to the arch. Just a few feet away from the grass leading to the arch was a building where the reception would be held, and a conveniently placed door where the wedding party would emerge.
At the very end of the last row of placed seats, a small wooden sign read in white cursive, ‘Ed & Anna’s Happily Ever After starts here,’ and a few paces ahead was another reading, ‘from this day forward..’ and even further, ‘for better or for worse’.
The surrounding trees made the moment especially beautiful, and Ed stood at the tip of the aisle, his mother’s arm interlaced with his at his right elbow, and his father standing on his left. It wasn’t traditional in his family for the parents to walk the groom, but it was what Ed wanted, especially given how close he was to each of them. While he walked, the string quartet played an instrumental of Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’, soft and melodic.
A sudden flush of anxiousness filled his chest at the sight of each seat filled with the people he loved most and their eyes on him. He realized then just how different it felt to be standing in front of nearly a hundred people. Each of them had quite the guest list, and the sight alone of all of his friends and family sitting before him with smiles plastered over their faces was enough for him to break right then and there.
“You can do this, love,” his mother suddenly whispered, as if she could sense the anxiety in him pooling off his skin.
Ed smiled down at his mother, and kissed the side of her face, just before he took his first step toward the very start of the rest of his life.
On his way down the aisle with his parents, his closest friends and family gave him warm smiles and supportive nods, Harry Styles being one who quickly reached out and teasingly ruffled his already messy hair. The gesture alone took some of the edge off and Ed laughed along with the entire crowd when his mother scolded Harry, reaching up to smooth down her son’s hair.
It was quite the star-studded ceremony, and amongst the crowd was Taylor Swift, another friend he held dear to his heart, and she stood with her eyes misted over at the sight of her best friend about to marry one of her newest best friends. It was a surreal moment to see everyone so close to him there for that reason, and once his mother gently let go of his arm, she planted a teary-eyed kiss to his face, Ed guiding her down to her seat. John pulled his son into a tight hug and kissed his cheek, just before taking his own seat next to his wife.
Ed stood at the arch, his forehead coating with sweat and it felt strange to think that he was so nervous, given that he was no stranger to having people’s eyes on him, but suddenly it hit him that it wasn’t the same. His eyes were locked on the end of the aisle, hands folded neatly in front of him, exchanging smiles with each of his friends in the audience.
The ceremony began and out came Stuart with the Maid of Honor, Anna’s sister Emma on his arm and Ed couldn’t help but smile wide at the sight of him trotting down the aisle with his face stretched into an even wider grin. It wasn’t until both of his best men were standing next to him that it felt real. He always knew that he wanted to get married and have a family of his own, but it seemed the day wouldn’t ever come.
“How you feeling?” Stuart whispered, leaning over enough for Ed to hear.
Ed sighed and nodded the slightest bit, “I’m nervous as shit,” he whispered back, and Stuart reached up, giving his back a firm pat to reassure him. Murray, Mike and Ed’s brother Matt overheard and each of them laughed, poking at Ed’s side to try and lighten the mood.
Time seemed to stand still while he was forced to wait at the altar, but finally, after each of the bridesmaids and groomsmen made their way down the aisle, the string quartet began to play ‘In My Life’ by the Beatles, and at the very first note, chills ran through him, the hair rising at the back of his neck and tears pricked his eyes.
And there she was, in the most beautiful flowing ivory gown he’d ever laid his eyes on, everyone rising to their feet at the sight of her with her father on her right arm and her mother on her left. Ed was gleaming at the sight of her, her left hand holding a gorgeous bouquet of orange and ivory roses, their vibrant green stems pulling the nature aspect of their theme together. Her brunette hair was half pulled up and curled, the matching veil settled just below. A warm even smile spread over her lips when she caught sight of Ed at the altar, his hands tightly folded in front of him and his orange hair resembling the very flowers that decorated the arch.
There wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd, or at the altar, Ed quickly whisking away his own tears once his bride-to-be was stood before him, just after she’d handed the bouquet to her sister, the Maid of Honor.
“You look so beautiful,” Ed smiled, swallowing back the lump in his throat at the very sight of her, reaching forward to take her hands in his.
“You clean up nice,” she said back, her brown eyes glistening with a smile, focusing on the only person that mattered to her in that very moment.
Ed could hardly pay any attention to the words being spoken, his hands tightly grasping Anna’s while they stood waiting for the moment they’d exchange their vows. And when that moment came, Ed gently cleared his throat, still with his hands in hers.
“It’s too hard to think of my life without my other half, my soul mate, the girl who is honest about my wrinkled shirts and messy hair, and the girl who makes me believe in true love. You’re my best friend, and I promise to always protect you, to be sure the shower stall is clear of any spiders,” he trailed with a smile, Anna and the rest of the audience lightly laughing at his lighthearted joke, “I promise to love you until the end of my life and even beyond that, I promise to kiss the tips of your fingers when you cut them while we cook together. I promise to keep you warm when you’re cold and make you laugh when you’re feeling sad. Anna, I never thought my heart could hold as much love as I feel for you, and I vow to love you as much as the first time I said it, to look into your eyes and mean every single word when I call you beautiful. I promise to keep you forever and always.”
To his surprise, Ed kept his tears to a minimum, and although his eyes glistened, he spoke clearly and showed that he meant each vow. Anna was quite the opposite, carefully dropping her hands from Ed’s to wipe the saltwater from beneath her eyes with a lighthearted laugh.
“You promised you wouldn’t make me cry,” she smiled, and there was laughter amongst their family and friends, Ed swiping the pad of his thumb under his own eye with a gentle shrug.
“Okay,” she sighed, knowing all eyes were on her.
“Today is the day I marry my best friend,” she started, her voice immediately cracking at the words she knew held so much truth, “I promise that I will love you even with your wrinkled shirts and messy hair. When you first told me you loved me, I knew you meant it, and I couldn’t ask for a better person to be able to say those words back to. We’ve been through so many things together, and I promise that I will continue to be there for you, to be your biggest fan and to support you when you need it. I vow to laugh with you, even if your jokes are incredibly terrible,” she smiled, and Ed glanced down at his feet briefly, “I promise to love you with everything I’ve got, and to take care of you when you’re sick. I promise to try and be on time, or at least be late with you, because we always are. Most importantly, I vow to love you unconditionally, forever, until our world turns black.”
They both stood, wiping their eyes, and with Ed’s quivering chin he fought the urge to lean forward and grab her face in his hands right then, but he just smiled, blinking away the tears while he once again joined their hands.
Stuart and Murray got to work and presented the rings, each of them giving Ed a solid pat on his shoulder before heading back to their spots beside him. The final part of the ceremony carried out and Ed took Anna’s ring in his right hand, his other gently gathering her left hand.
“I give you this ring as a symbol of my eternal love,” Ed began, smiling down at her hand while he gently slid the ring onto her fourth finger, “let it remind you that I am always by your side, and that I give you all that I am.”
Anna then did the same, taking Ed’s left hand in her right, reiterating the promise as she slipped the band on Ed’s fourth finger, symbolically joining the two of them in marriage.
And just like that, the ceremony was over. The officiant announced the ceremony had concluded, joining his hands in a neat fold in front of him, “Today you have expressed your love for one another through vows and promise, and though you’ve kissed plenty of times, today it is a symbol of your eternal love and seals your vows,” Ed and Anna exchanged smiles, still with their hands laced, “and now it is my duty and pleasure to pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”
With a quick inhale to calm his nerves, Ed slowly leaned forward, both of their eyes closing once he gently met their lips, their family and friends erupting into applause and whistles and cheers, and even given the noise, each of them could hardly hear a thing except for their own beating hearts.
He tried to remember to not get carried away, and once Anna laughed into his mouth and wrapped her hands around his neck, he pulled away with a smile, raising their hands up with their fingers intertwined.
Today, they were married, and they walked hand in hand back down the aisle, music playing and people cheering, and it was then that they exchanged smiles and realized that it was the start of something incredibly beautiful.

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