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Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


273. Ed Sheeran 13 Part 1

~The first day of the rest of their lives began with a purple Post-It note.
Anna slapped her hand down on the alarm, feeling paper under her fingertips as she did. At first she ignored it and rolled over, sighing once she felt Ed’s side of the bed cold and vacant. With a yawn and a stretch of her arms she sat up, looking over to the clock and smiling at the purple message.
‘Today is the first day of the rest of your life,’ she reached over and peeled it off, staring down at it in her lap.
Although she knew Ed was always up for games, she had never seen him do something like this and it intrigued her. She carried on with her morning, going to run the shower and finding yet another note stuck to the inside of the stall.
‘I love you more than I love marinating,’ Anna laughed at that one, smiling so wide she had to cover her mouth, putting the soggy pink Post-It note flat on the bathroom counter to dry; she planned on saving that one.
Ed was creative, that much was obvious, and Anna adored the way he incorporated his creativity into little things like that. Her past boyfriends hardly flinched at the thought of saying ‘I love you’ and here Ed was writing it on a sticky note, comparing their love to him naked and wrapped up in a bath towel; Ed’s own made-up term for the act being ‘marinating’, as if he were a piece of meat soaking in a bowl of barbecue sauce. Anna knew she must be loved then, since each morning Ed showered he’d sit there for a minimum of an hour, swaddled tightly in his over sized white towel, hair wet and matted to his face, smiling like a kitten with its face buried in a bowl of fresh food.
Anna didn’t find the next note until she went through the closet to pick out clothes for the day, seeing the small tab of pink paper sticking out between articles of clothes. The corners of her mouth pulled upward and she reached forward, pushing the clothes out of the way to peel the note off.
‘I love you like the color red,’ it stated, appropriately attached to one of her favorite red dresses.
Ed first saw her in it during the Grammy awards, her buying the dress for the occasion. She’d done her hair out, curling it ever-so-slightly at the tips, letting it fall in loose chestnut waves from past her shoulders.
After getting dressed she grabbed her phone from the end table in their bedroom.
“What’s with all the lovely messages?” she wrote, sat on the bed amongst the unmade sheets, chewing her thumbnail through a smile.
She knew he was in the studio, and it surprised her that he had been so quiet placing them around so carefully and considerately to not wake her in the process. As she recalled, she did remember hearing a thump and a hiss in the dark, but she was too much in a deep sleep to see that it was Ed stumbling around, having stubbed his toe on the wall on his way to the bathroom.
“You’ll see,” he texted back, “just keep collecting them xx.”
Anna was anxious to see what else he’d written, so she tied her hair up in a wet messy bun, not bothering to put any makeup on or brush her teeth until after she had her morning coffee.
Ed hadn’t told any of his friends what he’d been planning, figuring he wanted the moment to be on his own terms and no one else’s. After Anna had sent him the first text he continued his recording session with a smile, checking his phone every couple minutes when he had a break.
The only person he did confront about his plan was his father. He knew he could always count on his dad to give him good advice, and when it came to something like a marriage proposal, he knew he needed his father’s guidance. The first thing he asked his son was if the two had discussed marriage at any point in their relationship, and of course they had, both of them wanting practically the same things, just not yet. Ed was nervous that he might be moving too quickly, but he knew she was the one.
John advised his son that he should go the traditional route and talk to Anna’s parents as well, and Ed agreed that he would, having to swallow back the lump in his throat when he invited them out to lunch a week before he decided to propose.
Anna’s father, Joe was someone Ed was incredibly nervous to meet at first. Normally he was perfectly fine with meeting his girlfriend’s parents, but after hearing some of the horror stories Anna told about her past boyfriends and her father scaring them off, he was quite apprehensive about the day they would meet. Of course it would turn out that Ed was welcomed in warmly by he and his wife, and they formed a close relationship, them considering Ed the son they never had just a year after they’d met.
The day they met for lunch, Anna’s mother, Mary could see what Ed was planning to do. She tried to tell her husband the second Ed called and made the plans to meet, especially when they found out that Anna wasn’t invited. It wasn’t really a secret, but still Ed was on edge, thinking of what he would do if they happened to say no.
“Alright,” Mary sighed, just after they received their food and the waitress walked off. She couldn’t hold back any longer, she had to know.
Ed glanced up, feeling his fingers tingle and his breath catch in his throat.
“We know why you asked us here, Ed,” she continued, Ed feeling relieved once he noticed a smile pulling at the corners of her mouth, the faintest wrinkles sprouting like vines beside her tinted red lips.
“I just thought this was the formal thing to do,” Ed laughed nervously, wiping his sweaty palms on his legs.
He cleared his throat, trying to recall the rehearsed conversation he had with himself over and over in his bathroom mirror.
“The minute I met your daughter, I knew she was the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with,” he started, spilling his heart out onto the table in front of him. He didn’t want to be sappy, but he knew he meant every single word, and if he was going to do this, he was going to do it right. He could hardly finish his entire speech before Mary was in tears, cutting him off with the wave of her hand, jumping up from her seat and grabbing Ed into a tight hug.
Joe stood and Ed reached out his hand to shake his, instead finding himself pulled into a firm embrace, his back vibrating at the solid pat Joe gave him.
“Welcome to the family, son,” he smiled, feeling overjoyed that Ed would be the one to marry his daughter.
Ed’s chest felt as if it would split in two then, feeling so much love and respect for Anna’s parents. His eyes welled up but he quickly whisked away the tears, finding his chin quivering as he said his appreciation to the both of them, admitting that all he had to do then was ask their daughter for her hand.
Ed did his research, but after reading countless stories about how men had proposed to their girlfriends over dinner, or at a concert, or at a memorable spot, he knew he wouldn’t only make the actual proposal special, he would make the day special in its entirety.
Anna found two more notes as she made her way downstairs to the kitchen. One was stuck to the last step of the stairs and she skipped over it, bending to pick up the little pink note.
‘I love the way you skip the last step,’
She shook her head and laughed, a chill inching up her spine as she read it, holding the note close to her chest. It was true; she always did skip the last step on the stairs, and she hadn’t realized it until just then. It was sort of a game she and her younger sister Emma would play, and it ended up sticking after all those years. They would skip down the stairs in their childhood home, each of the girls daring each other to jump over the last one. The first time, Anna was only six and her younger four year old sister ended up spraining an ankle, but year after year the girls still kept up with the routine, just a silly little game turned into an everyday habit she didn’t know she had until Ed wrote it out.
He planted plenty of them, so many that he ran out of Post-Its. Aside from the ones she’d already found, there was one on the coffee maker, one in the cupboard where he knew she’d need to get a mug, and on her favorite mug itself. He’d even thought to put one on the jug of milk in the fridge. He mentally took himself through her routine and accompanied a little note at each spot she might go, expressing in each location that he loved those little things about her.
Anna found herself with tears in her eyes by the time she sat with her coffee, realizing just how lucky she was to have a guy like Ed. She arranged the Post-It’s she’d gathered from the kitchen, a pastel rainbow of pink and purple stuck to the granite counter top in the shape of a square, and photographed them with her phone to send the picture to Ed.
“You’re the sweetest thing in the world,” she said, her eyes blurred and mouth quivering, “how did I get so lucky?”
She sniffled back the tears and awaited his response, leaning against the counter on her elbows.
It was still early, hardly after seven thirty, and she took her time sipping her coffee, scrolling through her phone to kill a bit of time before she had to leave for work. She couldn’t help but wonder what Ed’s reasoning was behind the little notes. Part of her assumed it was just because he wanted to show he cared, but the other part of her was smarter than that, and as she sat with her mug in her hand, the coffee cooling, it suddenly dawned on her that her mother was being especially strange the past few days, calling twice more that week than she normally would, and pressing to know if anything had changed.
Anna quickly grabbed her phone, checking the calendar just to be sure she hadn’t missed their anniversary, even though she knew the date, she had to rule it out. Of course it wasn’t, and she let out an anxious sigh, finding her heart rate pick up as she hovered her thumb over her mother’s number.
As much as she wanted to ask her mother about what Ed was up to, she knew it wouldn’t be right and that it would ruin whatever surprise he was planning, so she locked her phone and wandered back upstairs, slapping her hands down against her thighs when she spotted another purple note placed on her toothbrush; she hadn’t seen it when she came in to shower.
‘I love the way you brush your teeth – is that weird?’
She laughed at the thought of Ed admiring her while she brushed her teeth. Even if it was a bit creepy, it was sweet, and she knew he meant it in good fun. But now she knew she would be self-conscious about the way she brushed, already paying careful attention to how she did.
After her teeth were brushed she reached into the lower cabinet for her makeup bag, finding yet another pink note stuck to it.
‘I love you just the way you are, with or without makeup (but more so without cos you’re pretty)’ the words shrunk down in an awkward slant since he’d nearly run out of room on the small note and Anna shook her head with a chuckle.
“Idiot,” she said out loud.
She cherished every single one of those notes, and whether they were simple or heartfelt, she knew she’d keep all of them forever. Her phone buzzed as she emptied her makeup bag and she smiled widely at Ed’s name flashing across the screen, quickly swiping to read the message.
“I should ask you the same question, love.”
Anna began to type but quickly erased the text when three little gray dots within a conversation bubble appeared and began fading on the screen, indicating that he was typing.
“And I really wish I could see you right now.”
Without a single thought she opened the camera, snapping a quick photo of herself of her blowing him a kiss, cringing at the cliché of it and knowing they would joke about it later.
“Wish I could babe, but I’m off to find more notes,” she sent with it, “you’ve created a monster. I hope you know you’re going have to do this from now on because it turns out I’m super egotistical and love reading what you love about me.”
She laughed at her response, knowing he would as well, putting down her phone and finishing up her makeup and straightening her hair. When she was headed back down the stairs she made note to skip over the last one, smiling when she did.
Anna went into work that day in as good a mood as she thought she could possibly be in, or ever had been in. She walked through the doors with a wide smile, nodding to and greeting the coworkers she passed on her way to the teacher’s lounge.
It was just after eight when she wandered in, which was late, considering the school day began at nine. She taught first graders, and she loved her job, each day she looked forward to seeing the kids, even if sometimes they were hard to handle.
“Someone’s in a good mood today,” Jen pointed out.
She was one of the younger teachers who Anna had become close to, and they would probably consider each other best friends.
“I don’t know what Ed is up to, but look what he did this morning,” she smiled, pulling her phone out of her pocket and finding the photo she’d taken of the Post-It notes.
She angled the phone to Jen, who took it upon herself to grab it to examine the photo, zooming in with the pinch of her finger and thumb to read the little notes.
“He left those all over the house,” Anna clarified, unable to stop gleaming.
“Oh my God,” Jen trailed, feeling almost sick to her stomach with how considerate and romantic it was, “how is he real? And where the hell did you find him?”
Anna laughed, shaking her head, “I guess I just got lucky. I wish I knew what it meant, though, because guys, even guys like Ed, don’t do this kind of thing out of the blue.”
Jen shrugged, handing the phone back before gathering up the curriculum she’d been working on before Anna came into the room.
“You never know,” Jen said, “I mean we both know Ed, he’s a romantic, it’s not unlike him. Remember that time he sent you white roses for no reason?”
With a light laugh and a wide smile Anna nodded, “Yeah, but that’s a lot different than something like this.”
Although Jen had a feeling what Ed was getting at, she didn’t want to get Anna’s hopes up if he wasn’t going to propose, so she just smiled and nodded, giving her friend the last word before they each headed for their own classrooms to get settled, just ten minutes before they’d be expecting students.
By midday while she was out with Jen for lunch at a small cafe, Ed texted her. She almost dropped her phone when she went to grab it, Jen leaning forward across the table to peek at what he’d said.
Anna waved her hand to send her back to her seat, her eyes glued the screen.
“He said he’s sending a ride for me after school,” she told Jen, raising her gaze enough to see Jen smirking behind her straw, “he’s up to something.”
“Maybe he’s taking you on a vacation,” Jen laughed, taking a final bite of her sandwich.
“No, he knows I can’t take time off right now,” she stared down at the message, a little flutter of nerves returning to her belly when she hovered her thumb over the text field to respond.
The two finished up their lunch and headed back to the school, Anna finding herself anxiously checking the clock every ten minutes awaiting that high pitched shrill of the last bell of the day.
To say that she was nervous would be an understatement. After that last bell, Anna walked Jen to her car, not seeing the car Ed had told her about.
“Call me when you can and let me know what the hell he’s up to,” she said, having to raise her voice over the students rushing around the school yard.
“Trust me,” Anna nodded, another smile easing its way over her mouth, “I will.”
She sent Ed a text, letting him know she was out of work and waiting, and he replied with a simple smiley face, nothing more, and nothing less. It made her stomach flip.
The car he’d planned hadn’t shown up until the school yard and lot was almost empty. Anna called and texted him two more times before she decided to just drive home, but he deterred her, promising that the car would be there when it was supposed to be.
Anna saw a black SUV cut around the corner and she recognized it as one Ed would use while he was being driven around, given that he still didn’t drive himself. She smiled with the shake of her head, sending a quick text to Jen to let her know the car had finally arrived.
The driver hopped out before Anna could step forward and he came around the back to open the door for her.
“Thank you,” she said to him, “you didn’t have to do that.”
With a smile he nodded toward the seat and Anna climbed in, settling in while he closed the door and hurried around to the driver’s side.
Ed hadn’t texted anything back, even though Anna was sure to let him know she was in the car, and for a moment she felt uneasy, realizing that she’d just climbed into a car with a stranger, and without even knowing the driver’s name.
After another minute or so, Ed answered her, letting her know it was fine and that the driver knew exactly where to go. She still wasn’t sold on the idea, and just to give her peace of mind, Ed called the driver and asked to put him on speaker phone.
“Can you hear me, love?” he spoke, his voice echoing through the speakers in the car.
“Yes, I can hear you,” Anna smiled, a rose-colored blush painting her cheeks.
“You’re in good hands, I promise you.”
The driver smiled toward her in the mirror and ended the call after Ed and Anna exchanged goodbyes. She felt more comfortable then and although she knew he probably wouldn’t tell her, she leaned forward and asked the driver where they were headed.
“You know I can’t tell you that,” he said with a smirk and Anna nodded.
“It was worth a try, though, right?”
It’d been more than a half hour of driving and Anna was growing anxious. While they drove, she was texting Jen and her sister the itinerary and filled her younger sister in on what Ed had done earlier that day. It worked in Ed’s advantage that not many people knew of his plan, so Anna was left with her thoughts and her guesses, staring out the window trying to piece it all together.
When the car came to a stop, they were at a venue Anna recognized as the one where she’d first gone with Ed to see him play. They’d met outside of his job and hers, at a party through a mutual friend, but the first show he invited her to before they were even officially dating, was the venue she was standing outside of then. She felt her heart pick up in her chest, her thumbs trembling while she texted Jen where he’d brought her.
‘Walk through the main doors,’ Ed texted Anna the second she stepped out of the car.
The driver closed the door behind her, leaving her standing in the lot alone while he waited in the car. He smiled to Anna when she turned over her shoulder, nodding for her to trust Ed’s instructions.
With a heavy stomach she went forward, a part of her surprised when she found the door unlocked and the lobby completely vacant.
‘Follow the Post-Its,’ he texted again, right after she’d lifted her eyes from the phone and saw a little pink note stuck to the dark and vacant box office window. She peeled it off, her hand trembling and her eyes filling with a mist she tried to fight.
‘From day one…’ it read and she carried on walking, finding another a few feet away, ‘I have loved you.’
The venue lobby was a long walk and she crept through the empty corridor, the red and gold carpet soft beneath her feet while she walked along, part of her trying to admire the beauty in the architecture and the other part of her trying to focus on finding Post-Its.
She walked a few more paces, not seeing any more notes, and as she was about to send Ed another message, one came into view, flapping against the soft rush of air from a vent overhead. She peeled it off, sticking it to the other two in a layer, building up her own pad of little notes.
‘From day one,’ it read and she smiled as she picked up her pace, spotting another pink paper around the corner, ‘I knew you were the one.”
It hit her like a ton of bricks and suddenly her chest felt heavy. Her throat turned to sandpaper as her hand came up to shield her mouth, seeing a set of doors that she knew led to where the stage and floor was.
‘Behind these doors,’ the first one read and she peeled it off, revealing another beneath it, ‘is someone who loves you…and who,’ tears pooled her eyes as she took the two notes and stuck them to the others, a third note and final note stuck to the doors, ‘wants to spend eternity with you.’
Her heart was pounding out of her chest and she took all the notes she’d collected and pushed open the doors, her breathing hitching in her throat at the sight before her.
Ed was stood in the center of the floor, surrounded by a sea of lit candles, white and red rose petals littering the concrete between them and a neat aisle clear for Anna to walk to him. The only light in the room was from the nearly hundreds of little flames and her eyes gleamed from being misted over, her chin quivering at the sight of Ed smiling warmly, his hands folded in front of him.
“Hi darling,” he said, shifting his weight to his right foot, his blue eyes visible in the soft light while his orange hair hung low over them.
As much as she wanted to run forward, Anna couldn’t move her legs. She wiped her eyes, still with the Post-It notes in her fist.
Ed waved her down and she forced a laugh through the tears stuck in her throat, inching toward Ed with wet cheeks glistening from the candlelight.
With a smile, Ed tucked a loose piece of hair behind her ear and ran his thumb over her cheek, leaning forward to press his lips to the curve under her eye. He looked down, gathering her hands in his while Anna looked up and around, seeing the somewhat small venue dark and empty, with the exception of the two of them.
“How did you do this?” she asked, her voice cracking with an echo.
He shook his head, “Don’t worry about that,” he told her, clearing his throat before beginning what he’d been planning for weeks.
“Anna,” he started, smiling while he stared straight into her eyes, a tickle teasing his throat, “from the moment we met, I knew that I couldn’t live without you,” his face straightened while his eyes darted over hers, “I knew even before we sat at that bar together well after the show that you were the one,” he gestured toward the bar nestled toward the left of them, the stools standing still and dark, the wooden counter top shining from the flames on the candles like little shooting stars.
Anna was in tears then, wanting to bury her face in her hands but Ed’s were still laced with hers, and it wasn’t until she tried to tug away to wipe her eyes that he took her cheeks in both of his and ran his thumbs under them.
“I love you,” he said, “more than anything or anyone on this earth.”
He planted a soft kiss to her forehead and with a half smile he pulled away, reaching into his back pocket in the same instance he lowered to his left knee, propping his right elbow on his right thigh, “Anna,” he said, popping open the small black box and revealing a silver ring, glistening from the dim light and sending shivers up her spine, “will you marry me?”
Anna’s world stood still for a brief second and all she could feel was her heart pounding against her ribs. She nodded before she could stall any further, forcing a choked ‘yes’ out of her throat.
Ed smiled as wide as she’d ever seen him, seeing his blue eyes shine while he stared up at her through the question. He plucked the ring out of the box, carefully reaching for her left hand to slip it on her fourth finger.
He settled it in place and brought her hand up, closing his eyes when he pressed a warm kiss to her fingers, pulling her into an immediate hug when he pushed to his feet.
“I love you so much,” Anna cried, resting her chin against his shoulder, feeling her stomach heavy while he held her there amongst the candlelight
Ed pulled away, tears threatening to fall from his eyes as he sniffled, running his hands down her shoulders and arms until he gathered hers back in his, lacing their fingers together.
“You make me so happy,” he told her, a little rasp breaking up his words.
Anna shook her head, gesturing around the room with her eyes, “If I make you happy,” she started, a laugh falling from her throat, “then what does that make me?”
Ed gathered her face in his hands again, resting his thumbs soft over her cheeks, “It makes you my fiancé,” he smiled, just before inching his nose toward hers for acceptance, brushing the slightest bit before he met their lips together in a passionate kiss. He pulled away slow, keeping his eyes on hers and resting his hands at her hips, “and that makes me the luckiest man in the world.”

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