Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


270. Ed Sheeran 11 Part 2

~Taping for the music video went on for the test of the week. It was our last day and we had a wrap party at the nearest hotel. I was sitting at the bar when Ed came up to me.
"Hey there you are!" he said sitting down next to me.
"Yep, here I am," I smiled.
"Enjoying yourself?" he asked.
I shrugged, "Sure. I don't know...I guess I'm just upset this all all over now. And we'll probably never get to see each other again." The truth was that Ed and I had gotten very close during the video. We went out to dinner every night and now that would all be over. I'd be going back to New York City, ready to find out what the next job I would have from my agent.
"What makes you say that?" Ed asked.
"Cause tomorrow I'm flying back home to New York and we'll never see each other again," I said.
"I sure hope that isn't true because I really enjoyed spending time with you and getting to know you," Ed said.
I smiled up at him, "Really? Cause I loved spending time with you too."
Ed took my phone from me and entered his number in it. "And now we will keep in touch," he smiled. "Now this is a party, let's enjoy it," he said ordering us drinks.
A few hours and many drinks later, Ed and I were completely wasted. We headed up to his room where he decided to continue our party and went to the mini-bar. "This is a party...take whatever you want," he said as he handed me some more drinks.
"I have never felt so free in my life before!" I said as I finished another drink and grabbed another.
"How free do you feel?" Ed smirked.
I shrugged, "That right now I can do whatever without a care in the world."
"Really?" Ed said.
I pulled him into a deep and passionate kissed. I pulled away from him and smiled, "How's that for feelings free." I went on top of the bed and stood on it, "You know what? I'm tired of always following the rules. Doing whatever it is people expect from me. It's time for me to do something crazy, something no one would ever expect me to do."
"And what would that be?" Ed asked.
"This!" I said as I reach to life my dress over my head and threw it to the floor. "Well?"
"That's all I get?" Ed laughed.
"Trust me, this is more than any guy has ever seen of me," I laughed.
"You mean you're an actress and you've never taken anything off in any of your roles?" Ed said as he joined me on the bed.
"Well...not yet. I've had jobs that have wanted it but then I quit them. So consider yourself lucky Sheeran...you're the first to ever see this of me."
"Then I guess I'm the first to have the chance to do this," he said putting his hands on me as he pulled me into a kiss.
I pulled a way from him, "Wait this doesn't feel right."
"I'm so sorry. I should've asked if you thought I was moving too fast," he said.
I shook my head, "No...what we're doing doesn't feel right cause we still have too much on," I said looking at him. He soon took his shirt and pants off and we both stood there in our underwear.
"I think we still have too much on," he said.
I nodded as I went under the covers. Ed looked confused until I finished taking everything off while under the covers and threw the bra and panties at him. He smiled as he took the rest of his clothes off and joined me under the covers. "So...what now?" he laughed. "We just gonna lay like this?"
"We could do that or...."
"Or?" Ed said confused. Staying under the covers I moved so I was on top of him and kissed him.
"We could stay like this or do whatever and see where tonight takes us," I smirked. Ed smiled back and without saying a word he reached over to turn off the light.

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