Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


269. Ed Sheeran 11 Part 1

~I yawned as I walked into the studio. It was so early in the morning and I knew it was going to be a long day. My agent had called me only a few weeks earlier telling me about this job he found for me. I was to be in the latest music video for the pop sensation, Ed Sheeran. I knew who he was, a liked a couple of his songs, but we had never met before and I had no idea what to expect when I signed on to be in this video. I went over to wardrobe and make-up and was soon ready to start taping this video.
The director came over to get me. "Hey! It's so great to meet you again. You were amazing with the audition and we just had to get you for this video," he said.
"And I have to thank you for choosing me our of all those other girls who were at the audition," I smiled as I shook his hand.
"To be honest, besides having the talent that we were looking for, we also thought you were the only one who would have the most chemistry with him. Have you guys met before?"
"Umm, no. No we haven't," I said.
"Well let's go change that," the director smiled. He brought me over to where Ed was sitting, resting before taping started. "Ed, I want you to meet your leading lady in your video, Christine."
Ed got up and shook my hand, "It's nice to meet you."
"It's nice to meet you too," I said a little nervous.
"You know what, how about you both get to know each other a little better while we get the rest of the set ready for you guys," the director said before walking away.
I took a seat next to Ed, "Umm...so..." I said not knowing what to say.
He turned to me and smiled, "No need to ber nervous. I won't bite ya know," he laughed.
I laughed, "I'm sorry. I just never been in a music video before. And well I saw just how close we'll be getting in this video, guess I'm a little nervous. For the record, this outfit I'm wearing...not exactly what I normally wear," I laughed a little.
"I sorta figured that," he laughed. "Well the club scene isn't a huge part of the video so after today we won't have to do it again, hopefully."
Taping finally had begun and even though it would be only one scene in the video, it took all day for us to film. Sure I had done acting before, mostly for television shows back home, but this was different than anything I had done before. When taping had finished, I couldn't wait to change out of these clothes.
I finished changed and grabbed my stuff to head out of the studio. "Christine! Hey!" Ed said running up to me.
"Oh hey!" I said as I turned around. "What's up?"
"Nothing. I was just wondering, would you like to go grab some dinner? You know since it's late and I don't want you going off to your place alone."
"Sure," I smiled. "I guess dinner would be a great idea to get to know each other better."
The two of us walked to the nearest diner. "I would definitely love to get to know you better," Ed said as we sat down to eat. "Although, I do think we found out a lot about each other earlier," he smiled.
I turned red, "I didn't realize we'd have to get that close when I saw the script to the video."
"You have nothing to worry about, you did an amazing job. I'm glad they chose you to be in the video," he smiled as he looked into my eyes.

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