Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


19. Ed Sheeran 1

~“Another interview?! I just want to spend time with her! It’s been four months and this is one of the only weeks I’vehad with her!” I exclaimed.
“Sorry, I wish it were different but you need more social interaction with fans. Interviews are the perfect way to get publicity. Do this last one today and you’re free until tomorrow!” said my manager.
“Fine, this is the LAST ONE!” I yelled.
It’s hard to believe it’s only been four months with my lovely girlfriend. She’s been by my side through it all, even though I don’t deserve it. I’m really dreading this interview because I have a list of many other things I would ratherbe doing right now.
When I tell her I have an interview to do she doesn’t complain. One of the million things I love about her. Speaking of love, we’ve never actually said I love you to one another. I guess it’s still early in our relationship and we’re taking it pretty slow.
I kiss her goodbye and tell her to wait to outside of the room as I do this interview. She gladly obliges.
As I walk in the room I see the interviewer. A gentleman with short brown hairwith a hat on. He looks pretty normal. I can already tell this is goingto be avery routine session. I sit there for what seems to be hours getting asked the same questions as always. “What’s your favourite song off the album?””What do you do outside of touring?” The list goes on and on. But something different happens; he brings up my girlfriend…
“I saw that your girlfriend is outside ofthe room, she seems quite lovely!” he says.
Finally something I can get interested in! “Yes, that would be her. Thank you, I think she’s lovely too!” I say asI get a big grin on my face.
“So here’s a question a fan submitted to us that we haven’t really heard answered by you before. What is love? Or how do YOU define love?”
I am actually taken by surprise with this question. My mind immediately got jumbled. “I guess you’re right, I haven’t answered this before. Kudos to the fan who asked that…” I mumble trying to buy myself some time. It didn’t really work because he just sat there and stared at me waiting for an answer. “To me I feel like love is really hard to define but I’ll do my best. Love is that feeling you get when you haven’t seen her in a month but the moment your eyes see her you get butterflies. Love is wanting to hear her voice every night before you go to bed because you miss her so much. Love is when you care about her more than yourself. When she’s your top priority above everything else. Love is about caring for her, giving her you completely, being scared out of your mind but doing it anyway… I guess that’s all I’ve got. It’s probably a terrible answer.” I said as I looked down, my face red from embarrassment. I just said whatever came to mind when I thought about my girlfriend.
“That’s wasn’t bad mate, that was great! I just couldn’t help but notice how well you felt your description and the way you kept saying ‘her.’ Are you in love with your girlfriend?”
At that second my heart dropped. I do love her. I am completely and totally in love with her but I can’t say it for the first time in an interview. At that moment I knew what I had to do. “Please excuse me for a moment; I need to say something to my girlfriend really quickly.” I said as I darted out of the room.
Right when I opened the door and looked at my girlfriend she thought something had happened. “What’s wrong, are you okay?!” She managed to mutter before I got down on my knees in front of her chair and grabbed both of her hands in mine.
“Babe, I know we’ve only been together for four months but I have something I need to say,” I paused to collect my thoughts. She sat there looking at me inquisitively waiting on my next words. “Every morning when I wake up you’re the first thing I think about.Before I do anything else, I check my phone for a text or message from you. If I don’t have one, I send you something. I wait intently on your every reply because I always want to know how you’re doing and that you’re okay. When I see you my heart starts beating a million times a minute. Just looking at you gives me the biggest, craziest butterflies in my stomach. If anything were to happen to you, I would no longer be able to exist in a sane matter. My main goal in life is to keep you happy and that heart of yours beating. I guess what I’m trying to say is… I love you!” As I looked into her eyes I knew something was wrong. She looked away and didn’t say anything.
“I know it’s early but…” I tried to say something to cut the tension in the air.
“I love you too, Ed” she managed to state. “I was just completely taken by surprise when you said that.”
At that moment I held her face in my hands and passionately kissed her. “I have to go back to the interview; it’s not quite over yet. But, I’ll be back out soon, love!” I said smiling at her.
I sat back down and looked at the gentleman interviewing me. “Yes, yes I do love my girlfriend. More than anything in the world.”

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